Forbidden Love

Note: This is the first in the Trilogy of stories I'm doing, pairing up all possible romances between the Chipmunks, and all inspired by the amazing art of wally's girlfriend, which you can find the link for on her profile (also read her great story "What do you expect"). This one is Alvin x Simon, the next one will be Simon x Theodore, and the last one will be Alvin x Theodore. I know, I know...I'm sick (grins). This one takes place on a random day, with Alvin and Simon home alone. And, this one is directly inspired by wally's girlfriend's art. You'll see what I mean when you read it. Enjoy! PS: Looking back on this, I now think this one sucks. You could just skip it if you want and read the others.

I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you

I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you

And then the Witch Doctor he told me what to do, he said

Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

-Ross Bagdasarian Sr.(AKA David Seville), Witch Doctor


Simon walked through the house, wondering where on earth his brother was. He hadn't seen him in hours, and he had no idea where he'd gone. He did know one thing, however...Knowing Alvin, he was probably up to something, and doing something he shouldn't.


When there was no answer, Simon sighed. If Alvin got in trouble, Simon would be the one in trouble, because Dave had trusted him to watch Alvin while they went to the local movie theater. Theodore had wanted to see Wall-E but neither Alvin nor Simon had any interest in it, so Dave had just gone with him. Simon had to find Alvin for two reasons: one, he was starting to get worried about him, and two, his ass was screwed if Alvin destroyed the house. And, knowing Alvin, he'd find a way.


At first no response, and then: "...I'm coming, Simon! Just a minute!"

"Where are you?"

"In the basement, but don't come in!"

Simon went down to the basement, and deliberately went in anyway. What he saw, however, shocked him. Alvin had cut his hair really short, was wearing a red shirt that went down to his elbows, and was wearing yellow short shorts. Alvin now, to Simon's surprise, looked exactly like a girl. He was trying to change back into his normal clothes, but then noticed Simon, and stopped as his jaw dropped. Simon realized he had been holding his breath, and started breathing again, but he just couldn't stop staring at Alvin. Simon had never had a single gay thought in his life, but, seeing Alvin looking like he did, Simon thought he was sexy and just wanted to fuck his brother right here, right now. Simon had always thought he was straight, but now...He didn't know. Neither said a single word until Simon spoke up.

"Um...Alvin? What are you doing?"

"...Being myself..."

"...You're gay?"

"...Yeah. How do I look?"

Simon gulped and blushed, and he felt his member become erect and press up against his pants. He looked down, and so did Alvin, who then looked up, grinning.

"I guess that answers that question, doesn't it, Simon?"

"I'm sorry, Alvin...I know I'm your brother and that might creep you out-"

Simon was cut off as Alvin walked up to him, and slowly pressed his mouth to his. They stood there for a minute, each enjoying the kiss, and then Alvin ended it. He grinned at Simon.

"Don't worry, Simon...It doesn't creep me out."

Simon grinned back, and they kissed again, this time pushing their tongues into each others' mouths, tasting each other, and loving it. Simon slowly put his arm around Alvin, pulling him closer, and feeling his soft and sexy back. Alvin moaned softly, and Simon could tell he was enjoying all of it, and didn't want him to stop. Simon wasn't going to disappoint him. He slowly moved his hand down his back to his butt, and softly squeezed it. Alvin moaned louder, and now, Simon was moaning along with him. They stood there for about a minute, and then Simon looked at him.

"So, Alvin...What are we gonna do if Dave and Teddy come home and see us like this?"

"I don't care...We should out our selves anyway. I mean, they should still love and care about us, right?"

"I hope so, Alvin. I know Teddy will, but I hope Dave will."

"So, Simon...How long have you liked me?"

"A long time, but I never realized it until I saw you. How long have you been like this?"

"About two months now. I'd have to come out in the middle of the nights when everyone else was asleep and dress like this. If I didn't, I'm sure I'd have a nervous breakdown." He looked up at Simon. "I'm so glad I don't have to hide this from you, Simon."

Simon smiled at him, and kissed him.

"You don't have to hide anything from me, Alvin."

"I'm glad...I've liked you for a long time too, Simon."

"I have, too...I love you, Alvin."

"I love you too, Simon."

They kissed again, but this time went even further, and pushed their bodies up against each other, picking up where they'd left off before. Simon squeezed Alvin's butt again, and then pushed his hand the front into his shorts, feeling his erect member. Alvin moaned as Simon pulled out his hand, and then slowly pulled Alvin's shorts down, and then pulled his shirt off. Simon then did the same with himself, and they now both stood there, naked. Simon walked up to Alvin, and pushed his body up against his. They rubbed their arms all over each other as they both laid down on the floor.

Simon moved his head up against Alvin's, and slowly whispered to him.

"I want you, Alvin."

Alvin grinned, and got on all fours. Simon slowly crawled up on top of him, and then pushed himself into Alvin, making him shudder in a combination of pleasure and mild pain. Simon almost stopped, but Alvin begged him not to, so he kept on going. He slowly pressed his member all the way into Alvin, then pulled himself out again, and repeated. Alvin was moaning as Simon began to quicken his pace, keeping at a hard and fast rhythym. Their bodies began to rock as Simon rammed himself into Alvin over and over again. Less than a minute later, Simon came in Alvin, making them both moan loudly. They both collapsed to the floor, and smiled at each other. Alvin yawned.

"So, Simon...What do you want to do after we get cleaned up?"

"Well, first I have to ask you this...Did you do your own haircut?"

Alvin grinned.


"...Well, could you do mine?"

Alvin's grin grew twice as large.

"I'd love to, Simon."

Simon sat in the chair, blindfolded, while Alvin cut and layered his hair, shaping it the way he thought was best. Whenever Simon complained about it, Alvin would always tell him to stop.

"Come on, Si...Trust me."

"Why do I have a hard time doing that?"

"That hurts, Si."

"Alvin, I love you with all my heart, but let's face it...You're a troublemaker."

Even though he was blindfolded, Simon knew Alvin was grinning, taking that as a compliment.

"Yeah...I am, aren't I? And now you're letting me cut your hair with a pair of sharp scissors while you're blindfolded..."

Alvin playfully ran the scissors wildly through Simon's hair, not cutting, just trying to make him nervous. It was working, and Alvin knew it. Simon gulped, not wanting Alvin to mess up his hair.

"Okay, okay...I trust you Alvin."

"Good. Lean back a little; I'm almost done."

Simon did as he said, and after a few more minutes, Alvin pulled off the blindfold. Simon opened his eyes, and looked in the mirror. His jaw dropped and eyes widened as he stared in awe at what Alvin had done. He had left the bangs long and spiked it in the back, making it look wonderful. Simon absolutely loved it. He smiled happily, pulled Alvin into a hug, and kissed him.

"Oh, Alvin...I absolutely love it!"

"I knew you would, Si. I told you I can do good haircuts!"

"You were right, Alvin...This is the best haircut I've ever had!"

"I'm glad you love it, Si. Want me to do your clothes?"

Simon looked at him, surprised.

"Are you telling me that you did your own clothes, too?"

"No...But it'd take too long to have these made, and I REALLY want to see you in an outfit like this. So, I'm going to do it real quickly."

"...I don't trust you, Alvin."

Alvin rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Look, Si...I promise I won't mess it up. I did your hair, didn't I?"


"Well, do you honestly think I'm going to mess up your clothes?"


"Well, then hand me your shirt. Besides, I've taken an interest in fashion design...This'll be great practice."

Simon pulled off his shirt, and Alvin could help staring at his chest for a moment, and then pulled out a sharper pair of scissors. He cut both the sleeves off the shirt, looked up at Simon, then back at the shirt, and cut off about 1/3 of the shirt in the waist area. He handed it to Simon.

"Come on, Si...Try it on."

Simon did, and looked in the mirror. He loved it, and told Alvin he did.

"Good...Now take off your pants."

"Alvin, we've already had sex twice today."

Alvin rolled his eyes.

"No, I mean hand me your pants so I can fix them for you."

"Oh. Sure, here you go."

Simon pulled off his pants, and handed them to Alvin. Alvin stared at Simon's shape for a minute, and then started cutting off the legs of the pants. He cut off exactly half of them, and then handed them back to Simon, grinning.

"Put them on and let's see."

Simon did as he was told, and put on the now-shorts. They went along perfectly with his shirt, and he thought that Alvin had really outdone himself. Alvin walked up behind him, put his arm around him, and rested his head on his shoulder, leaning it up against his. Alvin sighed contently.

"So, are we going to tell them, or not?"

"...I don't think we should."

"...I don't either."

"You know...Even though we may argue a lot, we're the perfect couple."

Simon chuckled.

"Yeah...We really are."

"...Wanna make the sex count three?"

Simon gave him a surprised look.

"You really want to? Dave and Teddy will be home any minute!"

"That'll just add on to the fun! We might get caught!"

"...You really are kinda nuts, aren't you?"

"So is that a yes?"


Simon pushed Alvin over onto his bed, pulled off his shirt, and then got onto it with him. They both undressed, and rubbed their nude bodies up against each other. Alvin moaned loudly as Simon licked down his neck to his chest, and then lower. He finally got to his member, and licked his tongue down it once, making Alvin moan even louder. Simon then engulfed it in his mouth, and began to move his head up and down it, going as fast as he could. It took less than a minute for Alvin to cum in his mouth. Simon swallowed all of it, and saw Alvin grinning at him.

"I want to do it this time, Si. You got to do it the last time."


Simon got on all fours, and felt Alvin climb on top of him and push his member into him. Simon flinched; Alvin was bigger than he looked. He didn't want to worry his lover/brother, however, so he didn't show it. Alvin didn't notice, and kept on going, all the while moving faster and using more and more force. Simon was in total ecstasy, and he knew Alvin felt exactly the same way. They both moaned loudly as Alvin came in him, and collasped onto the bed. They smiled at each other, and Simon sighed.

"I'm surprised Dave and Teddy haven't gotten home yet and walked in on us. We're very lucky. Come on, we need to get dressed before they do."

They both got dressed in their "normal" clothes, and sure enough, two minutes after they were dressed, they heard Dave's car pull up in the driveway. They grinned at each other, kissed, and walked downstairs...


Note: As I said before, now looking back on this, I actually hate this fanfic. I personally think it sucks. I'm sorry; the others aren't going to be like this. They're going to be normal romances. This was my first Alvin & The Chipmunks fanfic, and I guess I tried so hard to make it so good, it didn't completely turn out that way. Well, I hope you liked it! PS: For those who have MySpaces, look up the groups "David Seville Fans", which is a group I started in honor of Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (David Seville), and "People Who Think Alvin & The Chipmunks Are Hot", which, well, explains itself, and please join! I'd really appreciate it!