Harry shoved the last bit of his clothing into his bag. Winter break was over and soon he'd be back at Chatnior. Draco was supposed to pick him up soon and he wanted to get everything together before he arrived. While he didn't want to say that he was anxious to get away from the Weasley household, he wanted to see Draco again.

The pair of them had only been able to communicate through owls for almost a month. Those owls had been carefully worded. Both Harry and Draco understood that they had to keep their relationship under wraps. They couldn't say anything about their relationship even in their most personal letters for fear that someone else would find them. Harry longed to hear Draco tell him that he loved him, or even that he just cared about him, but the most Draco could say in the letters was that he was looking forward to their potions class together.

Harry couldn't wait to see him again, to wrap his arms around Draco. His body screamed for the blonde man, begging for the time when they would be together again. They had already decided that they would push their beds together as soon as they arrived, enjoying themselves fully before they had to go to classes.

"Hey, Harry, you almost done?" Ron asked, startling Harry.

"Yeah, just a few more things to pack," Harry nodded, wondering what his friend was up to.

For the past week, Harry had suspected that Ron had something that he wasn't telling him. The redhead had been smiling, or perhaps he was smirking. While he was good at keeping a secret, he was terrible at hiding the fact that he had a secret. So far he hadn't given Harry a single clue, he hadn't even admitted to having a secret even though it was painfully obvious.

"Is Chatnior nice?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, it's alright," Harry nodded, not mentioning the problems that he had had when they first moved into the dorms. Ron didn't need to know about when the ceiling collapsed on them, or that he was certain that the "food service hall" had roaches.

"It sounds nice, Hermione was telling me about it." Ron smiled.

Harry quickly nodded and looked away. He didn't want to bring up the fact that Hermione was currently staying at another man's house. She had spent some time at the Weasley house, but had gone to stay with Blaise for the past week, claiming that she was going to study with him to prepare for the coming semester. Harry didn't have the heart to mention that she couldn't possibly be studying. He was fairly certain that they didn't have any classes in common.

Ron did not seem to notice the discrepancy though. He was too busy thinking about his own secret. He hadn't noticed much of anything since two weeks previous. Just about two weeks ago, Ron had disappeared for an afternoon. It was only once he returned that he hadn't been able to keep the smile off of his face.

"I hated fall semester," Ron said, the smile or smirk getting bigger.

"Yeah, I missed having you in the same classes," Harry said, wondering if this was when Ron was going to reveal this great secret.

"I have to go pack," Ron smiled, disappearing again.

Harry shook his head and returned to his job. Ginny had already gone back to Hogwarts, he had been surprised when Ron had not gone back with her. He explained that it was because he was not taking regular classes. He was in classes designed for him, set apart from the rest of the students to insure that he got everything done and would be able to graduate at the end of the year. Apparently his classes did not start until a bit after everyone else's. It would give the professors a chance to get their classes started before they had to come up with his individualized lessons. As a result, Harry and Draco would be dropping him off at the station before they went to Chatnior.

Now that he was alone, he pulled out a small piece of paper from his bag. It was a letter from Draco, although the former Slytherin had not signed it incase it was intercepted. It had been shortly followed by a photograph, Draco smiling at him. It was a muggle picture though. Apparently the only camera he had been able to get ahold of was Ashton's muggle camera. Harry doubted that such a rich family couldn't find another camera, but the letter and picture had been done in a rush.

Harry's heart pounded as he looked at the picture and reread the words. He reminded himself that soon he and Draco would be together again. As soon as he arrived, they would get into a car designed to look like a regular muggle car. First they would drop Ron off at the station, then they would ride in that to Chatnior. Thankfully the windows were darkened, the car was enchanted to drive its self. They would be alone for hours on end. Harry blushed at the prospect. He could hardly wait for his boyfriend to show up.

"Do you need anything, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"I should be okay, but thank you for asking," Harry smiled back at her.

"I can hardly believe that you are getting picked up by a Malfoy," Mrs. Weasley signed.

Harry knew that she was not happy with his new friendship. She blamed the Malfoy family for what had happened to her family. She felt like they had specifically torn her world apart. Harry knew that Draco had had nothing to do with it. His life had been threatened, his family had suffered as well. Soon they would suffer even more that they had so far once his father was sentenced . There was not question on if he would be found guilty. The only question was if his mother would get off, claiming that her life had been threatened. She had not participated in the worst of the fights, and Harry had claimed that she saved his life.

"He's here," Someone called up from downstairs.

Harry grabbed his bag and hurried down the stairs. Mrs. Weasley was following him, he'd say good bye to her along with the rest of her family. Ron was already downstairs waiting for him. Together they said their goodbyes and loaded their stuff into the car. Draco hardly said a word to them, but kept his eyes locked on Harry.

"I'll miss spending time with you guys," Harry half lied as helped the house elf load the last bit of luggage into the mock-limo. It wasn't that he didn't like the family, just that he did not like the depressing atmosphere that had settled into the house. He still loved everyone in the Weasley household.

"Will you miss me while you're at Chatnior?" Ron asked, the smirk growing even larger.

"You know I will," Harry smiled, desperate to leave. The sooner they left the house the sooner they could drop Ron off and the sooner he and Draco could have some much needed time alone.

"No you wont!" Ron said excitedly, "Two weeks ago I passed the graduation test, I'm going to Chatnior with you!"

Draco's smile visibly faded as Harry tried to look excited for his friend. This, he knew, was not going to be good.

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