Harry had finished dinner over an hour ago and was finally headed up to go take a shower. He still hadn't seen his idiotic room-mate, not even at lucnh. Harry and Severus had gone out for a few potions and stopped for lunch so he didn't get a chance to see him there either.

Still he had a lingering feeling that he was locked away in the god forsaken shared room. As he opened the door his suspensions were right. Draco still hadn't noticed him as he was staring dully out the window. Yet Harry noticed that his facial expressions seemed to have changed since the last time he saw him, it was like the little prat was pouting.

Slamming the door behind him caught Draco's attention. He jumped from the chair sending a nasty glare in Harry's direction.

Oh so is that how he wants to play? Fine. "What are you looking at little ms. sunshine?" Harry sneered.

"Something utterly repulsive." Draco crossed his arms sending Harry another look.

"I should deck you in the face." Harry threatened. Suddenly it hit him, nearly a month ago he really would have hit him straight in the face; but now he found that he really had no drive to do it. He just had the pathdicness to bicker with him, to bicker with the person who wanted him dead… or so it had seemed.

"I'd like to see you try, Potter." The drive had also died on Draco's side. The hostilely and hatred seemed to have disappeared as well.

Harry, still sticking to his threat continued on. "I'd knock you out before you could draw your wand, ferret."

Knowing now that he no longer felt the same Draco tried a new tactic. "Yeah? Go for it, Golden boy." Draco coxed. "Let's see how well you pounce."

Harry smirked he caught the playfulness laced in Draco's voice. "Yeah, you slimy snake? Let's see how venoms your bite truly is."

Draco smiled back shaking his head. "Oh? So be it. Come and get me, come to your death."

"Ha! is that right you-" Harry was cut short as a rather big pillow slammed into his face. "Hey! Where was the warning on that one!?"

"Not ready, Potter? So uneducated." Draco picked up another pillow charging at Harry. Harry quickly snatched up the fallen pillow and smacked Draco in the side.

"Well see how ready you are now!"

Harry and Draco went on for a few minutes before the pillows tore, feathers still swilling in the air. Random items such as quills paper and books littered the floor. Draco had Harry in a play headlock when suddenly the door flung open with two concerned looking parents on the other side.

"What do you two think you are doing!?" Severus said stocking into the room, with a rather pissed off Lucius following. "Draco! Let Harry go this instant!"

Draco quickly unhanded Harry and both boys immediately picked themselves off the floor straightening themselves. Lucius wasted no time approaching Draco and grapping hold of his left ear and applying two stern smacks to his backside. "Have you not listened to a word I said today?! Perhaps the belt didn't do its job well enough."

Draco felt his face flush as his father mentioned the implements he used. "N-No. Father Harry and I were just-"

"I don't want to hear it! I gave you your chance and you blew it! What is it going to take for you to behave?!"

Harry couldn't find himself to speak. So the little pureblood got a good lashing? How unbelievable! But as Draco tried to explain himself it was obvious his father wasn't having any of it. "No, really we were just playing around! We weren't serous! Honest."

Severus stayed quite he knew that the boys had been up to something, just not what exactly. "Harry... I swear, you best not be lying to Me."

"I promise you, we were just messing around." Harry, who was still wide eyed at the moment watched as Lucius let cautiously let go of Draco's ear after Harry's promise.

"Very well Draco, but that doesn't excuse you, either of you-from this messy room!" Lucius lectured.

"I completely agree." Serverus said quirking an eyebrow with a rather playful smirk crossing his face. "Although Lucius, I'd rather have them picking up fallen quills then splattered guts from on another."

Lucius caught on to the joke and smiled. "Touché."


Night had fallen long ago and the stars were wide awake along with two lanky teenagers. Both new that the other one was awake; but they didn't know how to start a conversation. They finished up cleaning the bedroom earlier on that day and finished up with a long overdue dinner in which both boys filled themselves to a sicking state. Severus jokingly threatened to lock up the kitchen so that the starving boys wouldn't try to eat what was left of the food in the middle of the night. The room was filled with laughter after that comment.

Still what was keeping the boys up to such an hour was what was laying in their self-consciousness. School would be starting soon, and what would happen next? Would things go on as they once where or would things finally start to change? Was it possible for the two to ever become friends? The future would only tell, and until then they would have to overcome risky choices and hope for the best in the end.

The silence finally broke a little past midnight, when Draco chose to swallow his pride and speak up. "Thanks, Harry. You didn't have to stick up for me."

Harry who was glad to find that Draco was the one to start up the conversation smiled, not only was the awkward silence gone, but he got a thank you out of it. "Don't worry about it. Besides, I doubt your bum could take much more after what you got today."

"True, still you didn't have to..."

"But I did."

"Yes." Draco took a moment before speaking. "Harry look, I'm sorry for-"

"Hey, Draco no need to get emotional. I'm not like our fathers. A sorry this time is enough for me. Plus, I don't want to hear your un-dying love for-ouch!" Harry threw the pillow back at Draco before asking "What was that for?"

Draco sat smirking feeling victory as Harry rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry."

"Shut up."


"We've done well, my friend." Lucius thought aloud as he drowned down a glass of his favorite liquor.

"So we have." Servues agreed pouring himself a glass of Brandy as well.

"They both turned out to be incredible young men." Lucius went on smiling into the distance where too young men stood.

One of the men was a blond; he was well structured and rather tall. He was smiling to the man across from him as the both studied the graveyard.

"Of course. They had the best roll models." Snape smirked, also watching in the distance.

The other young man was shorter, but not by much. He had his hands in his pockets and he spoke to the blond. His own dark hair swung in the wind.

"Humph no wonder there such trouble makers." Lucius chuckled.

Servues smirked. "Ha, we weren't nearly as bad."

"You didn't have to grow up dealing with the most undetected, mischievous, bratty, ignorant-"

"I thought you said the boys had grown up?" Severus sarcastically added.

"As if I was talking about them." Lucius scoffed.

"Hey that wasn't my fault... You just got caught."

"Please, everyone thought you did nothing wrong."

"I'm chalk full of surprises then aren't I?" Servues smiled as the sun caught the grayness spiked throughout his deep black hair.

There was a hidden silence as the two older men, Servues and Lucius looked off watching a twenty-four year old Harry and a 25 year old Draco as they placed flowers over the fallen wizards that gave their lives in the last great war, because somehow everyone but few made it out alive…

The dark lord had fallen, and one friendship between two wizards would never be forgotten.

Lucius smiled once more before whispering to his best mate. "Yes, and you and Harry are the biggest surprise of all."

The End. :)

AN:// I thank you all who have followed this story from the start to finish. Sorry it too so long. :)