The silence stretched taut like a strain between the two possessors. Scenery passed through the unseeing hazel eyes of Takaya, refusing by inner guidance to meet the occasional hesitant gaze of his vassal behind the driver's seat. "Are you sure you don't want me to take you to the hospital?" Naoe glanced askance at the slender arm bandaged clumsily with torn cloth cradled limply on the boy's lap.

"No. I'm sure."

A hand loosened on the steering wheel, "Takaya…"

"Don't touch me," golden flashed through the mottled green and the fine jaw clenched. Naoe felt the change in the atmosphere, stifled rage flowing from the boy's aura. "Lord Kagetora," he respectfully leaned closer to the steering wheel, keeping his eyes on the road, the tension eased from the rigid set of the boy turning back to the window.

"I didn't…" Takaya hesitated, "…protect you because I wanted to." Something in his confused manner prompted Naoe to shoot another glance from the corner of his eye. His Lord had definitely retreated for Kagetora would never sound so unsure when explaining his actions. Scratch that. He never would have allowed his vassal to speak to him in such a manner.

"Then…why?" Naoe asked quietly after a moment, there had to be a reason.

He wanted there to be a reason.

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AN: What am I-the laziest MOB fan around? Sorry for the long wait and yeah not much happened—but what did was rather important to the story line. Takaya took a hit meant for Naoe during exorcising vengeful spirits and Kagetora wasn't too happy about that…I tried to portray the two personalities together in the same body. Takaya unsure/ Kagetora taunting—when isn't he? ;) Reviews are appreciated and yes I will definitely try to work on it some more soon! :) Adieu!