Lily's arms were wrapped around my neck. I was gently swaying her from side to side. She leaned her head of short brown curls on my chest. My hands moved over up to the back of her light yellow one piece bathing suit over her shorts. She wasn't very popular, interesting, nice, or smart, but she was alright.

The beach party was okay. Nick had made me come since he said I should attempt to get some from Lily since she was a complete and total loser. Nick was going around flirting with about anything with a skirt, as I was dancing with dull, dorky Lily.

As I swayed Lily out of the corner of my eye I saw her. She was about six or seven inches shorter than me, thin, well actually just small in a sense. She had dark chocolate waves that just reached her shoulders. Her skin was a very light tan around her green eyes with the brown rims. She was covered by a bright blue zebra print bikini top with a pair of pale short shorts that had ripped front pockets. And of course a beautifully amazing girl like that would be dancing with the quarter back, Brett.

This was an entirely stupid idea to come to this idiotic party. I mean what was the use, having to dance with dorky Lily, watching pretty girls, and being jealous of Brett. Nick was a complete idiot to make me come to this. I released Lily to the crowds and plod myself through to search for Nick. I pulled him towards me by his sandy dirt blond hair. "Hey!" he dragged himself to me. "Nick, I'm leaving. Ok?" I dangled my keys in my hand. "Fine-Wait! You're my ride home." he finally understood why I told him. "Yeah, so if you're not leaving, find a new ride" he scowled at me as I said each word. "Danny, you're so serious. God!" he sneered.

I walked up to the parking lot to get to my silver Volvo. My door was unlocked and I sneaked inside. I just sat there for a few minutes inhaling the scent of my Volvo. I examined the crowd of teenagers on the beach, then I was able to spot her. She was sitting down on the sand. I took a deep love sick breathe. I slipped my key in and started my car, slowly pulling out of the parking lot to the highway. I drove as unhurriedly down the highway, since if i even had the most almost invisible scratch my dad would kill me and bury me himself. I drove bit by bit until after about an hour I finally made it to my home. As cautiously as physically possible I parked the Volvo in the driveway. Once I got inside I saw my dad looming over his laptop as he settled in the beige leather chair.

"Hey dad," I hung up my keys on the hanger. "Oh, hey Danny." he was still loomed over his computer as if it was his life source. My mom was in the kitchen making god knows what. I slid into my room, throwing my wallet on the side table. My body reclined on the bed and I observed the ceiling contemplating my life. In the morning I woke up the sound of my mom's voice. I followed my morning routine of shower, get dressed, eat breakfast. I grabbed my keys to the Volvo as I slipped to the Volvo. Once I got to my locker at school, Nick came up to me. "Dan, you shouldn't have ditched the party so early. It was sick. And the girls were definitely hot." he went on and on. "Yeah whatever, Nick" I just went to get my books.

I went through my classes as I did every other day. After school I was in the school's field at soccer practice with Nick, who was attempting to convince me we should quit since girls don't dig soccer guys apparently. We were kicking the ball back and forth to each other. I looked at the bleachers and saw her. She had her dark hair in a ponytail with her bangs hanging out, covering part of her right eye.

She had on skin tight pale blue jeans, black sneakers, and a light turquoise t-shirt covered by a watermelon colored sweater that was unzipped revealing her t-shirt. Her navy blue bag was thrown over her left shoulder as she walked. She was pacing the bleachers with Norah Gray, an extraordinarily pale, bleach blond, girl about the four or five inches taller. I gazed up at her, and kicked the ball. It hopped from my foot to the bleacher and hit her in the back of the head. "Shit! I'm really sorry about that!" I was embarrassed and nervous as I yelled. "It's okay! No big deal!" she kicked down the ball.

"What's with the distractions, Dan? Usually you're not that distracted by stuff." I was still in love sick gaze at her. "Oh, you like her. Well she is kind of hot" he looked up at her then glanced at me looking at her. "Wait...shut up!" I kicked the ball over to him. After practice Nick and I were passing the bleachers. And there she was comfortably sitting on the top row with Norah Gray on her left. "Go talk to her!" Nick pushed me all the way up the stairs. My mouth was dry which refused to let me talk.

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