Chapter 1: The News

" I gotta do what?!" Piper screeches, waving her hands around, trying desperately not to blow up her mother.

"You have to marry Prince Leo of England." Patty tells her, bluntly.

"Wait, Leo? As in Leo Wyatt?" Patty nods. "But he's the biggest ass this side of Europe has ever seen!"

"That's not the point. The point is he needs a bride, he asked you, you accepted." Patty says.

"No, me did not accept. You accepted for me. That doesn't count." Piper argues. "And what of the Nexus?"

"It moves when we move." Patty explains.

"Hang on, we? You mean, we're all moving?" Piper asks, in disbelief, Patty nods. "Can't you tell me all the bad news at once? Do you have to keep dulling out for dramatic effect?"

"Piper, listen, I'm doing this for you and your sisters, and I need your help to do that." Patty explains.

Piper sighs. "Does he know that we're witches?" She asks.

"I don't know, but what I do know is we leave in two days and the wedding is in five days."

"Well, I guess I better pack." and with that Piper leaves and goes into her room where all three of her sisters are waiting anxiously.

"Well?" asks Phoebe.

"I'm getting married." Piper says simply, and then plops on her bed, as her sisters squeal in excitement.

"Piper, why do we seem more excited about this than you do?" Prue asks, sitting on the bed beside her little sister.

"Because I have to marry Prince Leonardo Wyatt, you know, after we move into his castle." Piper tells them in a depressing tone.

"You get to marry Prince Leo?!" Shout Phoebe and Paige.

"We're moving to England?!" Shouts Prue.

"Okay, didn't I just answer those very questions?" Piper asks.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure they were rhetorical." Paige laughs, along with her sisters.

Piper thinks about it and replies. "As was mine."

"Sure." Says Phoebe, sarcastically.

Three days later…

"Piper, would you stop talking about it, please? For two seconds?" Prue asks.

"Oh, you mean the fact that in two days, I'm gonna marry the most pigheaded 21- year- old in all of Europe." Piper rants, pacing in her new room at the castle.

"Piper! Keep it down, will you? Walls have ears." Paige motions to the maid on the other side of the gigantic room.

"Oh, come on Paige, it's not like she's gonna tell on me." Piper says, and then gives a half smile. "Besides, he's my fiancée."