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Chapter 20

Shadowed Fate

The darkened path to the dungeons was less than enjoying; Harry's forest eyes were blank with lasting fear while Voldemort's mind was set on crumbling his griffin the way he pleased. Only footsteps were heard as Voldemort continued his haste walk, gripping his precious toy closer to himself.

"Please-" Footsteps ceased as the small whimper escaped the Gryffindor's mouth. Crimson orbs narrowed as Harry trembled, fear rising in his chest dramatically.

"Please what, dear Harry?" Jade teared, becoming wide with naïve shock. The grip tightened on the boy who lived and the poor child moaned with agony. Even so, the Dark Lord continued his reflex torture on his grandson.

"P-please…STOP!" A disturbing cracking sound rung through the dungeon hallways, which was quickly followed by a hoarse scream. A smile crept onto the Slytherin's face as he gazed at his breaking grandson. The child was still weeping, leafy eyes closed, hoping that it would all disappear. Instead, Voldemort continued his trek down the dark halls. Moments later, Harry was released from the demon's grasp but, unfortunately, he hit the floor painfully. The child moaned again, opening his eyes. Even though his eyes were now open, he had known that he didn't want to know where he was while they were still shut.

"Hasn't been long, has it; Black?" The cell in front of Harry appeared empty until a shadowy figure made itself noticeable. Darkness covered Sirius Black like a dark cloak, covering his worried expression.

"What have you done with Harry?" Sighing, Voldemort motioned to Harry's still figure on the ground. Sirius followed the Dark Lord's gesture until his eyes rested on his broken godson. A lone whimper was emitted from Harry, making Sirius cringe.

"As you can see, Black, I haven't done anything too serious to him yet," Voldemort's grin widened as the Animagus looked up at his abruptly, brown depths staring at the murderer, "…but that is soon to change." Sirius growled as Voldemort drew his wand, letting his doggish side show.

"Don't you dare-" Before Sirius could finish his sentence, Voldemort whispered soft words which caused the boy who lived to shriek, whom started to continuously fidget on the ground. His pained yells of torment continued, being sounds of pleasure on the Dark Lord's ears. Sirius rushed towards the front of the cell, reaching through the bars to try to protect his godson. Voldemort glared at this, his crimson pits reflecting what seemed to be envy, and he put his wand on the older wizard, soon smirking at the convict's harsh yell. Harry stopped twitching, turning his forests upon his hurting godfather. The boy's depths grew.

"No! Leave him alone! Voldemort!" The Dark Lord stopped. He looked down, watching slowly as his precious grandson stood. Fiery crimson clashed with Harry's innocent emeralds, sending sparks between the two of them. The snake frowned, thin lips pressed tightly together. The boy who lived stood in front of Sirius, arms extended at full length at sides. He glared at Voldemort, ignoring the aching that stung his whole body. The Dark Lord ground his teeth in frustration, trying to discount his jealousy of the petty convict. His ignorance failed.

"What, dear Harry? Would you rather watch your beloved wolf die first? Or your Potion's Master?" A constant ringing filled Harry's mind. The Dark Lord smiled once again, enjoying the disbelief of the griffin's thoughts. He wanted to make this child pay for putting him through such misery…for making his feel so lonely…for making him cry.

He wanted to make Harry feel what he felt…


"Yes. I have Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, and Sirius Black all in my possession. Their fates have already been decided…but I'll give you the honor of deciding who'll die first. What's your choice, Harry?" The child stared at his grandfather, forests lost inside the Dark Lord's scarlet hues. His figure trembled, arms quaking, and his mind faltered.

"…can't you just…take me…instead-?" Voldemort stared at his Harry, not enjoying the gist of the conversation soon to follow. He kept silent though, letting the trembling child continue with his wavering words.

"If I give in, won't you just…let…the ones I love go free?" Something sparked in the back the of Dark Lord's mind. He grew furious.

"No. Do you know why, Harry? It's because it's you, and it will always be you who'll never be allowed to win, no matter the circumstances. But I-" Voldemort took a step closer letting his blackened shadow swallow his grandson's figure, "-I'll be the one winning. I will always win. You can never win. Because you're mine." With that, Voldemort placed one of his large hands on Harry's shoulder, shoving him to his side. The griffin fell to his right, falling on his injured arm. A broken scream coming from the Animagus filled the dungeons. Harry's scream soon followed his godfather's.


o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

At the end of the hall, Remus cringed at Harry's pained scream. Another voice soon followed, belonging to the Dark Lord, and Harry screamed continuously, sending fright through the lone wolf. His figure quaked, mind shattering. He backed up against the cold wall of his cell, crystal depths breaking.


Severus shivered. Looking away from the weeping werewolf, he turned to look in the direction of the screaming, keeping his pitch black eyes from watering. That pained scream of his student would never leave his mind again.

Neither would the laughter of the Dark Lord that soon followed.

Markous shook his head sadly.

/ So much for saving the Dark Lord. /

Footsteps began to approach the trio…and the shadowed fates of all three crept upon them, forcing them all to be lost in the darkened shadows of their futures.

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