055. ripple

He never did understand her. He wasn't able to, he supposed. It just wasn't in his capability to process and comprehend a silly little girl's sweet-talk.

"I love you, Itachi-san."

To understand such petty words, anyway, were rather useless. He didn't need them. He didn't need these feelings. They were incompetent.

"I love you, Itachi-san."

She wasn't particularly pretty. Her forehead was out of proportion. Her hair was an obnoxious pink. Her strength was brutally inhumane. It was absolutely unnecessary for someone with the likes of him. She was absolutely unnecessary.

I love you, Itachi-san.

He would travel. She would stay in Konoha. It wouldn't work, even if he wanted it to. And it would fall to pieces, like everything in his life did.

(I love you, Itachi-san.)

Sasuke would pound him to a pulp if he ever found out. There's another reason for him to kill his older brother. He stole his most loyal and faithful fan girl. That certainly wasn't a pretty sight.

(I love you, Itachi-san…)

Love? Don't kid him. Uchiha Itachi did not need love. He did not need sentiments. He did not need Haruno Sakura. He did not need anything.

(I love you…)

But then again…he could always try needing her.

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