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During haruhi's 2nd year at ouran, tamaki finally confessed to her. They started dating, but other than hugging and holding hands, haruhi and tamaki never had an intimate relationship; probably because they were both busy, so they didn't have much time for each other. Haruhi with her studies, and tamaki with his studies and his family's business. To be honest, they look more like "BFFs" than a couple.

After haruhi and the twins had graduated Ouran, tamaki had announced that he will leave for France. There, he will pursue his studies and will have an intense preparation to inherit the Suoh business empire. Haruhi, of course, cannot do anything to stop Tamaki; she knew that this will be for Tamaki's sake. Meanwhile, the their two seniors, Mori and Hunny, had also left the country two years ago, after they graduated. Mori had decided to continue his judo training in China, while Hunny had decided to specialize at culinary arts in Italy. As for the twins, they will go to Paris to pursue their education in fashion.


"Haruhi.. I'm really sorry.."
"You don't have to tamaki.. I wish you the best.."
"I will be back haruhi.. And I promise that I will call you always.."

Haruhi forced herself to smile. She was so sad that Tamaki would have to leave her. Mori, Hunny, Hikaru, and Kaoru had already left her; now, Tamaki will leave soon. She knew that she would burst in tears any minute now, but she decided to stay strong. She didn't want Tamaki to see her crying; she knew that Tamaki would feel guilty for her.

"Haruhi, here..." Tamaki handed her a small pink envelop. "Uhm, I think it would be better if you'll open it later.."
"Oh.. Okay.." Haruhi stared at the letter in her hands. Then, she looked at tamaki. "Thank you Tamaki.. Take care of yourself okay?"
"Hai! You too!"

Few feet away from them was the dark-haired former vice-president of the host club. Apparently, kyouya stayed in Japan because the main office of
their family's business was in here. Wanting to inherit the company, Kyouya knew that it would be the best for him if he stay in here. He had
just finished talking in his cellphone when he looked at his wrist watch to check the time. Kyouya walked towards Tamaki and Haruhi.

"Tamaki, you don't want to be late for your flight now, do you?" the shadow king inquired.
Although Tamaki have a couple of private planes, he had decided to ride in a commercial plane. Tamaki, being himself, was always fascinated with the 'commoners' ways.

"Oh! Thanks kyouya! I almost forgot about the time!" tamaki had shouted excitedly. He turned to Haruhi, "I think I should go now.."
"Well, you should.." Haruhi said with a giggle. No matter how sad she was that time, Tamaki's antics never failed to make her laugh. "Remember, you are not using your private plane this time."

Tamaki just scratched his head, probably out of embarrassment. Then, he looked at Kyouya, "Kyouya.. I will miss you monami! Take care okay?"

"Baka..", was the only response he got from the shadow king. Well, tamaki knew that Kyouya wasn't an expressive type of person. He knew
that Kyouya was just acting to look cold, but deep inside him was a very caring person.

"Kyouya, I have a favor to ask you.." Tamaki said quite seriously.
"Please take care of Haruhi.." Kyouya never saw tamaki that serious before.

"You really want to miss your flight, don't you?" the shadow king smirked.
"Of course not.. Okay! Okay! Bye now haruhi, kyouya.." With that, tamaki turned around and started to walk towards the gate. Before entering, he
looked back and waved at Haruhi and Kyouya. Haruhi waved back at him. 'Take care of her Kyouya...' he thought as he stared at the two. Then,
he proceeded to the gate.


Inside Kyouya's limo, on the drive back to Haruhi's house, the silence was deafening. The two never spoke to each other since they left the
airport. Haruhi was staring outside the window, deeply engrossed in her thoughts. Kyouya took a glance at the small girl beside him. As much as
he wanted to comfort her, he was trying so hard to control himself because it was obviously not his nature to 'care' for someone. But this
girl wasn't just 'someone' for him, this girl is a person which he actually learned to care for; although not in a romantic way. Well, that's what he kept on saying to himself.

The limo stopped in front of Haruhi's house. The chauffer had opened the door for them. Haruhi stepped out, followed by Kyouya.
Haruhi looked back at him and met his gaze.
"Arigato senpai.. I don't know what I will do if you weren't here.."
"Ah.. Don't mention it..", he said in a typical Kyouya-tone.
"Anou.. Senpai.. Do you want to come in?" the small girl asked.
"No.. It's okay. Maybe next time..", he said in a more gentle voice. "I have other things to... attend to."
"Oh okay..", haruhi said while looking at down, obviously feeling sad.
Kyouya felt guilty for this. But he really had some important things to do.

Haruhi looked up when she heard the shadow king cleared his throat.
"But, I would appreciate it if you would prepare a lunch for me tomorrow..", kyouya said. "That is.. If you're not busy."
"No! Tomorrow is fine!", haruhi responded enthusiastically. She really needed a friend by her side right now, to ease the the emptiness she was
feeling. But she wouldn't tell it directly to Kyouya. Of course not. She knew that the shadow king wasn't someone who would pamper her.

Later that night, Haruhi had opened Tamaki's letter to her. Inside it was a picture of them, when they went to a park. Haruhi was wearing her
typical style of clothes, while tamaki was wearing a commoners' type of clothes. They were sitting side by side, with a big smiles on their
faces. They didn't look like a couple, but they looked really happy with each other.

At the back of the letter was tamaki's handwriting,

This is not the end,
This is not good bye,
This is I'll miss you, Till we meet again.


Haruhi felt the tears in her cheeks. She just can't deal with it whenever one of her friends leave her. She had also felt this way when
Mori, Hunny, and the twins had left the country. Now, she was so thankful that Kyouya was still here in Japan. She really hoped that
Kyouya would not leave the country as well..


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