All That Matters

It's two o'clock in the morning and you're eating Lucky Charms in Metis' kitchen when you realize you might be in love with him.

Oh sure, you know that the whole almost obsessive need to be forgiven for the sucker punch thing and the latest 'kissing him in the library' scenario should have given you a pretty big hint, and it did really, but that was more 'Wow, I think I like him a lot more than as a friend', and now while you two eat cereal at an ungodly hour because you were too busy playing Counterstrike to bother eating earlier, you think it might be even more than that.

You try not to snort at the reason behind your sudden epiphany, which included Metis picking out all the marshmallow charms from your bowl while he thought you weren't looking, and the fact that you didn't react in your usual manner, ergo, some kind of 'jock-like violence', which was kinda surprising considering you only ate Lucky Charms for the marshmallows. But you simply pointed out that you mysteriously got a bad bowl and Metis retorted with a comment about company conspiracies, and you just laughed and ate your plain cereal bits because it was okay as long as it was Metis. But that wasn't the end to your revelation, oh no. When Metis finished up his bowl by burping loudly and wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, you didn't think 'ew gross' or even 'ha, good one', you just thought 'how typical' and smiled a little and really wanted to kiss him. You don't know if that's normal, but it seemed right to you, so who cared if other people thought you were weird? As long as Metis still looked at you that way, still half smiled, half smirked at you when you would stupidly tell him how sexy that was in an almost but not really sarcastic way, nothing else mattered.

And when he leaned over and pressed his lips to yours, tasting like synthetic sugar and artificial flavoring, you knew he felt the same. And that's all that really mattered.