"Bite to Bleed"

By Tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, Twilight or Justice

I own Peyton/Lorelai. I made them up and since I love the names Peyton and Lorelai, voila, I had character names.

Pairing: Liz/Edward, Peyton/Tom

Summary- Liz Parker can't take it anymore. She is sick of this alien crap, she thought that after graduation things would get better, but they're just getting worse. She moves to New York for some space and there she meets an odd man in the middle of the night.

Sorry I haven't updated in eternity, especially after I promised, but silly me, I thought that my fall break would be an actual break. It was not. And then I had tests and a few papers and I had to go pick my classes… Well, better late than never, right?

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Chapter Three:

Liz sighed as she checked her cell phone for the third time in twenty minutes. And once more she read the same thing.

No new messages.

She let out a loud grown before flopping down on the back seat of her car. She wished that she'd receive a message from the firm, either yes or no, but the wait was killing her!

Liz sighed and closed her eyes for a few seconds before she turned her wrist and brought it to her face and read her cell phone again.

No new messages.

She allowed all the strength to leave her arm as she felt it fall limply to her side. She felt the rough scrape of her car's floor mats on her knuckles but was too annoyed to move.

They said they'd let her know in two days. Two days! Now, she was sentenced to mope around her car waiting for her damn phone to rin-


Liz stared at her cell phone as if it were some sort of foreign creature. Had she just imagined it-


No, she supposed not. She tentatively pressed answer and held the phone to her ear.


"Miss Parker? Hello, this is Serenity, Mr. Preston's secretary from the GPR&W Law Firm?" The woman asked as she paused waiting for a sign of recognition.

"Oh, yes, hello," Liz replied before mentally bashing herself over the head. 'Oh, yes, hello?' What, was 'I'm a complete moron' already taken?

"I'm calling on behalf of Miss Winchester about the secretarial position you interviewed for?" The woman paused again to wait for confirmation.

"Yes?" Liz asked, holding her breath.

"Congratulations Miss Parker, you got the job. Please be here promptly on Monday morning at 7.30 am for an orientation before starting your secretarial duties at 8. Please wear the appropriate attire required for your position within the company. We'll see you Monday," The woman said politely before hanging up the phone.

Liz let out a breath before it got caught in her throat. She felt… nothing. Was she in shock?

After a few seconds, Liz's body forced herself to breathe before she collapsed back onto the seat.

She got the job.

A large grin worked its way onto her face.

She got one of the most prestigious positions a person can get at GPR&W Law! Liz could literally do anything after one year there. She was vaguely reminded of the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' where one year as the editor's secretary meant you could go anywhere afterward. This position was exactly the same… except, you know. Real.

Liz quickly climbed into the front seat and drove to a little town she had scouted on her way back from the interview. She hadn't wanted to get her hopes up, but if she had gotten the position, she wanted to have someplace to live close to work and now, Liz was glad she had done the scouting.

She couldn't live in the city because it was too expensive. Once she got her pay check, then maybe she'd go looking for a studio or an apartment, but until then, it was an old motel room forty-five minutes outside the city.

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

"It's a week until Christmas!" Peyton sighed as she gripped her hip so hard, she felt the bite of her own nails. She didn't want to show Tom exactly how annoyed she really was.

"I know! I'll be with you on Christmas, I promise! But Ron has the TNT&G annual Christmas party on Christmas Eve this year so I had to take the case to get out of it," Tom tried to explain as he walked out the courthouse doors.

"You'd rather defend a client than bring me to meet your partners," Peyton summarized as she slapped away a hand that was attempting to powder her face.

"Don't say it like that," He replied as he stopped in front of his silver Porsche and leaned on it.

"Why? It's the truth," She scowled as she threw herself in a chair, ignoring the winces and gasps of the people around her as the dress she wore crinkled.

"I'm saving you. Those people, the mingling, Ron," Tom stressed teasingly.

"I want to meet your friends," Peyton sighed.

"Well, I don't know if I'd call Ron a friend…" He trailed off smiling.

She just scowled, "I'm being serious. I feel like you're ashamed of me. Do you not think I'm smart enough? That I can't keep up with you? I went to Law School too!"

The people around her started whispering in shock, but Peyton just rolled her eyes. Why did everyone think she was dumb?

"I know, beautiful. I'm not ashamed of you. I'll introduce you to them. I will," Tom enforced as he felt her skepticism, "Just when there aren't fifty other people around that all want to small talk us to death."

"… You promise?" She asked wearily.

"You know I do," He smiled gently, missing how a passing woman gasped at the striking picture he made.

"And you'll spend Christmas with me?" Peyton made sure.

"I will. Maybe I'll even get to meet that mysterious Aunt you keep talking about," Tom laughed.

Peyton stilled as her smile froze on her face, "Yeah, maybe."

Tom laughed, "Alright, I've gotta go. I still haven't told the others about the case."

"Bye," She replied softly as she hung up. She sat in her chair for a minute, warring with herself about the truth before a sharp command snapped her out of it.

"What are you doing? Stand up! We have a shoot to do!" Eileen snapped as she dragged Peyton to the floor and started snapping pictures of the young model in her vintage styled couture dress.

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

Liz walked nervously to her desk. She had just taken the tutorial and she had never felt so nervous in her life. She sat down in the chair and was shocked by how comfortable it really was. GPR&W really took care of their employees…

Suddenly a beep sounded from the phone in front of her. Liz froze as she stared at it as though it was Death, there to collect her and lead her to the afterlife. After the second beep, she gathered the courage and took that first call…

"GPR&W Law Firm, this is Elizabeth speaking. How may I help you?"

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

"Hey, Tom, it's me. So I decided that waiting around the house for you on Christmas Eve is boring. I called your work and they said you're still trying the case, so I've decided to come watch you in action. I'm twenty minutes out. Love you!"

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

"Where did you go when you left the scene of the crime?" Tom asked as he tried to buy time. The DA had called in a last minute witness and a trial that should have taken an hour ended up taking a good four. A lawyer needed time with a witness and their information in order to come up with a good defense or strategy. He had spent the last four hours asking repetitive questions in an attempt to buy time so that Luthor, his partner at the firm, would be able to dig something up on this guy, but so far, Mr. Allan was a ghost. No arrests, no convictions, no record. Not even a freaking speeding ticket! It was like this guy was a ghost.

Now, instead of spending time with his gorgeous girlfriend, he was tied up here, trying to stop an innocent college kid going to prison for a murder he didn't commit.

"You already asked that. I went home, remember?" The witness answered, slightly condescendingly.

Tom sighed. Luthor was listening in on a device that their friend Linda was wearing, which was more than slightly sketchy, legally speaking, trying to get information that could help Tom overturn this witness and the entire case with it.

"Mr. Nicholson, it's getting to last call here. Wrap it up," The judge said, annoyed with the long wait. It was Christmas, for God's sake. He had better things to do than sit in a cold, stuffy, NYC courtroom.

"Just a few more questions, Your Honor." Tom winced as he turned around to Linda as they murmured back and forth. He glanced up as he turned to continue his examination of the witness when Tom noticed a woman sitting in the back that had not been there before. Tom's lips twitched into a smile as Peyton winked at him.

"Mr. Allan, have you ever been arrested?" Tom asked as he felt an inner rush to get things done and done quickly. Not everyone had a sexy, smart, model girlfriend waiting for them.

"No," Mr. Allan replied.

Tom turned as Linda walked back behind the desk and whispered something to him. Tom turned his head in shock.

"Is he sure about this?" He asked as Linda nodded her head. Tom's eyes moved back to where Peyton was sitting before moving to her side to where a pair of men were sitting, talking to themselves quietly.

Tom turned back to the court before taking a breath and asking one more question, "Mr. Allan, tell me something. What's you NATIS number?"

The DA moved at once, "Objection! Move for the court to be cleared!" She yelled.

"So ordered! Mr. Nicholson, not one more word! Clear the court room!" The judge shouted.

Peyton's face split into a huge grin as a large bailiff ushered her and the rest of the spectators out of the courtroom. She looked over the few others leaving and smirked as he eyes locked on the two men that had previously been sitting a few feet away from her on the bench.

She laughed as she sat down in a waiting chair. That Tom, what a ridiculous guy; he was exposing a government secret just to win a case!

A NATIS number is a number given by the government to a federal snitch. The two men sitting with her before were probably the U.S. District Attorney and the Head of the FBI.

Peyton stood up as the bailiff came out and declared that the court was back in session.

Tom's eyes held a hard, knowing glint, "I'd like to remind the witness that he is still under oath. Mr. Allan… are you now or have you ever been-"

"Don't finish that question!" The DA shouted as she stood up, "Your Honor, the State…" The woman physically winced, "the State moves to dismiss the charges against Mr. Gerard."

The judge sighed, "The charges are dismissed, the jury is excused," He was just happy the pissing contest between the two lawyers was done and he could get home to his wife.

Tom smiled as he went through the motions of shaking the kid's hand as he congratulated him on not going to prison. He glanced around the room, confused and disappointed when he couldn't find Peyton.

He quickly left the courthouse, knowing that the DA was going to be pissed and headed for the party. Hopefully, Peyton would be there. She had never seen him try a case before and he was curious as to what she thought.

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

"Miss Parker!" An older woman of about 40 appeared in front of Liz's desk, "I'd like to speak with you. In my office," She said, gently but still firm.

Liz's eyes widened. This was the ghost Firm Head that Liz was meant to represent at all times. Liz's eyes scanned the woman as she turned on her heel and quickly, almost too quickly, walked back into the office. Liz followed.

This woman was tall. She was currently wearing four inch brown heels which overall made her almost six feet tall. Liz's brow furrowed as she wondered why someone would want to seem that tall when she's already about 5'7, but she shrugged. To each his, or in this case her, own.

Liz walked into a large oriental styled office and sat down in one of the plush chairs that her boss indicated for her to take.

"As we informed you at your interview, now that you work for us, you will be told everything necessary," The woman spoke as she pushed forward a piece of paper, "But first you must sign this confidentiality agreement."

Liz nodded, "Of course," she took the pen and scanned through the paper before signing the bottom.

"Now that the formalities are out of the way, let me introduce myself. I am Mrs. Lorelai Winchester or "W". I have a niece who I absolutely adore and I was briefly married when I was young."

Liz nodded as she absorbed the information given to her, "What happened?" She asked quietly, worried about stepping on toes.

"With my marriage?" Lorelai asked, "What all great marriages have to do eventually. It came to a tragic end before it's time. He was killed about ten years ago today. Car accident," Lorelai snorted a little, "Fitting, I suppose. If he couldn't die with a good woman, he would most certainly have wanted to die with his car. That or fighting."

Liz stared intently at her boss. She had brown hair tied up in a no-nonsense bun. Her face was very beautiful, the slight laugh lines only adding to her appeal. She wore a rather beautiful business suit that Liz felt comfortable saying was probably more expensive than her car.

Liz inwardly rolled her eyes. Okay, five of her cars. She pouted at the piece of crap she was forced to drive.

"And you, Liz Parker? What's so important about you that the FBI is wrapping their knuckles against our door over and over again?"

Liz started. She had no idea… it had been so long… The FBI was still looking for her? She knew they'd always be looking for Max, Michael and Isabel, but for her? As far as they know, she was just the alien's girlfriend…

"I… my boyfriend…" She stuttered.

Mrs. Winchester smiled, "Yes, Max Evans."

Liz's tight, nervous face slackened in shock.

"We are GPR&W, Miss Parker. We make it company policy to know everything."

"Right. Well, Max was in… a lot of trouble. And at the time, I thought I knew everything… I ran away with him. But, there were… secrets. Things I didn't know, whispered around him and his sister and I just… couldn't take it anymore. I left everything for him; my life, school, my future and he just completely… blew me off. So, I left," Liz lied through her teeth. Hopefully, the Firm would pass this on to the FBI.

Mrs. Winchester took a moment to think about the story before nodding in understanding, "That must've been difficult for you. Tell me, where do you live now? Do you still live with your friends? The ones that left with you?"

Liz wasn't surprised that "W" also knew about Maria and Kyle, "No, I'm alone. I don't have a lot of money, so I'm living in a motel outside the city," Liz blushed at the admission.

"Nonsense," Lorelai stated before picking up the phone and dialing a speed dial digit, "Jeorge? Yes, do we have anyone in the suite? The one we host- Yes, that one! Oh? Alright, thank you," She hung up the phone before pulling out a pad of paper and writing something down and handing it to Liz, "This is the address for one of the hotels we rent apartments from for parties or events. Tell them your name at the front desk and they'll give you your room key. You're welcome to stay there as long as necessary."

"No. I can't," Liz protested.

"Yes, you can and you will," Lorelai stated firmly. Noticing that Liz was about to argue some more, she offered this, "How about I take out some money from you paycheck then, as rent or something."

Liz paused in consideration, "The apartment isn't too fancy, is it?"

Mrs. Winchester shook her head, "No, it's rather moderate. Entirely too small for my tastes, but then again, I didn't pick it out, so…"

"We have a deal, then," Liz smiled as Mrs. Winchester got up and Liz followed. They walked out to the office door together.

"Oh, no. Never say that to a lawyer. It causes all sorts of problems," Lorelai whispered with a wink as she waved a tiny good bye and closed the door on Liz's excited face.

"Well… this just won't do…" Lorelai murmured.

Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed/Bite to Bleed

Liz smiled happily as she walked out the office doors after her first day of work. Today had been nerve-wracking for her, but it had ended really well. She liked her boss and she got a new place.

Liz allowed her mind to travel as she trusted her feet to lead her where ever they wanted to go. She hadn't noticed how dark it was already until she reached the edge of brightly lit Central Park. Liz bit her lip in indecision. Should she go in? She always wanted to go see the area? Or should she go home and pack up her stuff so that she could move into her new place tomorrow?

She let out a laugh as she walked in. Who needs responsibility when she felt as elated as she did?

She wandered around a trail, smiling at the cute animals. She didn't notice that after a while, the animals started disappearing until she was already in a secluded area of the park.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She said as she saw a man standing in the clearing by a small little stream.

"Its fine," the mystery man said as he turned around. Liz's breath stuttered as her heart started beating a little bit faster. This man was gorgeous. He had a small smile on his pale face and his hands were shoved in his jeans pockets, "I was just leaving."

"You can stay!" Liz rushed, blushing at how desperate she sounded, "I mean, I walked in on you. I should be the one to go," And she turned around to do just that.

"Wait!" The man called out, "We can both stay. It's not like only one person can be in this clearing at the same time," He grinned.

Liz bit her lip before agreeing and walked closer to him and the stream he was standing by, "I'm Liz Parker," She introduced, holding out her hand.

That man grinned widely before taking it, "Edward. Edward Cullen. Pleased to make your acquaintance," He murmured before he lifted her hand for a small whisper of lips against it, smiling even wider at Liz's enormous blush.