Author's Note: So this is the last chapter! I added the Sam bottoming scene for the anonymous reviewer, but I like the way that I portrayed the boys two first times. SPOILER ALERT: In season four both boys had a sex scene. Sam's scene was rough, faster, and furious while Dean's scene was gentle, playful, and meaningful. So I feel totally justified in my portrayal and I hope that y'all enjoy.

Please tell me if y'all liked it or whether y'all feel cheated by the ending!!

One month later…

The brothers stumbled through the motel door, both in good spirits. Another town, another motel, another bar, but now the thought didn't fill Sam with frustration and regret.

Sam shrugged off his jacket in a hurry. He knew that Dean would be horny after going to a bar, either because of flirting with beautiful women or because of the competitive nature of playing darts or pool. Then again when wasn't Dean in the mood?

In the month since they had finally consummated their relationship, Dean had been gradually letting Sam know exactly how big his libido was. So far, it had certainly lived up to Sam's expectations.

They both moved, meeting in the center of the room. Sam's hands came up to cup Dean's face as their lips met while Dean's arms went around Sam's waist pulling them together tightly. Sam couldn't resist suckling Dean's full bottom lip before his tongue was delving inside the wet cavern of his brother's mouth.

And Dean shifted, pressing their lower bodies closer while letting his head fall back, opening more to Sam's avid mouth. Sam took advantage of Dean's willingness as his hands wandered over the form in front of him, dipped down to squeeze one cheek of Dean's ass, eliciting a rumble of approval from deep in Dean's chest before returning to push at Dean's over-shirt.

Dean seemed reluctant to release his hold on Sam, however, disinclined to separate their bodies the amount that would be needed to remove their clothes. But ultimately, Dean did release his grip, allowing Sam to push off his over-shirt and then pull his t-shirt over his head.

Immediately afterward, Dean's hands were at Sam's belt, first pulling Sam back into a quick kiss, his green eyes sparkling, before pushing the younger man back enough to undo the belt and then unbutton and unzip the jeans. Sam pulled off his own pullover and t-shirt.

As soon as Sam had kicked off his shoes and his pants, Dean was pressing Sam backwards toward the bed, but Sam had other ideas. The table in this room was the perfect height, he had already left a toy on it in preparation.

Gently he resisted Dean's pressure with his own until Dean yielded, submitted as Sam pushed them towards the table. With hands to Dean's shoulders, Sam turned his brother around until they were back to front.

Pressing Dean's chin up until the back of Dean's head rested on his shoulder, Sam first sucked on the lobe of Dean's right ear before his lips trailed down to nip at the strong jaw and then the sensitive skin of Dean's neck right below his ear. Dean brought his hands back around Sam's hips, pulling the taller man's crotch tighter against him.

Sam couldn't help biting harder at Dean's neck, trying to elicit the soft moan that escaped from Dean's perfect lips. He loved having Dean like this, willing and wanton. Sam's hands fell to pinch and twist perky nipples causing Dean to jerk his hips forward and then grind them back.

With a gasp of his own, Sam thought that he really needed to get Dean's pants off now. In the month that they had been having actual 'sex', Dean had mostly played catcher. Not that Sam didn't enjoy being on the receiving end. Sam thought back to his own 'first time'.

It hadn't happened for two days after. Sam figured that it had taken that long for Dean to process what had happened, to make sure that the experience hadn't been horribly painful or emasculating and thus safe for his Sammy.

They had been in another town, had spent the day looking into another case. Nothing special had happened, and Sam had gone out to get the food. But as soon as Sam had entered the motel room with the food boxes in hand, he had known that something was up.

Dean had been just sitting on the bed, standing when Sam entered. Quickly Sam had put the boxes on the table and moved toward his brother who was uncharacteristically serious and still. Sam had moved forward, wanting to take Dean in his arms even though they were not at the 'let me hold you and soothe your fears' point and perhaps Dean never would be.

But Dean had surprised him as the elder man had allowed the embrace, his lips seeking Sam's own. For two days they had let Dean's lip heal, only allowing short kisses that were just the press of lips together.

But that kiss had held the passion and desperation that they had both held back from, awakening an ardor that had them both grasping at each other's clothes within seconds.

Dean's hand had reached down to firmly knead Sam's ass and the shorter man had pulled his face back just a little, the gaze of those green eyes intense, yet sleepy with desire. It had made Sam shiver to be the object of that much of Dean's fierce attention.

"Sam, I want…"

Sam hadn't needed his brother to finish that sentence, he had gotten the gist and jumped on the opportunity.

"Yes, oh god, yes, Dean…"

Sam's mood had almost darkened at the smugness that appeared in Dean's face then, but Dean was kissing him again and rubbing that lithe body against his in such a blatant display of expertise that Sam had to acknowledge that Dean was justified in his smugness. That time.

And he had to admit that he was desperate for it, pulling Dean in tighter against him. But Dean had had other ideas and Sam had found himself pushed down on the mattress. Dean had removed his t-shirt before following.

Sam had pulled off his own shirts so Dean began pulling off Sam's boots and then pulling his pants off before Dean rid himself of the last of his own clothes.

When Dean had crawled back onto the bed, over Sam, Sam had felt like a jack rabbit, staring down a coyote. Dean was predatory in his movements, liquid and lazy, his muscles rolling under his skin like a lion's.

He had nipped at Sam's lips, refusing Sam the luxury of his mouth for a moment. Then Dean's tongue had been diving inside, all traces of teasing gone, it had stroked over every inch of Sam's mouth, giving Sam all that he could want, but it had been gone all too soon.

Sam had chased after it, pushing up to his elbows, wanting to roll them over, wanting to be back on top, to be in control, where he could touch and taste all of Dean's skin. But this time, Dean was pushing him back down and Sam had no other choice but to subside.

Dean tongued down Sam's body, searching out places that even Sam hadn't known were sensitive, the hollow of his collarbone, the curve of his bicep, inside his hip bone. Soon Sam's hands were more pulling than petting Dean's hair and he had begged as he had writhed under Dean's focused attention, "Let me turn over, Dean, I need you inside me, let me turn over, let me…"

Nipping his thigh sharply, Dean had then pulled on Sam's hips to turn the larger man over. As soon as Sam was on his stomach though, he pushed his hips up and back, opening his thighs in invitation.

Dean had apparently planned this, so he pulled the lube and a condom out from under a pillow. They had discussed the use of condoms. Dean had been adamant that they continue using them for the first six months, long enough for any STD's to show up on tests and long enough, hopefully, for the two of them to truly decide if they were committed.

Sam had opened to the first finger immediately, easier than Dean ever had. Sam wanted it so much that it didn't matter that he had never experienced that before. It was only a moment before Dean was pressing two fingers inside and rubbing over Sam's prostate.

It had been like his brain had short-circuited and all Sam had been able to feel was intense pleasure burning through his veins. He had no idea what babble left his mouth, but Dean had murmured soothing nonsense as he had stroked Sam's lower back. And then Dean had pressed inside.

And that had been even better. Sam, impatient as ever, had pushed up to his knees, trying to take in all of Dean's cock immediately. He felt full and stretched and exquisite pressure.

"Shh, Sammy, take it easy." Dean's voice was meant to be calming and his thrusts were slow and long, his hips rolling to bring his partner as much pleasure as possible. But that hadn't been what Sam wanted. Sam wanted Dean's single-minded intensity, the ferocity that Dean brought to the hunt, the possessiveness that Sam could see in Dean's eyes sometimes. He wanted Dean to pound into him.

And he had told Dean so, crying out for 'more' and 'harder' and 'deeper' until Dean had let loose with a feral cry, the warmth of his chest leaving Sam's back as Dean kneeled up to take Sam's hips in a bruising grip. The head of Dean's cock had battered Sam's prostate before sliding in deep.

It had only taken a single pull on his own member before Sam was coming all over his fingers and the sheets, Dean grinding his pubis against Sam's ass to prolong his younger brother's pleasure.

But Sam wasn't often in the mood for that kind of sex, amazing though it had been. Most of the time, Sam wanted the feel of Dean underneath him, around him. He wanted to prove his love all over Dean's skin, wanted to hear it in Dean's cries.

And Dean needed him to do it, needed to be shown that Sam wanted and loved him.

His hand fell on the button of his brother's jeans, sliding them and Dean's boxers down before pushing Dean face down on the table with a hand on the back of Dean's neck.

Dean stayed bent over the table as Sam kneeled down beside him. Sam removed first one boot then the other so that he could slide Dean's jeans off while trying not to look too long at the other man. He tried not to look at how golden Dean's skin was, how he could see Dean breathing in the muscles of Dean's back, how Dean's cock hung free away from the edge of the table. And Sam definitely tried not to look at how Dean was bent over the table, ready and waiting, open and vulnerable, trusting, trusting in Sam. He didn't look because he didn't want it to be over too soon.

But as he moved to get up again, he couldn't help noticing Dean's gorgeous ass inches from his face. They had never done this but Sam couldn't resist. Shifting so that he was behind Dean directly, Sam's hands parted the firm globes before him. Leaning in, he knew that Dean could feel his breath right before he flicked the end of his tongue over the wrinkled bud.

Dean tensed and pulled forward, but stopped at the resistance in Sam's hands, preventing him from getting away. Sam leaned in again, his tongue wetter and firmer this time. He circled the opening with his tongue, over and over until Dean was still tense but pressing back instead of forward.

Moving his hands in to pull Dean further apart, Sam pointed his tongue and pressed against the entrance. At first Dean resisted before giving in with a groan, his knees shaking before he locked them. Sam pressed his tongue in as far as he could before slowly withdrawing only to press it back in before it was fully out.

Dean moaned softly, pushing up to lean on his forearms though his head still hung down between his shoulders. Standing, Sam reached on the table for the lube, slicking two fingers but pressing in only one to start.

One was easy enough but two was always difficult. Dean always resisted at first, as if by instinct, as if after all of these years it was difficult every time to let someone in. But then Sam's fingers were inside and stroking.

Sam loved to finger Dean almost as much as he liked to have his cock inside his brother. He loved the proprietary feel of it, loved to be able to concentrate on feeling the walls that gripped him, love to watch as Dean shuddered and shook, panting and keening as Sam continuously rubbed over the gland.

"S-sa-amm, now."

\And that was an order that Sam didn't want to ignore. Removing his fingers caused Dean to practically collapse onto the table as Sam unrolled the condom onto his own member.

Every time was the same, the same scorching heat, the same ridiculous tightness. Sam tried to be thankful for every time that he got to experience it.

Dean leaned back into him, into the deep, forceful thrusts that Sam knew that Dean preferred. Sam moved his hands from Dean's hips to the tabletop on either side of Dean and leaning down to cover Dean's back with his chest, wanting as much contact as possible.

Dean lifted his head then, arching back into the thrusts so that they hit his prostate more directly and giving Sam access to the long line of his throat. Sam immediately turned his face into the curve, pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses there.

"God, Dean, so tight, so amazing, unh want you, want you unh like this all the unh time…"

Sam could never resist talking, telling Dean with words how much Sam wanted his brother, how amazing being with Dean like this felt. The elder hunter, as always, preferred to vocalize his feelings without words. Sam had become quite fluent in his brother's language of choked breaths and breathy sighs, groans and grunts, moans and keening cries.

Lifting a hand from the table, Sam raised it to Dean's chest, pinching the tight and sensitive bud to elicit one of those keening cries that said that Dean's pleasure was close to pain.

"Like that, baby? Unh, God knows, I love that sound." He pinched it a few more times, Sam's breath hot against Dean's neck, before dropping his hand back to the table.

Dean's arms were shaking with the effort of holding the position and Sam thrust in faster and harder, already feeling the tightening of his own orgasm.

He gripped Dean's hips, leaning back as his thrusts became erratic, Dean's name a whisper of breath before Sam was leaning his forehead against his brother's neck again.

Again, Dean collapsed chest down on the table as Sam withdrew, throwing the condom away in the wastebasket that he had also previously placed under the table. He also picked up the toy he had left on the table, not knowing whether Dean had seen it or not.

It was a butt plug, one that through previous experience Sam knew hit Dean's prostate just right once inserted. Sam still thought it odd that of the two of them, he had turned out to be the kinky one. Well, that wasn't exactly true, but Sam had been the one to buy all of their toys. He just wanted to make Dean happy.

Sex was the space in which Dean would let his guard down, could accept comfort and care. Dean had already used sex for comfort before, already accepted sex as an outlet. The elder hunter still couldn't let Sam help in other ways, wouldn't let Sam shoulder some of the responsibility of their mission, wouldn't let Sam comfort his grief or physical injuries. But Dean could let Sam give him physical pleasure.

Sam kneeled down to insert the plug, but at the sight of the slick, reddened, open and quivering orifice, he couldn't help leaning forward to lick across it. He couldn't help plunging his tongue inside, further this time as Dean moaned plaintively and moved restlessly, his hands scrabbling for purchase on the tabletop.

Taking pity on Dean this time, Sam inserted the toy, knowing that Dean like to have his prostate stimulated, like to be full when he had his own climax. And Dean liked Sam's mouth.

He gripped Dean's hips, pulling on the left side to tell Dean he wanted the other man to turn over. With shaking limbs, Dean stood and turned, keeping at least one hand gripping the table's edge the whole time.

As Sam looked up his brother's body, even more beautiful now that it had a sheen of sweat on it, he saw Dean clench his thigh muscles. Sam knew that Dean was clenching around the plug, exploring the feel of it there.

Sam stopped teasing. He gripped the base of Dean's erection and immediately closed his mouth over as much of it as would fit, sucking hard.

Sam watched as Dean tipped his head back, his hips rocking forward into his mouth and back to clench on the plug, his right hand fluttering momentarily in its grip. Sam knew that Dean wanted to bury that hand in Sam's hair but that his brother was too unsteady on his feet to let go of the table.

It was only a moment before Dean was making those needy, harsh noises that signaled the elder man's orgasm and then Sam was swallowing the bitter, thick fluid. It was another difference between them. Dean didn't like to swallow, his weird gag reflex coming out again.

Sam immediately reached up as Dean practically collapsed down on top of the larger man. He cradled Dean's kneeling form to his chest, Dean limp in a way that he only was after sex. Sam smoothed his hand down Dean's sweaty back down to his ass which caused Dean to shiver.

He removed the plug, the plastic coming out with a wet squelch that Sam found disturbingly sexy. Reaching up, he put the toy back on the table to be washed later. Then he wrapped his arms back around his brother in a tight hug.

Sam loved after sex as much as the sex itself and so he kissed Dean's sweaty temple. A month had gone by since Sam had seen the YED. Nothing untoward had happened to Dean, nothing more than the usual hunts anyway. Sam still worried that the demon was lulling them into a false sense of security but he had to wonder if he hadn't been right. What if the demon had wanted Dean away so that Sam would be more vulnerable?

It didn't matter because what had happened in the month was Dean becoming much more secure in their relationship. The older man just seemed happier, more content, more relaxed. Sam understood now why Dean had wanted to wait to have sex. The older man was waiting for some sort of sign that Sam was staying this time. Dean had been afraid to give Sam any more of himself without some guarantee that he wasn't going to have his heart ripped out of his chest if Sam left again.

And though Sam knew that he hadn't yet peeled back all the layers that made up his big brother, every little bit just made him love Dean that much more. And maybe someday soon, Sam would feel secure enough to tell Dean those three little words.