Simon checked the directions, making sure they were on course. He wouldn't want to end up at a deserted island because of negligence! He looked over at the rest of their family. They were sleeping peacefully. Theodore even had a partially eaten apple next to his cot. Simon smiled, picking it up. It was good to be together again.

Except for one person. He sat back, wondering what Jeanette was doing at that moment. What had she needed to do? And why were Brittany and Eleanor being so evasive about it? He sat back, pondering this.

BEEP! Simon frowned, walking to the control panel. Another plane was contacting them! He pushed the button to answer it. "Hello?"

A disturbingly familiar voice answered. "Land your plane!"

"Klaus?!" Simon sputtered. This was getting eerie! "I thought you were in jail!"

"Land!" A loud crashing sound came from the back of the plane, waking everyone on board.

"Are we there already?" Alvin sleepily asked.

"There's been a... problem," Simon told him, aware of the fact that their kids, too, were awake. "We're going to have to make an emergency landing."

"Problem?" Brittany demanded as another noise shook the plane. "I thought you said it would be an easy trip from here!" She got to her feet, putting her hands on her hips.

As if on cue, the speaker crackled. "Land now if you want the plane to stay in one piece!"

"I'll sue you for every scratch I find!" Simon growled, speaking into the mike.

"It's not your airplane," Claudia snapped at him. How had she known that?

"I wasn't talking about the airplane," Simon crisply replied.

"Land!" Klaus demanded.

Simon turned around. "There's been a change of plans," he announced to his astonished family. "We're not landing."

"But they'll rip the plane to pieces and-" Brittany started.

"Brittany, I'm sure Simon has the situation under control," Eleanor reassured her.

Simon hurried back to the controls as there was another crash. He steered the plane as well as they could, but the other plane kept bumping into them from above, forcing them to descend in order to keep from crashing. They were being forced to land.

CRUNCH! Simon winced as he heard something in the tail of the plane break. Without the tail, the plane couldn't fly! It dived into a tailspin, crashing on the side of a mountain.

Simon helped everyone out of the wreckage, a job that wasn't too difficult. Nobody was injured.

The other plane landed right beside them, a bit more gracefully. Claudia and Klaus climbed out triumphantly.

Simon sighed wearily in the seat; his hands may have been free, but he could no more escape than if they were tied behind his back.

They were flying in Klaus and Claudia's airplane back to Los Angeles to get to their captors' mansion. So close and yet so far away! Dave's house was just a taxi cab ride away, yet there was no way they'd be able to make it before getting caught. And Dave might have been able to help, too...

He heard a change in the flight pattern and realized that they were touching down. They were in Los Angeles.

The plane taxied to a stop, and Klaus and Claudia appeared to make sure they all got off into the waiting car. The car ride to the mansion was also uneventful, and they all were pretty much dragged out of the car. Simon heard Seymore gasp as the gates were opened, letting them in. He took off his glasses to clean them, worried.

Unfortunately, Klaus chose that moment to push both him and Alvin forward, knocking his glasses out of his hand and making Alvin's cap fall off.

"My cap!" Alvin cried, grabbing for it, but the Chipmunks/ettes were shoved through the door before either could grab their missing items.

Simon stumbled blindly in the general direction that he was forced into, but saw a blurry thing looming before him and crashed into a wall. He sighed again. This was not a good day.

Dave steered the car quickly, on his way to Simon's house. He had to check on Jeanette to see if she needed help. She was, after all, alone in the house because Simon had had to find Seymore, who reminded Dave a lot of Alvin at that age. Actually, Alvin hadn't changed as much as you would have thought over the years...

He slowed down, parking the car. He just needed to pick up something before checking on Jeanette.

Walking out of the car, he noticed a couple of things on the sidewalk in front of a large gate leading to a mansion. Why had he never noticed that this store was next to a mansion? He picked the items up.

Blue glasses and a red cap? Why would someone, even rich people, leave their glasses and cap right outside the door, to be stepped on and broken? Hey, this looked like Alvin's cap and Simon's glasses. He turned the cap over, imagining the red 'A' that Alvin always put inside his caps so that he would know that they were his.

There it was! The red A. This was Alvin's cap. He looked at the glasses; that meant that they must be Simon's.

But what were Alvin's cap and Simon's glasses doing over here on the sidewalk? They were supposed to be somewhere overseas, with their owners, who were finding their kids. How had they gotten back here?

He frowned, trying to puzzle it out as he walked into the shop.