Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

This was written as a response to a challenge on a SessxKag fansite - prompt of "watermelon," a limit of 600 words maximum.

Smashing Good Fun

Sparkling white sand sprayed with every skipping step Kagome took along the beach. Bare arms stretched wide, she laughed as she enjoyed the sun beating down on her and the ebb and flow of the impossibly blue water at her feet. Coolly observing her from his seat beneath the shade of an "umbrella," she'd called it, Sesshoumaru drummed his claws over the blanket and resisted the urge to frolic with her. At last, Kagome broke away from the water's edge and jogged toward him, face flushed as she panted, regaining lost breath.

"It's so hot today!" she said by way of explanation, plopping down next to him on the patterned blanket. Sesshoumaru "hn'd" in agreement, edging away from her glistening form imperceptibly. "It's a good thing I packed a watermelon today."

A what?

Jumping up from the cool of the shade, Kagome trotted towards the "cooler" she'd coerced him into carrying all the way from the well. Curious, he cocked his head as she opened the top of the box and hefted out a large green oblong and a wooden club. Kicking the lid closed, Kagome turned back towards him and flashed a gleaming smile before heading for the edge of the water again.

After depositing the round green object on the beach, she cupped her hand around her mouth and called back to him, "It's just not a trip to the beach unless you smash a watermelon!"

His interest was suddenly doubled. Destroying things always improved Sesshoumaru's day.

Tying a strip of cloth around her eyes, Kagome lifted the wooden club and began swinging wildly at the ground, completely missing the "watermelon" every time. Several minutes passed as she incompetently wielded her weapon, eventually tripping over the green object and laughing gaily.

Sesshoumaru rose.

This Sesshoumaru loathes incompetence.

Towering over the still prone giggling girl, Sesshoumaru plucked the blindfold from her eyes and bent at the knees.

"Tie it."

Kagome giggled anew, obligingly tying the black strip of cloth around his head. "Don't peek!" she admonished, wary of his keen eyesight.

"This Sesshoumaru does not 'peek,'" he sniffed, picking up the fallen club. Motioning Kagome to stand back, he raised the club above his head and focused his senses on the "watermelon." In a fluid motion, he brought the club forcefully down in a graceful slash.

The watermelon exploded.

Gawking from the sidelines, covered from head to toe in sticky pink fruit and black seeds, Kagome burst into uncontrollable giggles. "Y-your h-ha-hair!" she choked out, doubled over.

The blindfold was unceremoniously sliced and Sesshoumaru brought a lock of his hair into his range of vision for inspection.

Pink. And sticky.

Eyes narrowed, he stalked toward the miko, intent on retribution. Her giggles ceased as apprehension seized her, her feet moving backwards of their own accord. "Sesshoumaru? Sesshoumaru, I'm sorry. It was an accideeeeeeeek!"

One squirming sticky miko hefted over his shoulder, Sesshoumaru strode calmly into the ocean.


Sesshoumaru smirked. "Did you not wish to cool down, miko?"

Indistinguishable curses reached his ears as Kagome spluttered and flailed in his grasp.

"I am never letting you smash the watermelon again."