I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario Part 2

I originally only planned to do one part of this story, but after coming up with countless jokes about what would happen if you had an incredibly retarded name. I decided to same them with you.

Just remember these are only jokes. So don't take me seriously.

Mario Mario? Hmmm…..I wonder what Mario's parents were like?

In a hospital. A woman is giving birth.

Doctor: Congratulations, Mrs Mario! It's a boy! Despite all that crack you smoke. He's a healthy boy!

Mrs Mario: Aw he's so cute! I wonder what I'll name him.

Mr Mario (Entering room) I'm here! Where's the baby?

Mrs Mario: Right here. Hello dear, you're wearing your shirt backwards and your underwear over your trousers again.

Mr Mario: And I see you haven't found a way to stop your drooling habit. Honestly people think we're such idiots,

I wish we could prove we do have brain cells. We may both take drugs but we've still got brains!

Mrs Mario: What do you wanna name him?

A thought balloon goes over Mr and Mrs Mario's heads. They are both clueless.

Mrs Mario: Oh I know a name for him. How about Mario?

Mr Mario: That's our last name dear.

Mrs Mario: Aww...let's give him the name anyway. This thinking is killing me.

Scene Mario in school

Teacher: I'd like to take role call please. Andrew Henderson?

Andrew: Here!

Teacher: Susie Todd?

Susie: Here!

Teacher: Mario Mario?

At this point some students turn and give Mario a strange look.

Mario: Here! (Thinking) Every frickin morning they stare at me, I get how I have a weird name, Get over it!

The teacher continues

Teacher: Luigi Mario? Is Luigi Mario here today? (More students turn to stare at Mario and then Luigi.)

Scene A Hotel room

Mario: I'd like a hotel room for the night please.

Receptionist: Full name please?

Mario: Mario Mario.

Receptionist: Sir, seriously what's your full name?

Mario: I am serious! It's Mario Mario. I'm really tired, do you really think I'd be joking?

Receptionist: Until you take this seriously, you can just leave.

Mario: Goddamnit!

And that continues my reason why I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario. Mario brothers, really how uncreative can Nintendo be?

Why not the Rosso brothers? Or the Vinichi brothers? If I ever meet Shigeru Miyamoto, this'll be the first question I ask him

Why is Mario's name Mario Mario?

Once again I'm only joking around, don't take me seriously.