Lucy and I had been secretly dating for a week. No one besides Norah and Nick knew. It was History class, I had switched Classes for History since my grades were above average for the class I was in. Lucy sat three rows in front of me. She turned back smiling at me. I smiled back and scribbled onto a paper. I examined to make sure Mrs. Parlen wasn't looking and passed the note forward reading.

Hey. I like your shoes ;)


She got the note and scribbled on it. She passed it back and it read

Thanks. I like your shirt :)


Once she got it she read.

Well I like your smile ;)


She giggled under her breath. After class I waited for her by the door. She came out of the class after the crowd. "Hi beautiful" I whispered in her ear. "Hi" she tightened her lips against mine. "So you have plans tonight?" I questioned with my arms wrapped around her waist. "No, why? You want to take me out tonight?" she grinned and hugged my waist. "Yes I do" I admitted. "Ok, I'll see you later. I have to get to class" she pecked my cheek. After my dull classes without Lucy, I went to lunch. I sat with Nick eating pasta. Lucy was in her corner table as usual, eating with Norah. Nick was talking at me and I was making random, face to make Lucy laugh. She was giggling across the cafe as Norah spoke mindlessly. "Danny? Danny? Danny?!" Nick was calling me angrily. "Did you hear anything I said?" I was still gazing at Lucy love-sick. "Uh, what Nick?" i asked as I finally paid attention. "Man! Thanks alot. All you care about is Lucy! I've only been your best friend since kindergarten but I guess that doesn't matter" Nick went on pissed at me.

Lucy strolled over to me and sat on the chair I was on. "Hell-o" she said slowly as she kissed me softly. "Whore" Nick coughed. "Nick!" I scolded as my lips were still pressed against Lucy's. Our lips released as I wrapped my arms around her. Nick got up from the table with his tray and walked off. "Does Nick hate me?" she questioned leaning her head on my shoulder. "No, he's just...Nick" I urged her to be happy. "Well Norah's going to kill me if I don't get back to her" she kissed me again and sprinted to Norah. After the next three hours of school and being ignored by Nick, I got to my car. Lucy was just getting out of class. As I saw her get out of the building and I swooped her up in my arms. We drove to my house. My parents were at work. "Nice place" she laughed examining my house "Thanks" I smiled. We ended up watching a movie on the sofa. After the first five minutes we were wrapped together on the sofa. The movie was playing but neither of us was playing attention. I kiss Lucy actually using my lips to the rhyme of my head.

We ended up making out on the sofa. She was brushing my hair out of my face as we lied on the sofa. "Your gorgeous" I whispered as the sun from the window hit her hair. She pressed her lips against mine, gently. I cuddled her in my arms tightly. She lied her face on my sweater. We started kissing with my arm under her around her shoulder, and her hand on my cheek. She stopped kissing me for a second. "Danny?" she said kind of worried from her tone. "Yeah" I sat up as she did. "What's the matter baby?" that was the only thing I could think to ask. "I know about your dad" she muttered. "What about my dad?" I was clueless. "That he's an FBI agent trying to arrest De Luca" she muttered again. "So? It's no big deal" I said kissing her neck. She took a deep breathe. "Well, my dad is De Luca. The De Luca. The head mobster De Luca" she covered her face as I stopped kissing her. "Wait so." she nodded before I even finished.

"Ok, you know what? Lucy it doesn't matter. You still mean just as much to me as you did before" I kissed her cheek. "Yeah, but it's just my dad and your dad hate each other" she whispered. "They don't hate each other." I smiled. "Oh really? My dad has a code name for your dad...'Prick'" she voiced to me. "Haha, that's funny, since he's Patrick Richards." I laughed and kissed her. "So you don't care?" she asked worried. "No, I don't. I care about you Lucy a lot" I kissed her again. "I care about you too. That's why I decided to tell you" she whispered as he pressed our lips tightly together. "Promise you won't tell anyone. Promise?" she questioned as we kissed. "Promise." I secured my promise with a kiss.