"Bite to Bleed"

By Tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or the mystery crossover

Pairing: Liz/??

Summary- Liz Parker can't take it anymore. She is sick of this alien crap, she thought that after graduation things would get better, but they're just getting worse. She moves to New York for some space and there she meets an odd man in the middle of the night.

Chapter One:

Liz ignored the tears streaming down her face as she pushed the accelerator that much harder. She wasn't crying tears of sadness or even tears of anger. These tears were pure, unadulterated frustration.

It has been six months on the road. Six months of anger and fighting and sadness. She was done with those emotions. She thought she could fix it; fix things between them, between everyone. But Liz saw now. She understood. You can't fix what doesn't realize it's broken.

Eight months ago, she and Max had been on the rocks. He thought that all could be forgiven. And maybe it could have been. Maybe Liz could have gotten past his sleeping with Tess, getting her pregnant and then wanting to leave the Earth behind. Maybe… but then he started in on Zan. His son. All he could think about was finding him. Liz bit her tongue because she genuinely loved him. She tried to help him, to stay with them. She tried everything to keep their relationship solid, but Max wasn't. He just cared about Zan. So, when Tess came back with their son, Liz let out a tiny sigh of relief because now they didn't have Zan between them.

And she was partially right. To Max, everything was the same. Without Tess or Zan, without any visible signs of alien drama, he was the perfect, doting boyfriend that he had been before. No, sadly, it was not Max that was different. It was Liz. She had grown tired of hurting and waiting on pins and needles for Max. She had thought that once Max settled back down, everything would be fine. Just like it used to be. But it wasn't. She had become a different person and Max was the same… the exact same. Hence her problem.

But Liz grinned and bore it because she truly believed that Max would catch on. That he would grow up, mature and meet her on the same level, especially after graduation. They were on the run together. You would think that hiding out, being responsible for food, clothes, money would change Max, make him grow up a little. Unfortunately, it didn't. It was Liz that grew up even more. It was Michael. Hell, you could even say it was Isabel, Kyle and Maria. It was everyone, but Max. He was King, right? So, why were they the ones left to do the dirty work?

The group was getting antsy and everyone but Max could see that it wasn't working. But they all stuck around, tried their hardest, did what they could.

But six months in, Max had asked her to do something so unforgiveable…

He had asked her to marry him.

They were on the run, for fuck's sake! They couldn't just get married, never mind the fact that Liz hadn't spoken to, let alone kissed, Max in months. They were long over. Did he have his head stuck in the clouds?

When he had asked her, with all their friends watching, she had started crying. He must have thought they were tears of joy because he put on a big smile and moved to embrace her. His face was priceless when she lifted her arm and smacked him across the face as hard as she could. She turned around and ran to one of the two cars they had. She turned on ignition and was out of there before Max could even blink. She didn't look in the rearview mirror once, already knowing what would be in there. A heartbroken boy standing in the middle of the road looking after her.

Liz drove and drove and drove some more, until all she could think about anymore was food and sleep. She pulled into a dingy, disgusting motel and checked in, barely coherent. She threw herself onto the gross bed and fell asleep instantly.

It was the sound of a car being towed that woke her up. She blearily rubbed her eyes and looked out the window as she sat up in bed. She jerked up and ran out the door as she saw it was her car being lifted and towed.

"No! Wait! What are you doing?!" Liz yelled as she came to a stop in front of a tall man wearing a red baseball cap.

"Towing a car," The man said obviously.

"I can see that! Why are you towing my car!?" She screamed at him.

The man raised an unimpressed brow before looking pointedly at something behind her.

Liz turned to look and her anger deflated as she read the No Parking sign that warned that all violators would be towed.

She sighed before turning back to the man, "What do I have to do to get the car back?" She asked.

"Go to the police, file a report, bring the copy to the impound lot, pay it, get your car back," He explained blandly.

"How much?" Liz asked worriedly. She had very little money with her. She hadn't had time to pack or anything when she left.

"One thousand, five hundred," He answered as the truck stopped beeping, signaling that he was finished and that the car was securely attached to the tow truck.

"What!? How am I supposed-" Liz cut off, "You don't care, do you?"

The man looked at her for a second before answering, "Nope," with a slight pop at the end as he climbed into his truck and left her standing there alone in the lot.

Liz rubbed her hand through her hair and sat down on the curb, "Now, what am I going to do?" She asked herself. She sighed as she thought for a few minutes, but the sound of her loudly grumbling stomach captured her attention. She stood up and went into her room to grab the key before leaving. She was about to cross the parking lot when a loud rumble came her way. Liz stopped in time as a large silver mustang shot out in front of her and parked a few spaces down. She watched as a beautiful blonde woman and a large, muscled man stepped out, laughing the entire way.

Liz shook her head and thought nothing particular of it as she made her way down the busy street to a diner she saw from the motel. She moaned out loud as she saw three delicious pies sitting on the counter as she came in. She moved up to the counter and sat down. A young blonde woman came over with a menu.

"Thanks," Liz smiled.

"Don't worry about it, honey. I've been there before. Anything you want, on the house," The waitress smiled kindly as she turned and walked away.

Liz's brow furrowed. Been there before…? She looked down at her disgusting, dirty, days old clothing and at her mussed rat's nest hair. She couldn't recall the last time she'd had a shower… Liz was surprised she was allowed through the door looking like a homeless person.

Liz sighed. Though technically she was homeless, having been on the run for months, living out of cars, empty parks and the occasional motel when they could afford it. Except now she didn't even have her car.

She sighed as the waitress came back, "I'll have a hot chocolate, a club sandwich and a piece of your key-lime pie, please."

The waitress nodded encouragingly as she collected the menu and went to get the drink.

After Liz ate the large sandwich, (she suspected that the waitress had asked the cook to make it larger than it was supposed to be) drank down the scalding chocolate and greedily dug into the pie, Liz picked up the jacket that she had dropped on the stool beside her.

The waitress showed up with a white bag and handed it to Liz.

"For the road," She smiled knowingly, ignoring Liz's protests. She collected the dishes and went to the back of the diner.

Liz smiled at the blonde's back before setting down all the money she had left, which covered the food, the extra pie and a generous tip. She quickly exited the diner before the woman could give her back her money and practically ran back to the motel, energy re-charged.

She instantly slipped into her room and headed for the shower. As she stripped off her clothes, she chucked them into the shower to. Might as well wash them…

Two hours later, Liz came out washed, refreshed and more than ready to leave again.

She still had the problem of money and a car, though...

Liz had slowed down and was thinking, not paying a lick of attention to what she was doing when she ran into something, hard.

"Sorry!" a deep voice growled down at her.

Liz looked up dizzily. It was the guy from before, with the car that had almost run her over.

"No, it was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was-" The man suddenly whipped his head to the side as if he had heard someone say his name, thus completely ignoring Liz's apology. Liz followed his look and saw the blonde woman that was with him before. The man suddenly grinned before looking down at Liz again.

"Sorry, bye!" He waved as he ran, faster than Liz had thought possible toward the woman who had sexily grabbed his hand and had dragged him into a room.

Liz shook her head. What were two people who could obviously afford a mustang doing in a dingy motel like this? Unless they had stolen the car… In which case, Liz smiled, it was perfectly okay to steal from them, since it wasn't really there's to begin with… Liz moved closer to the car, already decided. Besides, if the looks the couple were giving each other were any indication, the two of them would not be coming up for air for several more hours. Plenty of time to get far enough away with the mustang.

Liz looked around conspicuously before jerking her hand oddly and then, hearing the clicking sound the car made as it unlocked, opened the door and slid in. She took a quick second to admire the sleekness before using her powers again to turn the car on and then she was on the road once more.

As she drove, Liz thought about the money she didn't have and she longed for the stash of bills she had hidden among her things. If she hadn't been so hasty, she could have gotten clothes and money, maybe even some food.

It was only at the next gas station did she realize that she still had her emergency cell phone.

"Where are you?" Came the gruff voice of Michael as Liz finally gathered the courage to call him. She knew that Max was most likely watching Maria and Kyle's phones, but not Michael's. Plus, Michael was a lot more clever than Max ever gave him credit for; if anyone could get her supplies, he could.

"Penn State," Liz answered as she looked for the nearest sign.

"Fuck, Liz, that far?" Michael actually sounded impressed…

Liz smiled, "Yeah, and I need a favor. Pack my stuff and ship it to me out here, please. I have a roll of money hidden in my black pair of socks, use some of it to get overnight shipping and keep a couple grand for yourself too. Let me give you the address of an empty lot out here…"

Liz ignored Michael's whistle as he saw how much money Liz really did have in that sock as he wrote down the address she gave him.

"Call me when you get somewhere more permanent," Michael ordered.

She smiled fondly, "I will. What will you do now?"

"Probably take off with Maria. Isabel said she might want to tag along and I doubt Kyle wants to stay with Max so…"

Liz nodded. She had figured that once she left, the entire gang would probably split up, "Take care, Michael. Watch out for everyone for me."

He nodded seriously, despite the fact that Liz couldn't see him, "Back at ya, Parker."

Liz felt a tear slide down her cheek as she hung up. It was the end of an era. They had been through a lot together, it was sad to see the group go.

She quickly moved her arm up to wipe away the tear with her sleeve before starting up the engine and parking on a street not too far away. She was far enough that she wouldn't look suspicious, but close enough that she could see when her package arrived.

That night, she fell into a fitful sleep in the back of the mustang. All through the night, she felt as if someone was watching her, but every time she opened her eyes to look, she saw nothing but darkness out there. It wasn't until after four that Liz was finally able to fall into a deep sleep.

Late into the next morning, she heard a car honk right next to her own, jolting her awake. She looked up through rivets of rain to see an angry man in a blue car honking his horn loudly at a small child in a yellow rain coat that was standing in the middle of the road. Liz frowned and was about to get out of the car and help when a woman, the boy's mother, she assumed, ran out the front door of a nearby house and gathered the child in her arms while giving a dirty look to the man in the car.

"Yeah, yeah. Save it, lady!" The man yelled as he gunned the engine and raced down the street creating huge splashes of puddles.

Liz laughed as she patted down her bed-head hair. She reached over into the front seat to grab a granola bar that she had ended up pocketing from the convenience store where she had stopped to make her phone call to Michael. She didn't like that she had to steal, but she had to eat at some point and she had already finished off that delicious piece of pie yesterday while she was still on the road.

She looked up as she took that first bite and saw the UPS truck at the abandoned lot. She stuffed the bar into her pocket and took off her jacket and pulled it over her head to stop the rain as she ran out of the car and toward the driver.

It took a little white lie and a fake ID to convince the man that she lived in the house next door and that she owned the empty lot too before she was able to get her package. She turned around to head back to her car only to find it gone.

"You have got to be kidding me!" She said in disbelief as she ran to where she had parked the car the day before, "Someone stole my stolen car?"

Bite To Bleed / Bite to Bleed / Bite to Bleed

"Are you sure we're in the right place?" A husky voice asked his companion as the two of them strolled down a dark road.

"For the last time, yes. This is where she said that chick that stole our car would be. I can't believe that bitch stole our car!" the woman's fist tightened in anger.

The large man rolled his eyes, "You've got to admit, babe. She's got to be good to steal from us."

The woman said nothing as her scowl deepened.

A few minutes passed with silence before the woman spoke again, "Where the fuck is she?!"

"Chill out, you two," A high pitched voice sounded from behind a tree to their right. The couple turned their head sharply as another female, a brunette, came out from where she was hiding, "Your thief and your car and both right there," She gestured with her head to the mustang that was right across from where the three of them were standing.

"Finally!" The blonde said as she stalked over to the car. She was about to open the door when she realized that the girl was sleeping in the back seat. Her lips twitched in frustration, "Why is she sleeping in our car?"

The man was much kinder about it than his girlfriend, "Is she homeless?" He asked in concern to the brunette.

"I'm… unsure," The woman replied causing her to get looks, "What? I don't know everything, ya know. All I know is that she needs that car for tonight. You can get it back tomorrow while she gets her package."

"Package?" The man asked as the blonde woman scowled at having to wait before getting her car.

"She doesn't have any money," The brunette explained, "She'll be getting money in the mail."

The large man nodded, "I'm cool with waiting. It's not like I'm short on time," The man shared a grin with the brunette, before turning back to his girlfriend, "Babe?"

She looked up, still unhappy before looking down at the woman tossing and turning in the car. For a quick second, he eyes softened as she gazed over brown hair, a soft mouth and pink cheeks. Pain slid over her eyes as she remembered something from long ago, "Yeah, we'll wait."

The woman slipped her hand into his as they moved down the street. Noticing that the brunette wasn't with them, they turned their heads to look back. She was still staring at the girl.

"What's wrong?" The blonde asked, showing real concern.

"I don't know," The woman admitted, "I just feel like… like we won't be seeing the last of Liz Parker. I feel like she's important. Very important."

The man shifted uncomfortably, "Do you want to stick around?" He asked, ignoring the glare that caused him from the blonde on his arm.

The perky brunette smiled, ignoring the other woman's glare, "Oh, can we? Thanks! You're the best big brother ever!" She replied, smiling knowingly, as if she already knew he was going to offer.

The blonde sighed as two sets of pleading eyes hit her simultaneously, "Alright, we can stay. Why not? It's not like we have anything better to do. Like have sex."

The man was already half way to the brunette when he heard the blonde, "Wait! That was an option?"

The blonde smiled mischievously, "Not anymore," She walked to the thick tree which the brunette had already climbed and followed suit until all three of them were there, looking down at the car.

Seconds later, Liz stuck her head out the window and looked around in confusion and suspicion before moving back inside to go back to sleep.

The man let out an unneeded breath, "You don't think she saw us, do you?"

"No, we're very well hidden," The brunette replied, but even still, he brown crinkled in slight worry.

"How long are we watching her?" The blonde asked.

"11.58 am," The brunette replied.

"That long?" The man asked, "What about…"

The woman shook her short, brown hair, "It's going to rain, so we're going to need umbrellas later."

Her two companions nodded because that made perfect sense to them.