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Note: This takes place right after the soul society arc. I have decided to skip the bount arc and the am not going to move into the arancar arc just yet. As stated in the summary, there will be a major hollow invasion and the story will differ quite a bit from the anime.

Yoruichi's thoughts:

It started when we first entered the Soul Society, this infatuation of mine. At first I thought he was crazy, an inexperienced child going up against the guardian of the Seireitei.

Ichigo seemed so reckless. Charging ahead without thinking, or so I thought…

As I watched him take down Jidanbou I realized how effective Kiske's training had been. Though his success was mostly due to his dormant soulreaper powers.

That was when it started…that was when I started falling for him.

At times I was frustrated with him. He could be so childish sometimes, but his underlying determination to save Rukia touched me deep down. I wished that I was in her position…not literally, but I wished that I could have a man who would go to such lengths to save me if I ever got into trouble.

When we entered the Seireitei we were seperated. I searched for Ichigo and finally found him, locked in combat with squad eleven's captain Zaraki.

I was swept off my feet as I watched a teen who had been a soulreaper for less than a year take down the self proclaimed strongest captain of the thirteen court guard sqauds. I then realized that Ichigo was capabale of making the next step, and attaining Bankai.

However, when I saw the dreaded hollow mask that saved him from his encounter with Zaraki, I felt a chill run down my spine. I refused to believe that Ichigo…my Ichigo would ever become a hollow. He was too strong for that.

As I he training progressed I used every excuse to show him my naked body. The fact that he seemed so innocent didn't phase me. I knew that he could never be that innocent, He was just a gentlemen, not some pervert.

As we return to the world of the living I realize that I have a new outlook on life. I thought that I would never need or fall for a man. Kukaku used to tell me that I was too good for any man that I met, and I believed her.

But now…as we return home, I can't help but think about him. Ichigo Kurosaki…I love you.

Ichigo sat up in bed. He was shivering as a cool breeze blew in through his window.

Darn! I knew I should've left the window open. He slowly walked over to the window and closed it shut.

As he stared out that window, Ichigo saw a black cat perched on the roof on the building directly in front of him. The cat seemed to be looking directly at him.

As Ichigo made eye contact the cat bolted away, as if intimidated by his gaze. Ichigo didn't think much of this and went back to bed. He knew he would be in for a rude awakening in the morning.

As Ichigo drifted back into sleep the cat resumed watching him from her perch on the opposite roof.

A few hours later


Ichigo woke up when he thought he heard someone call his name. He recognized the voice clearly. "Yoruichi?"

"Good morning Ichigo!"

Ichigo was shocked as his father slid in through the now open window. His "welcome home" kick missed Ichigo's back by less than an inch.

Ichigo let out a sigh before proceeding to beat up his father. Life was finally starting to settle down.

As he laid back in bed after his first day of the new school year he failed to notice that same cat perched on that same rooftop.

The cat watched Ichigo carefully. When she was sure that he was asleep she leapt into his room. Ichigo had forgotten to lose the window after his dad's morning attack.

Now inside, the cat reverted back to her true form. She was none other than Yoruichi.

Yoruichi hovered over Ichigo's sleeping form, gently stroking his cheek. She bent down and brushed her lips against his, softly so as not to wake him up.

She then whispered in his ear. "Oh Ichigo…I wish you could see…" It was then that she sensed it, a disturbance somewhere. Giving her love one last look, she leapt out the window and returned to her cat form.

Ichigo stirred slightly, but did not wake. "Yor-ruichi…"

Ichigo's dream:

Ichigo was in the hotspring at the place where his Bankai training had taken place. He felt so relaxed in the warm water.

He heard a splashing sound and looked around. His eyes went wide as he saw Yoruichi with the upper half of her body sticking out of the water.

Ichigo turned away and blushed. "You could've warned me Yoruichi!"

Yoruichi smiled innocently and coked her head to the side. "Warned you about what?"

"Don't play dumb! You know!"

She gigled. "Oh lighten up Ichigo. Why not have some fun for a change? Besides, I'm sure you've had a long day and would enjoy some company." She said that last word in a husky tone that made Ichigo shiver.

"I'm not some pervert Yoruichi."

There was no response and Ichigo suddenly felt like turning around. As he did so he came face to face with her.

She gave him no time to react as she pounced on him and crushed her lips against his. When their lips met all his resistence fell apart and he gave in to her demands.

For some reason they didn't need to breath(dreams don't have to make sense). The moans she made as she wraped her arms and legs around him were like music to his ears.

At that moment Ichigo woke up. He was covered from head to toe in sweat and the dream had raised his spiritual pressure to a point where his head deflected his fether's good morning kick and sent the older man out the window.

Ichigo was too preocuppied to notice this as he relfected on his dream. What the hell was that? Was I dreaming…about Yoruichi? Where the hell did that come from?

Shoving those thoughts into the back of his head Ichigo got ready for school.

Ichigo soon realized that life would never return to normal for him, soon after he returned home he met Renji, who had apparently been assigned to the area as well. He had then been tested by Urahara against three mod souls.

Ichigo was currently sitting at his desk in his room. His time after returning home had been more pleasant than usual with his father and sisters out of the house. They had gone shopping, leaving Ichigo to enjoy the peace and quiet.

It was Friday and Ichigo knew the weekend would be fun. He was just finishing up his homework when he heard something at his window. It sounded like a pebble hitting the glass.

Looking out the window he saw a familiar face looking up at him.

"Yoruichi? What are you doing here? Did something happen at the Urahara shop?"

"Why does something bad have to happen for me to come visit you?" Yoruichi watched in amusement as Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you gonna invite me inside?"

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