Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Chapter 1: The Family Turner and the New Commodore's Wish

The day was luminous and peaceful in the quiet town of Port Royal, Jamaica. Outside a large mansion, a little boy of ten years played with a wooden sword in the garden. He was tall and strikingly handsome with long, wavy brown locks, soulful, chocolate brown eyes, and a lovely smile. This boy was no other than William Turner III. William was a spirited boy thrilled by the stories his mother, Elizabeth told him of her adventures with his father, Will Turner and their dear friends, Jack, Guinevere, and Juliet. For three hours every day, he would practice his swordplay and pretend he was on a desperate adventure, like his parents.

"William Jack Hector Weatherby Turner III, come and wash up," called Elizabeth, "You can't go to the new Commodore's promotion as dirty as you are. What would your father say?"

"Yes, Mama," William said obediently, "Why are we going to his ceremony anyway?"

"Your father and James are presenting him with a dress sword," Elizabeth explained.

William sighed; He heard the stories of how men like Cutler and Rupert Beckett used their positions to ruin his parents' lives. He wasn't sure about this new Commodore. "Can't we meet father and James afterward?"

"It is an honor to present a sword, William," Elizabeth said.

"I know, but I'm just…afraid," William sighed.

"My son? Afraid?" Elizabeth chuckled, "Of what?"

"You've told me all those stories of evil men like Beckett that tried to kill you, Father, Guin, Juliet, and Jack. I don't know if this new Commodore can be trusted. I don't want anyone to get hurt or die," William said earnestly.

Elizabeth touched her son's cheek. "You know the stories I've told you. How your father saved me, Jack, Juliet, and Guin. Your father and I won't let anything bad happen like in those stories. There's nothing to fear."

William raised an eyebrow. "Promise?"

"I promise," Elizabeth said, "You know why there's nothing to fear?"

William shook his head.

Elizabeth grinned. "Because nobody messes with your Mama and Father! Come here, you bloody pirate!"

Elizabeth snatched her son and tickled him all over.

William giggled in delight. "Aw, Mama! No! Come here!"

William chased Elizabeth and tickled her mercilessly. "No one messes with William Turner III, either!"

"Indeed," Elizabeth laughed, "Hurry and wash up."

"Are Jack, Guin, and Juliet coming?" William wanted to know.

"No, Guin is too weak and the new Sparrow is due any day now," Elizabeth told him, "Jack has his hands full protecting Juliet, his ship, and his wife. We'll see them soon, after the new Sparrow comes."

"Can we go on an adventure after the ceremony?" William asked.

"We certainly can," Elizabeth told him, "Now, scoot!"

Delighted, William hurried off to wash up and prepare to meet his father.

Meanwhile, at Turner Blacksmith Shop, Will Turner, Bootstrap Bill Turner, and Will's apprentice, James Cardinal, were putting the finishing touches on Captain Jonathan King's sword for the ceremony. After Will's return, the drunken former blacksmith master, John Brown, passed away and the town was in need of a new blacksmith. Will had been known for his gift as a blacksmith and he was given the shop and was immensely rewarded for his work.

James Cardinal was a boy of twelve and he had been Will's faithful apprentice for months after his return. He grew to be a wonderful friend to the Turners, particularly William. Just like his master, James was skilled in his occupation. For a boy of twelve, he had done a magnificent job of helping his master make the sword.

James took a hammer and chisel and etched an engraving on the sword. "Will this suffice, Master?"

William balanced the sword on his finger and flipped it. Then he gazed at the beautiful engraving of his and James's initials.

"Excellent, James! You excel every day!" Will praised.

Bootstrap Bill took the sword from Will and inspected it. "Well done, James. Just like Will, here, you're gifted."

"Thank you Mr. Turner and Master," James said gratefully.

"James, please, call me Will," Will told him.

"And my name is Bootstrap," Bootstrap added.

"Very well, Bootstrap and Will," James said.

Will draped some gold filigree on the handle. "Perfect."

"Do you think the new Commodore will be satisfied with our work?" James wanted to know.

"I think he'll be more than satisfied, James," Will said earnestly.

"I have to agree. With the two most talented young men in the Caribbean making a sword, why be anything but content?" Bootstrap said with a smile.

"Too true," James said smugly.

At noon that day, the entire town gathered to watch Captain Jonathan King be promoted to Commodore. Dressed in their best, Will and James waited to present their beautiful masterpiece of a sword to the new Commodore. Behind them, Elizabeth, Bootstrap, and William watched proudly. James drew the sword and passed it to Will.

As the soldiers marched on to the tune of Rule Britannia, the drums rolled on to signal the arrival of Commodore Jonathan King. He was the full embodiment of a Commodore. He appeared rigid in his Navy uniform. His blue eyes glistened with the determination that should befit a Commodore. Silently, he marched up to Will to accept his sword. Commodore King took the sword and gracefully flipped it about until he was satisfied.

He smiled proudly at Will and James. "This is a fine sword. My compliments, Mr. Turner and Mr. Cardinal."

"Thank you, Commodore," replied Will and James.

After the ceremony, Will and James joined Elizabeth, Bootstrap, and William.

"Father! James!" William greeted.

"William!" Will and James greeted.

Will embraced his son warmly, as did James.

Will turned his attention to Bootstrap and Elizabeth.

"I told you he'd be more than satisfied," Will gloated.

"I thought as much," Bootstrap said in concurrence.

Will turned to Elizabeth. "Good day, Mrs. Turner."

"Good day, Mr. Turner," Elizabeth greeted, holding her husband close, "You were all wonderful. The Commodore likes you. He'll pay you double for weapons, he said."

"Isn't that fine?" Will laughed.

"Mum, can I go on an adventure with James, please?" Will asked.

"You may, but stay only with James," Elizabeth told him.

"There's nothing to worry about, Mama. James and I are strong and no one messes with William Turner III," James reassured her.

"I'm sure you're more than right," Elizabeth said happily.

"All right, boys. Run along, but stay together and come home before nightfall," Will instructed.

"Aye, Father," William said.

"Aye, Will," James said compliantly.

Both young boys scampered off into the crowd.

Elizabeth approached her husband. "Doesn't he remind you of someone?"

"I think he does," Will agreed, "He has my bravery and your wits."

"Precisely," Elizabeth laughed.

"He's a true Turner," Bootstrap commented.

Just then, Commodore King approached Will. "Mr. Turner."

"Commodore King, what a pleasure," Will greeted.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Turner," Commodore said kindly, "If you wouldn't mind chatting with me in private?"

Will turned to Elizabeth and embraced her.

"Told you so," Elizabeth gloated.

"I will see you tonight, dear Mrs. Turner," Will said, kissing Elizabeth's hand, "Keep a weather eye on the horizon."

"I shall, Mr. Turner," Elizabeth agreed with a smile.

Commodore King and Will retreated to the rampart to speak.

"You and your apprentice, Mr. Cardinal, have done a fine job on my sword," Commodore King praised, "You may pass my compliments on to him."

"Thank you, Commodore," Will said graciously, "I hear you've done a splendid job of cleaning up after Lords Cutler and Rupert Beckett. Well done!"

"Thank you, Mr. Turner," Commodore King said appreciatively, "The stench of the Becketts is washed away. Now there is a new task I'd like to accomplish."

"What might that be?" Will asked with interest.

"For many years now, I've wanted to hunt down one man and now I finally can," Commodore King replied with passion.

"Who might this man be?" Will asked.

"I wish to hunt down a certain pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow and anyone who sails with him or affiliates with him in any way," Commodore King explained, "I've heard that Sparrow is the reason for former Commodore Norrington's resignation. There are even rumors that he killed James Norrington, as he was never found after apparently joining Sparrow's crew. That man has run free for too long and I intend to see to it that he is brought to justice and meets the fate he deserves."

Will knew what that fate was and he turned white. He knew Jack was in trouble again.

"I see," he said after a moment's hesitation, "How do you intend to find Sparrow?"

"I will send the greatest of my ships to hunt him down and I won't rest until I have him," Commodore King replied.

Will's stomach turned in knots. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He thought all about Jack, Guin, and Juliet as well as the danger they were in.

"But first, I need weapons, Mr. Turner," Commodore King said, "You and Mr. Cardinal are the best blacksmiths in the Caribbean and thus you can make the best weapons. I need you to make swords, bullets, anything to aid in my capture of Sparrow. For your service, I shall pay you greatly."

"Thank you, Sir," Will said, hiding his dread.

Later that night, Will reunited with Elizabeth and Bootstrap and proceeded to the Turner estate.

"So, tell us all about your chat with the Commodore, Mr. Turner," Elizabeth said excitedly.

"I shall tell you all about it at home," Will said.

Once at the mansion, Bootstrap retired to the parlor and Elizabeth put on a pot of tea. Will paced around the parlor, trying to stay calm as he thought about how to explain his situation. He didn't like the feeling he had about Commodore King. Elizabeth emerged from the kitchen with cups of tea for herself, Will, and Bootstrap and sat with them.

"Tell us about your day with Commodore King, William," Bootstrap told him.

"It was exciting and he was pleased with my work," Will said slowly, sipping his hot tea.

"And?" Elizabeth said expectantly.

"There's something you must know," Will said gravely, "You recall he is willing to pay me double?"

"Yes," Elizabeth said, looking up from her cup, "Why?"

"He's paying me double for more weapons," Will explained.

"Weapons? For what?" Elizabeth asked.

"I have a hunch," Bootstrap said suspiciously.

"Now that he has rid the Caribbean of the Becketts, Commodore King now wishes to rid the Caribbean Sea of one more: Captain Jack Sparrow," Will said grimly.

"How? Why?" Elizabeth gasped.

"He told me he will use the greatest of his ships as well as my weapons and he will kill anyone who associates with Jack," Will replied.

"Does he know about our affiliation?" Bootstrap asked.

"I don't know, but from his proposal, I can guess that he has inkling," Will said.

"What will we do?" Elizabeth asked.

"We remain neutral. No matter our feelings, we mustn't give him any sign of our attachment to Jack," Will declared.

Bootstrap and Elizabeth nodded.

"Are William and James back?" Will inquired.

"No, they've not been back and we've not seen them," Elizabeth said.

"It's nearly dark," Bootstrap observed.

"We have to look for them," Elizabeth declared.

"I've got a bad feeling about the Commodore and I can't have the boys out in the darkness. Let's split up and search for them," Will suggested.

"Aye," Elizabeth and Bootstrap agreed in unison.

In the few hours of the sunset, they scattered into town in search of William and James. Bootstrap took to the docks and searched in the dinghys, ships, or anywhere a boy could fit into.

Will hurried to the bay to ensure that the boys weren't carried off by the tide. "William! James!"

Anxiously, he searched the trees but found no trace of either boys.

"William! James! Where are you?" Will called hopelessly.

Just as the sun was slipping below the horizon, Elizabeth checked every alleyway and consulted with anyone, especially officers, about William and James. No one had seen the boys at all. As the skies darkened into night, Elizabeth regrouped with Will and Bootstrap.

"I've asked everyone in Port Royal, and no one has seen them!" Elizabeth exclaimed worriedly.

"They were no where to be found at the docks," Bootstrap said.

"I couldn't find them at the bay either," Will replied.

"Where are those boys?" Elizabeth sighed.

"It's too dark to continue to search," Bootstrap observed glumly.

"We can't just give up tonight!" Elizabeth protested.

"We won't, Elizabeth," Will reassured her.

"But how Will we find them now?" Bootstrap wanted to know.

"Perhaps by looking," Will said slyly.

Elizabeth looked about, searching every nook and cranny for William and James. Suddenly, she heard a low, painful moan from below her. She looked down to find a shape in the darkness. The shape belonged to no other but James Cardinal. Poor James lay with his eyes closed and in terrible pain. A fresh gash flowed from his head.

"Will! Bootstrap!" she cried loudly.

Will and Bootstrap rushed to her side to find the wounded James.

"In the name of Calypso!" Bootstrap gasped.

"What happened?" Will asked in shock.

"I don't know. I found him like this," Elizabeth replied, pressing a handkerchief to James's maimed head and folding her coat under him, "From the looks of it, he was beaten and left here to die."

"Who would do such a thing to a boy?" Will gasped in horror.

"A scum," Bootstrap replied.

James moaned and opened his eyes. "Elizabeth? Will?"

"Shhh," Elizabeth whispered gently, "It's me, James. It's Elizabeth."

Will took the boy's hand. "Easy now, lad. Everything's all right now, James."

"It hurts!" James groaned.

"Hold on, James," Will comforted.

Gingerly, Will hoisted James up and carried him to the hospital. Elizabeth banged on the door.

A young handsome doctor opened the door. "What is the emergency?"

"A boy's been attacked and needs help immediately!" Bootstrap addressed urgently.

"Bring him in right away!" the doctor said.

With great haste, Will flew in the door with poor James. Elizabeth and Bootstrap followed behind as James was laid on a bed and observed by the doctor.

"That's one nasty knock to the head, that is!" the doctor explained as he applied pressure to James's head.

"Will he be all right?" Will asked in concern.

"He's badly hurt, but he'll make it," the doctor reassured him, "He's a strong lad. No reason to fret."

"Oh, good," Elizabeth sighed in relief.

"What will happen now?" Will wanted to know.

"He'll stay off his feet until that gash on his head heals," the doctor explained, "No need to worry, Mr. Turner. Your apprentice will be back with you in no time."

"Thank you for your help, doctor," Will said appreciatively.

"Glad to help, Mr. Turner," the doctor said graciously.

"Can we stay with him for a bit?" Elizabeth asked.

"You may, but only for a moment, and you may return in the morning," the doctor told him.

Elizabeth, Will, and Bootstrap took a seat on the bed beside James.

"What are we going to do, Will?" Elizabeth asked, "Where's William?"

"I don't know," Will said glumly, "He'll be all right. He's the son of Will and Elizabeth Turner."

Elizabeth smiled. "He's so like you."

Just then, James stirred and moaned as he woke. "Elizabeth? Will?"

"Yes, James," Will replied gently, "We're here. It's all right."

"William?" James asked worriedly.

"We can't find William, James," Elizabeth told him.

"William! He's gone!" James gasped.

"Do you know what happened?" Bootstrap asked calmly.

"William and I were going back home, but we were cornered…soldiers all of a sudden attacked us and we tried to fight them. There was a man…I never saw his face. He was holding a sword to William and I tried to stop him. I don't remember anything after that," James explained in dread.

Will nodded gravely. "I see."

James was in tears. "I'm sorry, Will! Elizabeth! I tried to protect him! I failed him and now he's gone! Forgive me!"

Will took James's hand. "Easy, lad. Relax, my friend. It's all right."

"No, I should've stayed close to William! He's gone because of me!" James cried.

"It wasn't your fault, James," Elizabeth whispered soothingly, "It was their fault. None of this was your doing. It's all right."

"I have to save him," James declared.

"No you don't!" Elizabeth protested.

"I didn't save William. I must save him," James replied.

"You're not in the proper condition to travel, James," Will said, "We will find William. It's all right."

"James is my best friend. I can't lie here while he's in trouble!" James argued.

"I'm sorry, James. You must stay here," Will declared remorsefully.

"Please, James. Just rest. You need to regain your strength," Elizabeth told him.

"I understand, Elizabeth," James replied.

James closed his eyes and sleep took him. Elizabeth, Will, and Bootstrap left the hospital and retired to their house. None of them could sleep knowing that William was kidnapped and plotted to save him.

"Where do we begin to find William?" Elizabeth whispered.

"I don't know, Elizabeth," Bootstrap replied.

"I think I have a hunch, but I don't like it," Will declared.

"Who do you think could've attacked the boys, Will?" Elizabeth asked.

Will hesitated before he spoke. "Commodore Jonathan King."