No Rest For The Wicked

By: Beccatdemon13


Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except for Jackson Samuel Darley and Rosemarie Lux Darley as well as anyone you don't immediately recognize. Please don't sue. You'd only be getting about seven weeks of minimum wage. What? Don't look at me like that High School ain't a paying gig you know. But god I wished it was. Beccatdemon13 now will go off to fantasize about being paid to go to school. Oh, right, the story! On we go…

Synopsis: Do you know what hell is? I do. It's not fire and brimstone. Nope, it's watching your hopes wither away and die in front of your very eyes.

Author's Note: Inspiration can be such a bitch sometimes. One day I feel like I can't write at all and sometimes the ideas can't stop coming. I hope you enjoy this story it's different from anything I've ever written before. Also please know that this story will have heavy cursing, drug use, underage drinking, and there may be sex, who knows? Just keep these warning in mind. Thank you. And, as always please, please, please, review! Character concepts are in my profile. Also, Jax Darley is based loosely on Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. If you haven't seen it you should: it's awesome!

Chapter One: Sweet Temptation

"The thing about blood, family, it's always there. You can hate each other, you can want to kill each other. But you never stop loving each other."

Why in the world was it always chaotic in this fucking diner? The Black Label diner wasn't as fancy as it sounded. We served the bare essentials and some twists on the classics but people just kept flocking back for more. That went to show that in South Boston nothing was ever what you expected. For one the diner was owned and operated by the Black Label Society, a ruthless gang that controlled almost everything that went on in South Boston. They had their hands in the government as well as in the drug and ammunitions business. If you crossed them you were dead it was that simple.

The Black Label Society otherwise known as the BLS was governed by two ruthless individuals. Jax and Billy Darley were the brains behind the inner workings of the Black Label Society. Most people quaked in fear at the mere mention of these two that's because the Darley name was well known but these two pushed it into infamy at least as far as South Boston was concerned. Billy was the brawn, talented at being able to intimidate anyone. Billy was six foot three and had the most expressive green eyes. He had broad shoulders and a shaved head that made it nearly impossible for him to blend into society. A tribal tattooed wrapped around most of his upper body.

While Billy was the brawn his older brother, Jax was the brains. Unlike Billy who used his intimidation tactics to his extreme advantage; Jax chose a more charming approach. choosing to blend in. Granted Jax still had the Darley temper, which could be described as explosive to say the least. Jax had control of the finances and the best ideas on how to expand the BLS empire.

Jackson 'Jax' Darley was thirty years old. He was six foot one with blond hair and dark green eyes. Jax was most likely the only Darley that could've made it out of Boston and done something with his life but he was never going to leave his siblings behind. Jax was the calming force in the Darley clan but he wasn't afraid to use violence or guns to save anyone he viewed as family. That fact alone made him more dangerous then anyone in the Black Label Society combined.

Jax and Billy weren't the only ones that people had to worry about. There was also Bones' Darley the patriach of the Darley clan. He was more of a boss then a father having his children running all over Boston selling his drugs. The worst part was that Bones' felt like he was owed something because he was the one who gave the BLS their territory.

But Bones' didn't have only two children he had four. The other two were a bit under the radar but they were not to be underestimated. The youngest Darleys were different then their older brothers in that they were fraternal twins and they were still in high school or at least one of them was. Joseph Darley was the youngest boy of the Darley Clan. He was eighteen years old and six foot two; he also had dark green eyes. He hated the fact that his brothers attempted to keep him out of the family business when he wanted nothing more then to be apart of it. He didn't need to be sheltered in fact sheltering him seemed to put an even bigger target on his head.

The youngest of the Darley clan was yours truly. My name was Rosemarie Lux Darley. Most people called me Rose or Lux. I was eighteen years old and five foot seven. I had light blue eyes and light brown hair. I was the double standard of the family I was the one that was protected by all my brothers but surprisingly Joe was the most protective. I should've been in school but I had dropped up the summer before my junior year. Jax didn't like it but I had convinced him that it would be more beneficial.

It was my idea that gave the Darley family and our allies fronts during the day and alibies if need be. The first was the auto body shop that the asshole otherwise known as my father owned, the other one that Four Roses a bar that was a meeting place and a safe house for the gang. The last one was the diner where I was currently working. This one was my baby I had the controlling shares and it was also the most successful of the three.

The lunch rush was hands down the busiest time of my day. People from all over Boston came to my little diner, so many people that we ended up having to close the doors more often then not. It had finally just slowed down so I decided to take my cigarette break. That was another bad habit I had picked up from my brothers. I sighed as I leaned against the brick building. My life was far from slow and almost nothing was safe.


I spun on my heel a glare already settling over my features as I looked over at the beginning of the alley way. Rowan Jaminson, my boyfriend and yet one of my brothers enemies. Rowan was a member of the Hall, a rival gang and since Billy had found out that I had not only met him but we were dating I've been forbidden to see him. You can see how well that's worked out. I tried to listen to my brothers, I wasn't stupid and knew it was in my best interest but it was harder when the object of your affection kept coming back for more but the fact that he was off limits just made it just that much worse.

"You trying to get me killed?" I demanded. "You can't be here."

"What's wrong, Lux?" Rowan asked.

"The fact that my brothers will kill you if they find you on their territory?" I scoffed. "But that's nothing."

"They're not even around here," Rowan soothed.

"Oh, yes they are," I retorted. "The three of them are upstair sleeping and have been for quite a while."

"I miss you," Rowan whispered.

"Don't do this to me, Ro," I warned.

"And I know you miss me too," Rowan continued.

"I will not have your blood on my hands," I spat. "I refuse."

"I can handle myself," Rowan soothed closing the distance between us.

"Ro, don't," I pleaded. "Don't make me say no a second time."

"When have you ever listened to what your brothers ordered you to do?" Rowan snapped.

Before I could even move Rowan had completely closed the distance between us pinning me against the wall and his body. I didn't want to be this close. Not to the one thing that was denied to me. Billy had said it best: If he ever found out that Rowan and I were together again he'd kill him. I tried pushing Rowan away but he grabbed my wrists with bruising force holding them above my head. I couldn't even complain about the slight pain before his lips closed over mine.

I tried to push away and I resented the part of me that didn't want to that liked beginning this close to him again. It had been too long. The gang was always fucking with my life. Why did they have to take the one thing that was truly mine to decide? In the end I gave up fighting to get away. Rowan, sensing this dropped his hold on my wrists choosing instead to wrap an arm around my waist pulling me closer to his body as his other hand wrapped itself in my hair.

I moaned as Rowan moved his lips from my lips slipping to my neck and nibbling the sensitive skin there. I let out a small squeak as his hands snuck lower grabbing my bottom roughly. I didn't want to stop but I had to, I refused to have sex in an alleyway.

"Ro," I whimpered as he found the spot on my neck that always made me lose focus.

"Lux," Rowan groaned.

"Babe, not here," I sighed. "Your place."

"Rose," Rowan muttered.

"Come on, I'll meet you in twenty?" I whispered. "Come on, baby, please?"

"Twenty minutes, Lux, before I start looking for you," Rowan warned.

I heard the distinct roar of three mustangs in the distance and stiffened. Rowan sent me a stern look before running in the opposite direction. I let loose a loud sigh as I leaned against the brick wall of the side of the diner looking up at the sky.

"You okay, Rose?" Brooklyn asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine B," I whispered.

"Your brothers are here," Brooklyn warned. "And they want you."

I stifled a small moan as I moved away from the wall patting my closest friend on the shoulder as I walked past. Brooklyn Miller was Baggy Miller's little sister and the only other girl that new almost everything about the Black Label Society. She not only ran the diner with me, covering my ass on nearly a weekly if not daily basis but she was also a waitress at the Four Roses after the diner shut down.

"Oh, and, Rose?" Brooklyn called as I walked back through storage. "They're pissed about something."

"Thanks for the heads up, B," I sighed. "I think I can handle everything from here."

"You just don't wanna get bitched out in front of people," Brooklyn scoffed.

"Would you?" I retorted. "God, Jax and Billy know just how to make me feel like a naughty six year old."

"It's your lucky day," Brooklyn smirked. "We haven't had a costumer since your hour long trash/cigarette run."

"Perfect, no witnesses," I muttered going further into the diner.

Thankully, Brooklyn, ever the lifesaver left a package that had just been delivered that we desperetly needed: muffins. That way it would like like I had been in the back for a reason that wasn't for cigarettes. The boys hated that I smoked and they called me on it whenever they found a cigarette in my hand. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

"Where the fuck were you?" Billy demanded. My brother, ever the eloquent one.

"Hello to you too, Billy," I rolled my eyes carrying the muffin box in my arms.

"I thought you made those," Joe called as I dropped the box on the counter.

"Normally I do but we were packed since opening today," I explained. "Haven't been off my feet all day."

"But you found time for a cigarette," Jax smirked.

I narrowed my eyes at him but didn't respond. Jax had the nose of a blood hound.

"He's right you reek," Joe wrinkled his nose.

"Fuck off," I growled. "At least I smoke menthols not that regular shit."

"You have something you'd like to fucking tell us?" Billy demanded suddenly as I put the muffins in their basket.

"Some bastard completely stiffed me on the tip" I smirked.

"You know that's not what Billy means, Lux," Jax warned.

I had to say that I really hated it when Billy and Jax double-teamed me like that. As I've said before they had the completely irksome ability to make me feel like a naughty six-year-old. Add to the fact that those two were more of a parent to me then Bones' ever was meant that I always felt like I owed them something. Jax and Billy had sacrificed a lot for Joe and I. And I was grateful for that but what annoyed me was I could never lie to them. I could lie to anyone else but never to them.

"Did my eyes deceive me or did I see that fucker you called a boyfriend cross the territory line?" Billy asked.

"I wouldn't know," I responded. "I've been here all day."

"Rosemarie," Billy barked.

I flinched despite myself. It wasn't that I hated my first name, really I didn't. But there was only one person who got to call me that and she had been gone for years. Gemma Darley, my mother. Maybe that's why Bones' never could lay a finger on me I looked to much like his wife. The one who suddenly disappeared when I was seven years old. I slammed my hands down on the counter top glaring boldly at my older brother.

"Do not call me that, William," I hissed.

"I find out you're lying to us, Rosie, you're going to be in a whole mess of trouble," Jax warned. "Do we understand one another?"

"Yes," I grunted.

I untied the apron that covered my jeans tucking it under the shelves that were under the counter. As I moved around to the front of the diner and into the closet I could feel my brothers eyes on my back. I shrugged into a leather jacket before turning back around.

"Where do you think you're going?" Billy questioned.

"I promised Brooklyn I'd help her with something," I replied.

"Be at the Four Roses by one," Jax ordered

"Fine," I smiled.

I walked by my brothers giving Billy and Jax a kiss on the cheek and Joe a good natured smack upside the head to which he responded by smacking my ass. I shot a glare behind me as I walked out of the diner and down the street.

My brothers territory was pretty massive taking up most of Southie. But you could tell exactly where the boundary lines were just because of how different the ruling sides were. It was dangerous, as a Darley to sneak over into the Halls section just to see Rowan. That was part of the reason why my brothers had forebidden me from seeing him. I had listened to them for at least a month but I was only human and there was only one person who I really liked…loved even and my brothers no matter who they were weren't about to get in the way of that.

"It's been more then twenty minutes, Lux," Rowan grumbled as I walked into an abandoned warehouse where a party was going full swing.

"Yeah, well you try to leave when your brothers are playing twenty one questions," I retorted.

"Brooke covering for us again?" Rowan asked.

"Doesn't she always?" I smirked.

Brooklyn really was one of my best friends she wasn't afraid to lie to my brothers and unlike me she had no problems with it. That was why I was frequently over at her house having sleep-overs. It had been her idea when she saw how uhappy I was when Rowan wasn't there. I had fallen and fallen hard.

"Come on," I sighed grabbing Rowan's hand and pulling him across the room to the bedrooms I that I knew were on the other side of the warehouse.

"Baby," Rowan responded

I didn't say a word as I dragged the two of us through an open door looking it behind me. Rowan didn't take long to be convinced. He looked the door and grabbed my face pulling me close as he kissed me with brusing passion. I let out a small moan as he slammed me into the wall, slipping his hands down my waist until they rested on my ass. He squeezed tightly before lifting me up as I wrapped my legs around his torso. When we both came up for air I pulled off his shirt as he did mine.

In a matter of minutes there was a trail of clothing leading to the lone bed in the room. I had waited far too long to be with Ro again. I had put my family above my happiness and while it worked and stopped some conflicts it just wasn't going to keep working. I was unhappy and its just to much to ask for. If I was happy shouldn't that be enough? Did they really have to turn this into a Romeo and Juliet story. A rose by any other name…

And I hated the fact that Bones was always pushing us to make money. It was always where's my money. Money, money, money. God, his voice was ingrained into my head and all I wanted to do was shoot him. But because I either didn't have the balls or was afraid of the repercussions that would result from Bones' death I worked my ass off waking up early going to bed late. I was like the walking dead, dark circles should've just been tattooed under my eyes. That's why it was no wonder I fell asleep. Sure I had just had sex and this mattress was filthy but I was just too tired to give a damn. Sleep called to me and I answered it like a crackhead looking for their next hit.

Morning came all too soon for me and with that came reality. Well, reality in form of a blaring phone. I let out a small moan as I struggled to place where I was. That's when it all came roaring back. Oh, god, I had fallen asleep here? I stumbled blindly throwing on my clothing from last night as I finally caught a glimpse of what time it was. Three in the afternoon. That's how late it was and I had to suppress a groan. I had fucked up and badly.

Rowan was long gone and I had to contain my fury. He couldn't have fucking woken up. No, 'hey sweetie, you should go home so your brothers don't realize that you haven't been in their territory since last afternoon.' I'm gonna kill him when I find him. I lit up a cigarette as I checked my messages. There was no doubt about it my brothers knew I wasn't at Brooklyn. Hell, they didn't even think I was in the city. They had completely filld my voice-mail box with messages. Jax and Billy were going to kill me there was no doubt about it. I was certain of that when Billy basically promised that he'd whip my ass as soon as he found me.

I jumped through an open window and plummeted the two stories. I grabbed onto the bottom rung of the fire escape ladder, wincing as a rough edge tore open my hand. It didn't slow me down as I sprinted all the way to the boundary line.

Don't you hate it when things don't go your way? As soon as I came across the boundary line that separated the BLS territory from the Hall's I saw one mustang parked horizontially effectively blocking both sides of the road I hung my head and sighed knowing that I was probably blocked at all the boundary lines. Not only did Jax know that I hadn't been at the Four Roses when I was supposed too but he probably knew that I had no intention of going to hang out with Brooke last night. To say I was fucked would be a understatement.

"Well, well, well," Billy snarled pulling himself out of the black mustang.

I grimaced seeing the livid look on Billy's face a look that would make a lesser individual beg for mercy. As it was I wanted to bolt and put Southie in the dust. The only thing that made it better was the fact that Jax wasn't here. I turned to run when a voice stopped me cold.

"I assure you that running would be the last thing that you'd want to do, Rosemarie," Jax growled from behind me.

That was where my two older brothers differed with Billy you expected the anger and the intimidation. It wasn't hard to see him flying off the handle because no one had a shorter fuse than Billy. But Jax was different when he got angry he didn't get loud his voice dropped into a low spine chilling drawl. I think it was just because Jax didn't get angry easily made it that much scarier. With Billy it was the devil you knew but with Jax nothing was expected. I turned slowly and saw Jax emerging from the same building I had just come out of. His jaw was taunt and he kept walking closer to me. I took a step backwards but I couldn't avoid the hand that wrapped around the back of my neck, strong and steady, and oddly comforting. I knew that his intention was more restraining as he propelled me towards the mustang but I was still comforted by the fact that we were all okay.

I was thrown none to gently into the back of the mustang and Billy floored it out of the street where the car was parked. It seemed that we were at the diner in a matter of minutes and far too soon for my liking. Not that I wanted to be trapped in the car with to irate brothers it would seem as though either way I was screwed.

"Get out of the car, Rose," Jax ordered.

I let out a small sigh and curse as the car only had two doors. It never seemed to be a problem until I had to climb over the seat and climb out right next to my brothers. Jax resumed his iron grip on the back of my neck pulling me through the diner. Brooklyn winced when she saw me giving me a sympathetic grimace. The place was nearly empty but that didn't help me feel less embarrassed as I was escorted up the back stairs that led to our house. Jax pushed me through the door of our apartment and straight into the living room. When he finally let me go I huffed and straightened me clothing before crossing my arms.

The apartment I shared with my brothers was above the diner so we essentially owned the entire building. It was two floor apartment that had four bedrooms so that we all had our privacy. My bedroom might've been the smallest but it was also the one with the fire escape so it really evened out. I just liked the fact that I had a room to myself unlike at Bones' house where I had to share with Joey.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" Jax demanded. "How could you be so fucking stupid?"

"Stupid?" I scoffed. "The only stupid thing I've done is listening to you when you told me to stay away from my boyfriend!"

"He's fucking using you!" Billy screamed.

"No, he's not!" I snapped

"Really?" Jax demanded. "So, you didn't wake up all alone in enemy territory this morning?"

"He had something to do," I muttered.

"More like someone to do," Jax retorted.

"Excuse me?" I squeaked.

"Why do you think we didn't want him seeing you?" Jax sighed. "He's been playing you like a slut, Rose. He don't love you."

"You're lyin," I growled.

"I'm lying?" Jax scoffed. "Baby girl. You think I'm lying? Billy show her."

"Show me what?" I demanded.

"Fucking proof," Billy snapped. "Literally."

My fists clenched as I looked at the pictures that were thrown at me. My jaw tightened as I looked at Rowan hooking up with a lot of girls and I checked the time stamp. When I wasn't allowed to see him he was a very busy boy. He had played me like a bitch I had jumped through the ringer for this boy and this is what he does? I'll kill him. My brothers looked wary as I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed Rowan's number. I waited patiently for him to pick up.

"Hey, baby!" Rowan whooped. "Sorry I didn't wait up for you. It looked like you needed rest."

"Oh, it's no problem," I said sweetly. "Listen my brothers are doing business out of Boston today and I have the apartment to myself…"

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Rowan interrupted.

"Terrific, can't wait," I grinned. "I need you." I dropped my voice to a lower octave. "Badly."

I heard this throat clear as he stuttered out a goodbye before disconnecting the line. I gave a small smirk men were so predictable.

"What the fuck was that?" Billy snapped.

"He fucked me over and I intend to return the favor," I growled.

Before Jax or Billy could say another word I spun on my heel and went into my room. I looked all over before I finally dug out an old wallet chain and palmed it. It was subtle enough that Rowan would never expect a thing. I knew taking some things of Joey's wouldn't be that big of a deal. I came out of my room just as I heard the buzzer sound.

"Can you two hide?" I asked.

"What?" Jax growled.

"Trust me," I pleaded.

"You're the last person to be saying that after what you pulled," Jax growled.

"Come on, Jax, please?" I whispered. "He's on his way up."

"You get ten minutes and ten minutes only," Jax rolled his eye before grabbing Billy by the collar and dragging him by the collar and into one of the bedrooms I didn't see which one.

I waited for Rowan to come up the stairs knowing that he would just let himself in. The only thing was that he wouldn't be leaving in the same condition. I clutched the wallet chain that was on the heavier side. Heavy enough to do some very serious damage if wielded correctly.

"Hey babe," Rowan greeted coming through the door.

"Don't babe me," I snapped.

"What's wrong?" Rowan asked.

"You tell me," I snarled throwing the pictures at him. "Or maybe you should be asking them."

Rowan's eyes widened dramatically as he caught one of the pictures that literally caught him with his pants down. Before he could say another word the wallet chain smacked him across the face instantly bringing a welt as his head snapped to the side. He clutched his injured cheek as he looked at me shocked.

"Baby," Rowan whispered.

"Do. Not. Call. Me. That!" I hissed. I might've been five inches shorter then him but he was flinching away from me as the chain wrapped around my knuckles.

"You know I'd never do that to you, Rose," Rowan replied.

"Fuck you!" I snarled. "I've been sneaking around behind my brothers backs and for what? To find out about this. How long have I been girlfriend number five?"

"You've got it all wrong, baby," Rowan responded.

My eyes were flickering with anger as I suddenly punched him across the face the chain cutting him open as he stumbled back. I hit him for more times before he backhanded me across the face. I let out a small cry and before I could even move to go back on the offensive Jax and Billy rushed out of the back rooms.

"Whoa, what the fuck?" Rowan demanded. "You little whore you said they weren't here!"

"Don't talk to our sister like that," Jax growled.

"Fucking douchebag," Billy snarled punching Rowan right in the jaw before Jax punched him in the stomach.

"Guys!" I shouted. "Leave him alone!"

"Stay the fuck back, Rose!" Billy ordered.

He shoved me back and away from the fight that exploded between Jax and Rowan. Billy then turned helping Jax beat Rowan into the ground. Just when I was about to throw myself into the scuffle, Joe came home. He didn't say a word just wrapped his arms around my waist before I could get hurt.

"Easy, Rosie," Joe soothed. "Let them take care of it."

"It's my fight," I grumbled but stilled against my twin's firm hold.

"Baby girl," Jax called. "You want final blow?"

I grinned at my brothers before walking over to Rowan. He was almost unrecognizable after my brothers retribution and I didn't feel any remorse at all. Instead I tightened my hold on the wallet chain and cracked it into his bruised jaw. He let out a whimpered cry before falling to the ground.

"Don't fuck with the Darleys!" Billy whooped.

"You ever come near my sister again I'll castrate you," Jax threatened after he grabbed Rowan's face. Rowan nodded slightly before he slumped to the ground.

"Get him out of here," Jax snapped. Revulsion coloring his tone.

Jax Darley was ever the egnima. He never was a fan of violence but never hesistated in using it especially if it was to defend his family.

"I want to talk to you," Jax whispered to me. "Come on, Darlin."

I rolled my eyes but followed Jax in the direction of my bedroom. I knew that he would want to talk to me after everything. I walked through my bedroom door and Jax closed it behind him. I sat on my bed and Jax dragged a chair over and straddled it.

"You can't be walking off by yourself, Rose," Jax sighed.

"I'm not a little kid!" I retorted.

"Yes, you are," Jax replied. "You're eighteen years old."

"I run a diner, Jax, name one person my age who can handle something like that."

"There are some things you aren't ready for."

"I can handle myself,"

"You don't understand." Jax groaned. "We're Darleys, we have enemies and they would do anything to get to us including going through you."

"I'm sick of your street politics fucking with my life, Jax," I growled. "You think this is fair?"

"Life ain't fair, Darlin," Jax corrected. "But you're protected by our name and by the BLS."

"I'm sorry," I muttered.

"We just don't want you hurt," Jax replied. "Do you know what that would do to this family?"

"I get it, Jax, I won't sneak on to enemy lines again."

"That's all we want," Jax grinned.

He stood from the chair and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I smiled after him knowing that no matter how irritated I got by my families real business they were still my family and nothing and no one would change that.