Oh, god why can't I stop thinking about him

I can't help it...He's so sexy

I could never tell him, though

He would never accept me as a brother

What's the use

He doesn't feel the same way

We constantly argue all the time

He doesn't like me that way

His slender, curved form

I can't get him out of my mind

I want to tell him so badly

But...I just can't

He's so smart

I'll never be as smart as him

Oh, god he's so sexy, too

I want him to love me, too

I've always felt this way

Whenever he got mad at me, it hurt

I absolutely hate when we fight

I hate being mad at him

I wonder if he knows

Does he feel the same way

No, I'm pretty sure neither is true

He doesn't feel that way about me

He'll never feel the way I do

I should just forget about it

He'll never love me back

Come on, Alvin...Just forget it