Zaedah's trivial contribution to the most oddly frustrating challenge I've ever tried to complete. If not for a personal 2 hour time limit, I'd be revising this monster til Armageddon.

Thanks to Hidden Relevance, challenge creator and killer of my confidence!


Their fiery words spewed forth in a haze of volcanic ash and Powell deemed them personally responsible for global warming.


When his turn came to lead, the youngest of a now-defunct team drummed up his best replication of steel, intimidating no one.


Press surrounded her hours after the explosion and though Eva lived for this, the sole survivor had left all of her words under the rubble.


She wondered which shade of blue the fetus would pick; the competitor in her desirous to see her own eyes in her offspring and yet for once, she hopes she'll lose.


The affair started with snowfall and ended with the melt; as brief as undisturbed inches on a curbside and twice as trampled.


It had been a step forward to something bigger that she hadn't planned and now she wasn't sure how to step back from the little boy in someone else's arms.


It wasn't helpful, really, the nonsense words typed with inconvenient steps across the laptop when she tried working from home.


Despite the volume of his demand to find it, a fitting diagnosis did not lie in any medical journal and she has the paper cuts to prove it.


He'd been divorced a while and was therefore ready to concede to outdated thinking, but when did generic comforting for tough cases begin leading to nakedness?


They all suspected Colima would have far-reaching repercussions, but no one was prepared for watching the enthusiasm with which Miles consumed the still-bleeding steak.


It was his belief that sacrificing time with his dad was a choice for the greater good by which strangers were saved; though his batting average suffered for it.


From his hotel door he looked at them with the patient eyes of one wiser than his species; but would it kill them to bring back a souvenir bone?


Watching women decide on daily outfits was never his spectator sport of choice; still, the more he aided Kim's indecisiveness, the looser that towel became.


It is the same blast he hears every night, blasphemous tones of flying shrapnel and falling bodies; that he can shake and gasp unnoticed is the bliss of an empty bed.


With her first NIH paycheck came the new car, the shine and smell something she wanted to drop into every press statement for weeks.


The tear's descent is inappropriate and she tells it so; the tiny body must be cut regardless of the clarity of her vision.


What they didn't know is that she could read lips, a gift from a deaf grandmother; a daily recount of whispered name-calling was tossed back merrily with her wine.


It's not until the ringing cell flies out of the car window and into the water that she begins to take his threat seriously.


It's a bleak headstone of name and dates, exemplifying the hopelessness of his last days that no fervent promises could alter; always a trial patient, never a success.


The plastic fuzziness barely secures her to the bed and the struggle is as halfhearted as the capture; she knows he'll let her go just as he knows she won't leave.


They don't appreciate him, he muses to the bartender, staring at a drink he can't swallow and knowing full well that gaining approval would be as fleeting as any buzz.


Standing as best man at Stephen's wedding, it hardly shocked Frank that Natalie was radiance; it was only surprising that she wasn't the bride.


It should have had a proper burial, the suddenly sentimental Connor muses as the corpse is driven away in pieces, receiving little dignity in its farewell; but sometimes a plane is just a plane.


Eva started the barbecues as a way to keep the aging group together despite their divergent paths; at first a nightmare of scheduling, the first one set an enjoyable tone which allowed each subsequent party to arrange itself with miraculous ease.


It is not with confidence that Natalie pushes her feminine wiles upon an uncooperative suit; rather it is for his own salvation because if Connor had to convince him, the weakling would have found bruises instead of boobs.