You guessed it! This is the sequel to SANGO'S PLAN. Warning: This story may contain a lot of flash backs. I know that I was supposed to have this out sooner but I kept changing the plot and finally settled on this one. I hope you like it. Oh and since this is out now that means another one of my stories is coming to an end I bet you can't guess which one it is!


"Shh you're being too loud," he whispered huskily into her ear. Sango's reply was just another moan. He smirked and kissed her neck. Right where she liked it, near her ear but slightly under her jaw. Her soft hands went up his naked chest causing him to groan in longing. His hands went up her shirt touching all over while they slowly made there way up. Her hands came back down and wrapped around his waist pulling him closer. They went down and shyly ran along his waist ban.

"We would be screwed if your mom came in," he chuckled. She nodded in agreement. That made her kind of nervous. She never did this with Miroku while her mother was still in the house. But it was so hard to say no to Bankotsu especially when he was being seductive and pouting at the same time. He was irritable.

He shifted between her legs and she moaned again. He chuckled again and lifted her shirt off her. He groaned when their stomachs made contact and just like him she wanted to feel more skin on skin contact.

The music was pounding so loud that she barely understood what he had said. When she just stared at him he grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. Sango blushed. Dancing with him was like having sex in public. He had an excited smile on his face as he turned towards her. She bit her lip and allowed him to bring her closer. His hands went around her waist and rested just above her butt. Her arms wrapped around his neck. He lowered his head and nuzzled into her neck. His warm breath made her sigh.

It was a fast song yet he grinded into her slowly as if he was savoring each moment. She couldn't help but notice that he did this when they had sex too. He would take it nice and slow which she didn't mind. She had a feeling that it was the gentle side that he rarely let people see. She felt him lick his lips then him placing small kisses on her neck. She closed her eyes.

She loved him.

He took his cigarette from behind his ear and placed it between his lips then dug in his pocket for his lighter.

"Are you really going to ruin this moment by smoking?" she asked softly. They were cuddling on the swing in her backyard staring up at the stars under a warm blanket. She was nuzzled into his side while his one arm wrapped around her shoulders. His other arm was draped over the back of the swing. He thought it was too mushy but she thought it was romantic. She convinced him into coming out by mentioning something about touching her under the blanket. She wasn't surprised that he basically raced her out there.

He looked down at her then sighed.

"Fine," he sighed. She gave him small pout.

"Don't be that way. Besides I thought I was your nicotine?" she asked innocently batting her eye lashes up at him. He gave her teasing smile.

"So are you saying that I can have you when ever I want you?" he asked arching an eyebrow. She blushed slightly and looked away.

"Only when you're a good boy," she mumbled. He laughed before he attacked her. He spit out his unlit cigarette and crushed his lips to hers. She giggled but squealed when the swing rocked back and they fell forward. He grunted as she fell on top of him. She laughed but stopped when he cupped her face in both his hands. His face was serious and she could see the emotions swimming in his blue eyes.

"I love you," he whispered. She blushed. It wasn't the first time he had said it but that didn't mean her heart didn't race when he did. Before she could reply he pulled her face down and kissed her again.

Sango shot up panting slightly. She ran her hand throw her slightly damp hair. She looked to the man lying next to her before she got out of bed. It was 5:30 in the morning. This was getting ridiculous. It's been five years and she was still dreaming of him. She slowly made her way to the kitchen. Turning on the coffee burner she went out side to get the newspaper.

By the time she returned the smell of coffee filled the kitchen. She sighed as she poured herself a cup and added 5 teaspoons of sugar and poured in a little bit of milk since they were all out of cream. She sat down at the table and tried very hard to think of the paper she was reading instead of the man still racing through her head. She jumped when a hand suddenly landed on her shoulder. Her husband smiled down at her.

His blond hair was messy and his green eyes were sleepy but he was smiling. She smiled back. He sat down in the seat next to her.

"What's wrong this time?" he asked. She sighed again.

"I just had a bad dream," she mumbled. He arched a blonde eyebrow.

"You've been having these nightmares for a few weeks now Sango. Maybe we should take you to see someone about that," he said stroking her hair. She rolled her eyes.

"I don't need to see anyone Daren," she mumbled. He shrugged. Sango turned towards the entrance of the kitchen when she heard small feet coming closer. Sure enough her daughter came in. She had her brown teddy bear in one hand and was rubbing her eye with the other. Her shoulder black hair was messy and she was pouting slightly.

"Hey honey what are you doing up so early?" asked Sango. Her daughter came to her and effortlessly climbed into her lap. She stared up at her with big blue eyes.

Just like his.

"Me and Mr. Teddy woke up and couldn't go back to sleep," she said. Sango smiled.

"Well that's okay. We're going to grandmas today so why don't you go pick out an out fit," she said. Her daughter nodded and jumped down. She smiled at her mother before she disappeared back out the kitchen. Sango smiled and looked up at Daren who was trying to hide his laughter.

"What?" she asked.

"You know Faith has a very bad fashion sense. She's going to pick out some thing horrible and you're going to have to break it down easy as to why she can't wear whatever it is she's going to pick," he said. Sango smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I just want her to have some fun while picking out outfits even if it's terrible," said Sango. Now Daren nodded. He stood up.

"I better get ready for work," he said. He kissed her on her forehead before he also disappeared out the kitchen. Sango sighed. She didn't like being alone. When she was her thoughts always wondered to him.

"Let's go Faith," called Sango. Her daughter came down the stairs a few minutes later a pout firmly on her lips. She was upset that her mother once again denied the outfit that she picked out. Sango wanted to laugh and call her childish but she was a child. She was only five.

Sango buckled Faith into the car seat before going around to the driver's seat and also getting in. The drive to her old house was silent and once again Sango got lost in her thoughts. Once she was pregnant with Faith her life was over. Her mother helped of course while she finished her last year of high school but after that she began searching for a man. Someone who could help her take care of her baby.

He had left promising to come back. He left before she even knew she was pregnant. She had faith that he would come back to her. After all he promised… After two weeks of him being in Texas all contact stopped. She couldn't get in contact with him, Jakotsu or the sick mother he went down there to see. He had left her. He abandoned her and there was no way that she was going to go down there and search for him. Her pride wouldn't let her. Even when she found out that she was pregnant she refused to go in search of him. If he wanted to come back then he would.

She shook herself from her thoughts as she pulled up to her mother's house. It's very dangerous to get too deep into thought while driving. She got out and got Faith who was singing some random song and playing with a hair clip she most have found on the car seat.

"Is Uncle Kohaku going to be here?" she asked.

"I don't see why he wouldn't be," mumbled Sango as she set Faith on the ground and took her hand. Kohaku was now in his junior year of high school. He use to really look up to Bankotsu because he was the only male model in his life. After Ron her mother barely hooked up with anyone. She made them her number one priority. Sango could see a little bit of Bankotsu in Kohaku sometimes. Like the way Kohaku cuts grass is the same way Bankotsu taught him when he was younger. Or how Kohaku sometimes wears his hair into a braid before he goes to bed because Bankotsu said it would be healthier for his hair.

Sango entered the house with out knocking. She could smell spaghetti cooking in the kitchen. She arched an eyebrow. It was 8 in the morning and her mother was cooking spaghetti, weird choice for a breakfast food. She followed the aroma into the kitchen and sure enough her mother was at the stove.

"Grandma!" called Faith. Her grandmother turned around and Faith raced into her arms. She spun Faith around before pulling her close into a hug.

"What are you two doing here?" she asked. Sango sighed and sat down at the kitchen table.

"I was hoping that you could watch her for the day so that I can go out with Ayame and Kikyo?" she asked. Her mother sighed but nodded. She smiled at Faith who was still in her arms.

"I swear she looks more and more like her father every day," she said. Sango groaned. It was true that Faith looked more like her dad then herself. That was why every now and then Daren would ask who her father was and Sango would always reply that he was no one important even though he was.

He was very important.

"I know and speaking of her father I've been dreaming about him a lot. It's almost like he's doing it on purpose like he's forcing himself into my mind and he won't leave me alone," mumbled Sango. Her mother put Faith down.

"Why don't you go find Uncle Kohaku while your mom and I talk?" she asked. She smiled when Faith nodded enthusiastically and rushed out of the room. She took a seat next to her daughter and took her hand in a comforting gesture.

"Honey have you ever thought that maybe you just miss him?" she asked softly. Sango frowned.

"I don't miss him. He left me with out even a goodbye! I do not miss him. I refuse to miss him," she growled and tried every hard to stop the burning in her eyes. It's been five years! She was not going to cry over him. Her mother gently ran her thumb over Sango's knocks. She could see the tears building up in her eyes.

"Maybe something happened and he couldn't get in touch with you. Bankotsu loves you Sango. I could tell the moment that you two started dating that his feelings were deep for you. It actually scared me because I didn't think that you were ready for the commitment he was about to get you involved in. But I let it play out and as the weeks went by I could see his love for you growing. I know that he loved you way too much to purposely hurt you. Something must have happened because I believe that he would never do that to you. I think that he would be very upset to find out that you lost your faith in him," said her mother. By now Sango had silent tears running down her eyes.

"Do you think he's d-dead?" she whispered softly wiping her tears. Her mother gasped.

"Oh heaven's no. Now if that happened we would definitely know. Something bad might have happened that he doesn't want you to know about or it might be something that will hurt you. I have a feeling though that he will come back to you," she said. Sango pulled her hand from her mother's grasp and crossed her arms over her chest. A pout came to her face.

"Well if he does come back I'm not welcoming him with open arms," she growled. Her face fell. "Besides I'm married now and I have a family to think about," she mumbled. Her mom snorted.

"Yeah his family," she mumbled.

"Mother!" gasped Sango. For some odd reason it made her blush in embarrassment that her mother would say that. Her mother rolled her eyes.

"Think about it Sango who do you love more? Bankotsu or Daren?" she asked. Sango bit her lip.

"I don't know," she mumbled. Her mother shook her head.

"Here's a question for you. Why don't you let Faith call Daren daddy?" she asked. Sango was stuck again.

"Because Daren isn't her father," she said.

"True but if you thought that Bankotsu was never coming back or if you truly hated Bankotsu for leaving you then you would let that girl call Daren her father," she said. Sango buried her head into her hands. Her mother was right.

Completely, absolutely, and utterly right.

"I can't forgive him for leaving me like this mom," she mumbled through her hands.

"Maybe you should wait for his side of the story before you go unforgiving for the rest of your life," she said. Sango groaned.

"What if he never comes back?" she asked.

"Then you can never forgive him," laughed her mother. Sango groaned again. Kohaku entered the kitchen with a laughing Faith in his arms.

"You guys talking about Bankotsu?" he asked. His voice was deeper now and it kind of made Sango proud. He could have had a voice higher in pitch like her old math teacher…

"How did you know?" asked their mother. He shrugged.

"The atmosphere I guess," he mumbled.

"Whose Bankie koo?" asked Faith. Although she seriously pronounced his name wrong they all knew who she was talking about. It was silent and Faith frowned when no one answered her. Sango stood up and took her from Kohaku's arms.

"You're too big to be carried around," she mumbled as she set the girl on the floor. Faith added a pout to the frown.

Sango smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"You're going to be staying with grandma for a few hours while I go out with Aunt Ayame and Aunt Kikyo okay?" she said softly. Faith made a little whimpering noise.

"I wanna stay with you mommy," she whined pulling on Sango's leg. Sango shook her head.

"No you're staying here," she said sternly. Faith whined some more and stomped her feet preparing to start a tantrum.

"Cut it out or I will not pick you up later," she growled. Faith let out one more whine before she sat on the floor and crossed her arms over her chest a firm pout on her face. Sango sighed.

"Stop being such a drama queen," said Kohaku. She poked her tongue out at him. Kohaku did it back. Sango placed her hands on her hips.

"So you taught her that?" she growled turning to give a stern look to her younger brother. Kohaku laughed nervously.

"Who me?" he asked dumbly. Sango rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to call the girls," she mumbled as she exited the kitchen. She pulled out her cell phone as she entered the living room.

Sango bent down and kissed Faith on her forehead.

"I'll be back soon okay? Just wait for mommy," she said. Faith frowned but nodded.

"I love you mommy," she said softly. Sango smiled and kissed her again.

"I love you too baby. Be good for grandma," she said. Faith nodded again. Sango said goodbye to her mother and brother before she was out the door. She drove to the café where she was to meet with the other girls.

She was the first to arrive. She ordered a lemonade and slid into a booth. She saw Ayame and Koga in the parking lot. She watched as Ayame kissed her three year old son on the forehead and also kissed Koga before she made her way to the café. She waved to Sango through the window.

Ayame and Koga got married a year after high school. Since they both got into their family business they thought there wasn't really a need to go to college which Sango thought was stupid but hey it was their lives. A year after that they had their first kid, Zach. He had Ayame's red hair and Koga's blue eyes. A beautiful combination if you asked Sango.

Ayame entered the café with a bright smile. Her red hair was out and flowing around her. Sango smiled. She seemed so happy now. Sango could remember when Koga proposed. Ayame was brought to tears. She couldn't speak which made Koga nervous but when she nodded he sighed in relief as well as everyone else.

"Hey," said Ayame as she slid into the booth next to her. She didn't sit a crossed from her because she knew Kikyo was going to need all the space she could get. Sango smiled.

"Hey," she said in return.

"There's Kikyo," said Ayame pointing to the brunette struggling to get out her car. Inuyasha rushed around and helped her.

"Whoa she's huge!" cried Ayame getting the attention of some of the people in the café. Sango tried to hold in her laughter. Kikyo was pregnant.

With twins.

They watched as Inuyasha helped her wobble to the café. She gave them a small smile as they came closer. They got married after Kikyo attented a two year college. Inuyasha refused to go to college for some odd reason. Ayame didn't say anything about her size even though she really wanted to. She knew what it felt like to be as big as a horse. She almost killed Koga when he asked if she could get any bigger.

"Hey guys," she said.

"Hey," they both said. Ayame gestured to the empty side of the booth. Inuyasha snorted and grabbed a chair from another table.

"Like she would fit," he mumbled. Kikyo elbowed him in the stomach. He winced but didn't rub his stomach until she was lowered gently into the chair. He sank into the booth.

"May I ask why you guys needed to meet up?" he asked.

"We haven't done this in a while. I'm glad you called Sango," said Ayame.

"Me too," said Kikyo.

"That doesn't answer my question," said Inuyasha looking to Sango knowing now that she was the one who planned this. She smiled.

"I missed you guys," she said softly. Kikyo frowned. Something was wrong. Something had her upset.

"Inuyasha why don't you leave and let it be just girls for a while," she said turning to her husband. He snorted.

"I'm not leaving you," he said. She gave him a small smile.

"We'll take care of her," said Ayame.

"Yeah we have her. Besides since we've both been pregnant we know what to do with a pregnant woman," said Sango. Inuyasha growled something but stood up.

"Fine, call me when you're ready to come home," he mumbled as he bent down to peck her lips. She gladly kissed him back.

"I'll see you in a few hours," she said. He mumbled something then was out the door. Kikyo turned back to Sango.

"Is there something you want to tell us," she asked. Sango tried to smile.

"You can read me like a book can't you Kikyo?" she asked softly. Kikyo nodded with a forced smile of her own. Ayame arched a red eyebrow. She could sense that something was bothering Sango but she wasn't so sure she wanted to force it. Leave it to Kikyo to not beat around the bush. Sango sighed.

"I keep dreaming of Bankotsu," she said softly. Ayame bit her lip. It didn't matter where Bankotsu was or how long he's gone he will always have an affect on their poor little Sango.

"How do you mean?" asked Kikyo.

"I keep dreaming of the past. Of things that already happened between us," she said.

"Maybe you just miss him," said Ayame. Sango frowned.

"That's what my mother said," she said.

"Maybe he's close," said Kikyo. Sango snapped her gaze to Kikyo. She was serious.

"What do you mean?" asked Ayame. Kikyo sighed.

"You two loved each other so much that maybe his close presence is affecting you," said Kikyo. Sango felt her heart beat speed up in her chest. She placed her hand over it as if it would help slow it down. Her cheeks felt very warm all of a sudden. Bankotsu…might be close. The thought made her dizzy. Ayame placed her hand on her back.

"Sango? Are you okay?" she asked softly. Sango took a few deep breaths before she nodded her head. She needed a distraction, something to get her mind off him.

"Let's go shopping," she said suddenly. The girls stared at her like she grew another head.

"Please I just don't want to think about him right now," she said. They relaxed slightly but nodded. Sango grabbed her lemonade and stood up.

Shopping was more fun then she thought. Being with her friends really did take her mind off him. She entered her mother's house without knocking one again. Her brother and Faith were putting a puzzle together on the floor while her mother was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels.

"Mommy," cried Faith as she ran towards her. Sango smiled and bent down to catch her daughter before she had a head on head collision with her knees. She hugged her.

"Hey honey," she said.

"Did you have fun?" asked her mother. Sango nodded as she came further into the living room. She sat next to her mother with Faith in her lap. It was getting dark outside now. It was around 8:30. She needed to get Faith home. It was almost her bedtime.

"I should get Faith home," she said. Her mother nodded. Sango said goodbye to her family for a second time that day before she left. She put Faith into her car seat. They weren't even half way home before she was sleeping. Sango smiled. Kohaku most have worked her to get her so sleepy.

Sango was gentle as she took her from the back seat. She took her upstairs and changed her into her night clothes. She stirred every now and then but didn't wake up. Sango silently promised to give her a bath in the morning. She sat on the edge of her daughter's bed stroking her hair gently. So it was true…she did miss the father of her baby.

Sango took a long hot shower before she went to her room. Her husband was already in bed. She climbed into bed next to him and reluctantly fell asleep.

He smirked as he gently kissed her stomach, slowly going lower. Sango closed her eyes and placed her hands on the back of his head encouraging him. His hands gently rubbed her sides relaxing her further. He licked his lips and continued to go lower. She tensed suddenly when he went below her belly button.

"Relax," he whispered.

"H-how far are you going down?" she asked. His smirk grew.

"Just relax and watch," he mumbled against her skin. She bit her lip and tried to stop the racing of her heart and the blush coming to her cheeks. He continued. Going lower and lower…and lower. She gasped.

Sango shot up so fast she lost her balance and fell off the bed. She lied there for a moment tying to catch her breath. She placed her hands on her hot cheeks. She bit her lip. Her whole body was responding to that dream. She sat up and looked over the bed. It was empty. She looked to the clock. It read 10:33 am. Daren was at work. She sighed. Good because she was probably moaning in her sleep.

She checked on Faith who was still sound a sleep but knowing her Sango was sure she would be waking up soon. She took a shower to try and calm down her body. When she got out the phone rang. She went into her bed room to answer it.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Sango honey?" asked her mother on the other end. She didn't sound so good. She sounded excited but worried at the same time.

"Mom what's wrong?" she asked. She didn't like the feeling that was starting to bubble at the pit of her stomach.

"I think you should come here now," she said. Sango's eyes narrowed.

"Why? Mom is something wrong?" she asked again.

"Now Sango," she said before hanging up.

"Fine," she mumbled. She woke up Faith. Giving her a very quick bath they headed back to her mother's house.

"But we were just there yesterday," said Faith from the back seat.

"I know but grandma wants to see me," she said.

"But she saw you yesterday," she said.

"I know Faith we'll see what she wants when we get there okay?" asked Sango looking at her daughter through the review mirror. Faith frowned but nodded.

Sango took Faith's hand as she set her down. She had a very nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach and for some unknown reason her heart was racing and her face felt warm. Her palms felt clammy and sweaty. She opened the door. She could hear voices coming from the living room.

When she entered the living room it was like time stopped.

Her mother stopped talking…

Kohaku gave her a worried look…

And her eyes landed on him...


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