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A/N: originally for MFSanctuary LJ community drabble 'Falling behind prompt' – Won 2nd place!

This perfect moment.

He had defeated death itself, countless enemies, the master of hell - his pride - for it.

Her scent, a perfect blend of sakura and the herbs she had worked with just the day before.

Her taste - a musky bit of fertile perfection, which he had indulged in until she had begged him to stop and finally fill her, take her, mark her as forever.

Her sound - the moans, whimpers and sighs - a perfect symphony to his demon ears.

Her sight - back arched up, her secret place on shameless, dripping display, her wanton spreading, wordlessly begging him to plunder her depths, both physical and emotional.

Her feel - skin so smooth and soft and slick with sweat; hair like silken strands between his claws.

Six years, of visiting, her falling behind him in step as they made the short walk to the well-meadow from the miko's hut.

Now it was finally his turn.

Behind her, he fell to his knees, covered her body with is own, prepared to enter her.

Sealing the pact that they had made with each other years before - their fates - by sealing their bodies and souls as one…