Forbidden Love 3

Note: Well, I'm finally finished! I've successfully finished all three fanfics! Man, am I tired...I enjoyed writing these, but it was hard as hell to come up with them. This is the final in the Trilogy of stories I was doing, pairing up all possible romances between the Chipmunks, and all inspired by the amazing art of wally's girlfriend, which you can find the link for on her profile (also read her great story "What do you expect"). This one is Alvin x Theodore. I know, I know...I'm sick (grins). This one takes place on Christmas, but other than that, doesn't have any connection to the last one. Theodore gets caught in a very compromising situation, and maybe Alvin can help...Enjoy!

Come on come on
Get up get up

Let's go won't you follow me

Let's go won't you follow me

-Alvin & The Chipmunks (with Jason Gleed), Follow Me Now

Dave put on his coat.

"Alvin, Simon and I are going to the store. You take care of Theodore while we're gone, okay?"

Alvin grinned.

"No problem, Dave...You can count on me."

Dave rolled his eyes.

"Why do I have a hard time believing that?"

"Come on, Dave! You can trust me!"

"...Fine. Just don't get into any trouble, okay?"

"No problem."

Alvin laid down on the couch, and turned on the TV. He laid there for about ten minutes, not doing anything, when he heard Theodore from upstairs. Alvin jumped up; Theodore sounded like he was in trouble. He ran up the stairs and stopped at the door to listen. He'd thought Theodore was still asleep, otherwise he'd have come up a while ago. He pressed his ear to the door, and listened. Theodore was moaning loudly, and repeating Alvin's name over and over again. Alvin opened the door.

"Teddy, are you ok-"

Theodore looked up, and both of their eyes went wide because of what happened. Theodore had his member in his hand, holding one of Alvin's sweaters, and was masturbating in it. Alvin had walked in on him. They both blushed brightly, then Alvin swallowed and spoke up.

"Um...I heard you from downstairs, and thought you were in trouble..."

"...Well, I'm not..."

"...I can tell."

"...Um, this sweater doesn't mean what it looks like..."

"...Then why were you saying my name over and over again?"

Theodore blushed even brighter, and lowered his head. He sighed deeply, and then looked up again.

"Okay...It does mean what it looks like."

"You're in love with me?"


Alvin blushed brightly, and scratched his arm. He'd never known of a guy being in love with him before, much less one of his brothers. He was about to speak up when he felt something bulge in his pants. He looked down, and saw his member pressing up against his pants. He looked up at Theodore, who had a grin starting to spread across his face. Alvin gulped as he saw Theodore grin at him.

"You like me back, don't you?"

"I-...I don't know...Maybe...I-"

Alvin couldn't believe it, but he did like Theodore; he'd just never realized it until now. He looked at Theodore, and swallowed.

"I-...I-...I guess so, I-...What now?"

Theodore gave him a puzzled look.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean...What do we do now that we both like each other?"

"...I don't know...Kiss, maybe?"

Alvin blushed brightly as Theodore got up, walked over to him, put his hand on his face, pulling it closer, and kissed him, pushing his tongue into Alvin's mouth, who did the same. They stood there for a minute, and then Theodore rubbed his hand across Alvin's face and ended the kiss, leaving a small string of saliva as they parted. Alvin blinked twice, and just stared at Theodore in surprise before speaking up.

"...I liked that."

"...I did too."

Alvin grinned.

"...Wanna do it again?"

Theodore grinned back.

"You don't have to ask me twice..."

Theodore put his arms around Alvin's neck, who in return put his hands on Theodore's waist. They pulled each other up against the other, and softly kissed again. Alvin gently reached his hands down Theodore's shirt, and rubbed his hands up and down Theodore's back, making him moan softly. Theodore grinned seductively at Alvin, and rubbed his hand on Alvin's member through his pants. Alvin grinned at him, and gently pushed Theodore back onto the bed. Theodore quickly pulled off his shirt and pants, and Alvin did the same. Alvin crawled onto the bed with him, and they pushed their nude bodies up against each other. Alvin smiled at Theodore.

"Teddy...Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you're pretty young..."

Theodore looked at him, surprised.

"What, are you serious!? Of course I want to do this!"

Alvin grinned.

"Okay, then..."

Alvin moved his head down between Theodore's legs, who moaned softly as Alvin engulfed it in his mouth. Theodore's face started turning red from pleasure as Alvin bobbed his head up and down on his member, giving him pleasure that he'd never experienced before. Alvin quicked his pace as he sensed that Theodore was about to cum, and Theodore moaned loudly as he came in Alvin's mouth. Alvin swallowed all of it, and looked up at Theodore, grinning. He licked his lips, and saw Theodore give him a look that he instantly understood. Theodore got on all fours, his butt pointed toward Alvin. Alvin grinned at him, and slowly climbed on top of Theodore. Theodore moaned loudly as Alvin pushed his member into him, and started to push himself in and out.

Theodore moaned as Alvin pushed himself into him over and over again, and he felt Alvin begin to quicken his speed as he was close to climaxing. They both moaned loudly as Alvin came in Theodore, who came all over the bed. They both collapsed, exhausted, and smiled lovingly at each other. Alvin gently kissed Theodore, who was lying on top of him, gently rubbing his chest. Theodore smiled at Alvin.

"That was wonderful..."

"Yeah...It really was."

"...So, what now?"

Alvin gave him a puzzled look.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean...We're both in love, and we've just had sex. What are we going to do now?"

"Well...I guess we just love each other like before, keep this a secret, and slowly forget about it."

Theodore gave him a hurt look.


"I'm just kidding, Teddy."

"...That wasn't funny."

"I'm sorry...Come here."

Alvin gently kissed Theodore, who seemed better afterwards.

"But really, Alvin...What now?"

"We love each other, Teddy...That's what we're going to do...Love each other."

"But...What will everyone else think?"

"We're not going to tell them, Teddy."

"What do you mean?"

"They won't understand, Teddy...I don't think anyone else would. Simon, maybe. Dave, doubtful. Society, I know for a fact they won't understand."

"So, we can't ever tell anybody?"

"No, Teddy...We can never tell anybody."


"...Wanna do it again? That might make us feel better."

Theodore looked at him, and a grin slowly spread across his face.

"You don't have to ask me twice, Alvin."

Alvin got on all fours, and pointed his butt at Theodore. Alvin felt Theodore climb on top of him and push his member into him. Alvin flinched; Theodore was big for his age; a lot bigger than Alvin had been expecting. He didn't want to worry his lover/brother, however, so he didn't show it. Theodore, Alvin was glad, didn't notice, and kept on going, all the while moving faster and using more and more force. Alvin was in total ecstasy, and he knew Theodore felt exactly the same way. They both moaned loudly as Theodore came in him, and collasped onto the bed. They smiled at each other, and Theodore sighed.

"Thanks, Alvin...I do feel better now."

"I do too, Teddy."

"...Dave and Simon will be home any minute. Shouldn't we get dressed?"

Alvin nodded.

"Yeah, we need to get dressed. Come on."

Alvin helped Theodore up, and they both got dressed. Alvin looked over at Theodore, and grinned.

"I love you, Teddy."

"I love you too, Alvin."


Note: Yes...I know this one was short and not as good as the others. I had trouble writing this, and whenever I tried to write it, I'd always get writer's block. I had to finish it early, or else I wouldn't be able to finish it at all. It's just hard for me to picture Alvin x Theodore, so it's hard for me to write about it. I hope you all liked it, though! PS: For those who have MySpaces, look up the groups "David Seville Fans", which is a group I started in honor of Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (David Seville), and "People Who Think Alvin & The Chipmunks Are Hot", which, well, explains itself, and please join! I'd really appreciate it!