If you give a Deidara a trumpet…

A fic based of the statement "if you give a mouse a cookie…"

Warning: crack? Implied slash

Disclaimer: no characters are mine.

Sasori was in their room when Deidara found him. "Dannnnnnna I'm bored, can I have trumpet?"

Sasori raised an eyebrow, "What do you want a trumpet for?"

"To play, of course."

"Whatever, just keep it away from me, brat."

So Sasori bought Deidara the trumpet. And because he couldn't play his room, Deidara chose the hallway outside Pein's room to play.

Two weeks later, Deidara again asked Sasori, only this time "Danna can I have a set of drums?"


"Pein broke my trumpet."

"Just keep it away from me, brat."

So upon receiving the drums, Dei again picked the hallway in front of Pein's room to practice.

Two weeks later, when Deidara asked Sasori, Pein appeared saying "No instument, or I will kill you, Sasori.

Sasori nodded, and that is why, today he sleeps on a couch in the Akatsuki living room, with only his hand as company.

In conclusion, if you give a Deidara a trumpet, he will ask for drums, Pein will stop you, and you will end up sleeping on the couch for a month.