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I heard this song on the movie "The Ultimate Gift", and the song is called, Something Changed - Sara Groves. I would have writtin an M&M fic for this song, but my other ones are angsty enough as is.

And I haven't written GSR in so long. :)

The Ultimate Gift

Chapter 1

Sara Sidle came to Las Vegas for Gil Grissom.

She stayed in Las Vegas for Gil Grissom.

And she left Las Vegas for Gil Grissom.

But she stayed in San Fransisco for herself.

Sara knew she needed time away. The hurt caused by her father shouldn't be affecting her still. Those events were so long ago, and most of her memories were relapsed, it was near impossible for her to remember them on a day to day basis.

Until a suspect in the miniture killings had nearly taken her life.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you near death. Did Sara believe that before? No. Had she believed it that night? Hell yes.

And Sara Sidle saw things unimaginable.

Things that only happen in scary stories and things that haunt you in your sleep.

And when the realization of her life being that scary story hit her head on, the only way she knew to deal with it, was to escape.

She came back to something different.

Something that trashed the healing she had began to accomplish in San Fransisco.

Sara's co-worker and friend had died, and he took the only man she loved with him.

Gil Grissom was still breathing, but his soul was lost with the soul of Warrick Brown's. Warrick had been like a son. Scorning him when he did wrong, and patting him on that back when the right thing was done.

Sara knew what this had done to Grissom. Nothing would bring Warrick back. And Grissom on the verge of a meltdown didn't make things easier on anyone else.

His love was empty. His thoughts transfixed on this mystery he believed only he could solve. He was a stone.

When the realization that the man she had grown to love was so far gone, the only thing she could do, was run.

Something changed inside me; broke wide open all spilled out; Till I had no doubt that something changed.

Sara didn't tell Grissom she was leaving. While he was busy staring at a page in his book, she slipped out. She didn't even need to be quiet, he wasn't paying attention anyway.

She looked down at her ring finger, where he promised a ring would soon sit. One never showed up.

The day he had "proposed", Sara thought it was his kind of sweet. So she waited until they returned home, and inticipated a real proposal. No such ceremony was held. She knew he was being his quirky self when he had asked her, but she was a woman. And women like to be romanticized. CSI or not.

Giving up wasn't in her vocabulary until now.

To Grissom, it had been three weeks since Warrick's death. To Sara, it had been three weeks since she had returned home, to Grissom.

He didn't give a rip.

So she left.

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