A dirty and wet teenaged boy slumped down on an unfamiliar side walk. He was out of breath now, too tired to move on. Tears wanted to burst from their confinement, but he wasn't going to let that happen, he was to strong for it. Even so, he couldn't look the part. His eyes were blood shot, and a faded purple could be seen underneath his eyes from the complete and total lack of sleep. His body was weak and nimble, and he was also on the smaller and shorter side for his age as well. His checks had sunken in a little since the beginning of the summer, and the rumbling in his stomach wouldn't cease to exist.

It really was late now, probably a little past midnight and the skies were coated thick with clouds. It was bloody cold and already raining.

Green eyes averted upward as a car pulled by, it didn't bother to stop, only to splash the already damp body in muddy water.

Stupid muggle.

Harry Potter, sighing from his spot on the curve hoisted himself up. How he got himself in this particular predicament was absolutely oblivious to him. His uncle told him he was useless, worthless, and of course Harry had no other choice really, but to believe such things as he was told this all his life, since the very day he could remember. However when he found out whom he really was, Harry Potter- The-Boy-Who-Lived, he found himself amongst Wizards and Witches. Who would have thought that they would hate him too? It didn't seem fair or even right, he didn't even find out what he was until he was 12. He wasn't even noticed until then either, at least he didn't know it, because he didn't even know that a whole other world awaited him.

The-Bloody-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry scoffed. It didn't matter who he was, it only made things worse! Whether he was 'nobody' or the most important person in the world, he was never going to find somebody that cared enough for him, nobody that would care for his weak and useless self. He did finish his second year alive-hardly, and he had managed to pass his classes as well, even though his git of a potions teacher knocked him down, every.singal.day.

No matter. Harry wouldn't be attending Hogwarts this year. He was sure of it. Harry, wand in hand and his trunk in the other began to walk faster down the side walk. It was in the dead middle of June and he was officially kicked out of his house. Harry was rather surprised that in the last six hours since his blood wards vanished that he was yet to be found, not even by a death eater.

Yet, of course.

Harry knew it was only a matter of sweet time. He could hardly believe that in only another month he would turn fourteen. Well, suppose he made it that long. There really wasn't going to be a chance to get out of this mess, Harry had screwed up when he used magic on his cousin. He couldn't help it though; the little bloody bastared deserved it.

Harry sighed again. His white shirt was torn and mixed with his blood and the current mud, the blood was from when he got into a fist fight with his uncle. Of course Harry wasn't going to be let off easy, he couldn't just waltz on out after his uncle told him to get his scrawny ass out of his house. His uncle had almost beaten Harry to death before he literally kicked out of his house. Saying he deserved it for using a spell that made his cousin brake out in boils. Harry laughed at the memory, it hurt to laugh though as his uncle had punched him square in the jaw. Harry was also sure that he had a black eye . . . along with other various bruises and cuts.

"When, are you coming?" Harry whispered darkly. "Just come and take my life now, quite making me suffer."

Of course he wouldn't have to wait too much longer, until they arrived.


Severus Snape was consumed in his potions when all the sudden a light pop was conjured and a rather old wizard appeared behind him. Severus couldn't help but roll his eyes; he would have to check on his wards later as it seemed that Albus could always find a way past anything he had ever put up.

Yet Severus didn't turn from his potion.

"Albus, what could I possible do for you-" Severus checked the clock. "At 1:35 in the morning?" he half sighed.

"Severus, my boy." Severus turned with a bottle of a potion still in his hand. Albus's blue eyes seemed dull and empty, and there was only two other times Severus remembered them being this way, once when he told Albus he became a death eater . . . also when Harry's parents had died.

"It's Potter, isn't it?" It really wasn't much of a question. Of course it was Potter the bloody brat who lived.

"Severus, I'm afraid Harry is in grave danger." Albus's demeanor never changed.

"Do excuse my train of thought for a moment, headmaster; but I must say it is not much of a surprise as it seems Potter has a knack at getting himself in a lot of danger." Really, the boy seemed lucky to still be alive as it is, but to humor the old man Severus would play along. "What is it this time?"

"Harry's blood wards dropped." Severus couldn't help but swallow hard. Honestly couldn't he even have the summer to himself without having that Potter brat to worry about?

"What do you mean they 'just' dropped? They do not just 'drop' headmaster, not unless his family kicked him out." Severus looked half in shock and half in anger.

"It seems not only have they dropped but Harry is missing. The wards had dropped hours ago-" Severus cut him off.

"Why weren't we notified when it happened?" Severus demanded.

"It seems someone put a spell on the house." A spell? There was only one person capable of doing that.

"Lucius Malfoy." Severus hissed. "He must have done it; there is no other person that is able to spell that kind of magic. No one at all."

"In that case, I'm afraid that Harry is in a lot more danger then anticipated." Albus turned from Severus. "You must go find him, before it is too late."

For all we know it could be too late. Severus thought to himself.

Yet he never got to answer Albus. The glass potion slipped from Severus's hand and it dropped to the floor in a small clinking split.

The broken glass lay on the floor in silence as Albus turned to see Severus knuckles turning pure white form clutching his arm in pain.

And not just any arm at all, but the arm that bore the death eaters mark.

Dark and bold obsidian eyes held Albus's blue ones. "It's seems it has too wait, Headmaster. Get the order ready." In a billowing sweep of his robes, Severus Snape set out to find the-boy-who-lived.

Before it was too late.

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