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Chapter 1: The Beginning of 'The End'

8:28 PM.
I waited silently outside the closed hospital door, sitting on an old couch which had pulls and tears everywhere. From where I was, I could hear my mom screaming bloody murder and breathing vigorously behind that door. Another familiar, all-knowing and advice-giving voice slowly spoke to her.
'Deep breathing, Paula. Everything's going to be fine.' I could hear it in that voice though that he was just as nervous as she was. His usually strong, manly voice sounded fragile and shaky.
Another voice, less familiar now, helped in the chanting.
'You're doing great, just a little more! Keep breathing!'
This started to make me nervous. I knew my mom was going to be fine, but I couldn't help but worry. This process by which she was going through only had happened once before in her life.
When she gave birth to me.
Of course she had two children; myself and Josie, but Josie was adopted. We aren't quite sure who her birth parents are, though.
Who knew mom was still young enough to get pregnant. Who knew that the one man everyone thought she couldn't stand ended up being the one she grew feelings for.
"Brendon!" The voices came from everywhere, but I gently sat up in my seat to look down the hallway at the tall, timid man who walked towards me.
"Uh, hello Erik," I greeted. I never got used to the fact that I should call adults by their last names. They didn't seem to mind it anyways.
"How's your mom doing?" He asked kindly, now standing beside the couch and looking down at me. I shrunk into the seat and squinted my eyes. Obviously, he noticed what he was doing and chuckled before moving and taking a seat beside me. "Well?"
I cleared my throat as I sat up again, shrugging. "Good, I guess. They won't let me into the room to watch," My tone became annoyed as I continued, "They said I'm too old now to actually watch my own mother have a baby. Josie's in there, though."
Erik chuckled again and leaned back, looking up at the dusty ceiling now. "I've never heard of that rule before." I smirked in response and sat there quietly and awkwardly like I usually did, before finally asking, "Where'd Melissa go?"
He took it to no surprise that I'd ask this. Turning to me with a smile, he pointed down the hall, "After I showed her to the bathroom, she wanted to stop by the café to get a snack before she came back here." I couldn't help but smile and chuckle, "And I'm guessing Jason is still in the café too?" Erik shrugged and turned to face the ceiling again, "I'm not 100 percent sure on that." He suddenly pushed himself off the couch to stand up and brush himself off, "Well, I think I better go give Melissa some money."
I paused, "…You didn't give her money before she went?"
"Nope! Completely slipped my mind."
I could only sigh as Erik began to head down the hallway. He stopped for a moment to turn back and wave before turning a corner and disappearing.
I was alone again. I didn't even notice but Eric stopping by made me completely forget about my mom for a minute. I tried to tune into to the lingo inside but it seemed to have grown a lot more quiet. The baby obviously wasn't out yet because no one was 'aw'ing, and I still heard my mom breathing so I knew she was alright.
I flipped my messy hair out of my eyes before leaning back on the couch for the one hundredth time that night. What was the point of my 'friends' even being at the hospital if they weren't going to sit and keep me company?
"Brendon!" Another voice suddenly called. It startled me. I was expecting to be sitting alone there for another hour. Turning my head to look, I smiled as Melissa slowly walked down the hall.
"Finally," I grumbled out loud, sitting up straight and making room for her next to me. She rolled her eyes before plopping down beside me, "It's only been 10 minutes, Brendon."
"10 minutes or 10 hours, it still was a long time."
"Whatever." She moved herself into a more comfortable position before looking at me again. Melissa had changed so much within seven years. She wore makeup, but not a disgustingly large amount like when she first used it. Only a bit. Her hair was also longer, about shoulder-length, and she rarely ever wore it up anymore. Of course she had gotten taller, but not as much as me. Then again, you'd hope that a 15 year old boy would be taller than a 15 year old girl, right?
"Was the baby born yet?" Melissa suddenly asked, making me shake the memories from my head. "Nope. She's still in there."
She nodded and sighed, yawning before positioning herself again. She was never quite satisfied with things the first time. "Jason's still in the café with his girlfriend."
I blinked and stared at Melissa for a moment before answering, "…Is that Jason's idea of a romantic date? Taking Nicole to a hospital?"
Melissa giggled and shrugged, "I guess so." Nicole was Jason's girlfriend. The weird part? She was mine and Melissa's age. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'A freshman's dating a sophmore?' Well, hey. It happens, and Jason had grown pretty tall and muscular over the years. A lot of girls liked him, actually.
I bet you're wondering what happened to me. Brendon Small. That little movie maker. Well, Jason, Melissa and I haven't made a movie since 4th grade. Once I lost my camera, it finally made me realize that I already had everything I needed in life, and making movies was no longer one of those 'needs'.
I got taller, thinner. I'm pretty boney now. I stopped gelling my hair when I was 12 or 13, and now it just hangs down on my head, usually over my eyes. Speaking of which, I think I need a haircut…
"Well, it seems like a fine date to me," Melissa suddenly whispered, cutting of my thoughts again as her hand slowly moved it's way onto my lap. I gulped lightly, looking at her with a smile before placing my own hand on top of hers.
Oh, right. I forgot to mention. Melissa and I are a, um, … 'item'. Turns out hormones make you grow feelings for your best friends. Who knew?
My mom suddenly started yelling again. Hopefully this time was the time. Growing sort of nervous again, I gripped Melissa's hand tightly. She cringed a little but finally took the pain like a man as she said, "Geeze, I thought your mom was the one having the baby."
It took me a second to realize what she meant (I'm a bit slow…) but once I figured it out, I quickly let go with a small hint of red in my cheeks. Usually I wouldn't get this nervous or embarrassed around Melissa, but dating someone for two years could do some pretty strange things to a person.
Louder and louder the pain grew. I could hear it in my mom's voice that this was it. The moment none of us could see happening was happening. Soon enough, the ear piercing sound of tears could be heard from the hospital room. Melissa looked at me with a huge grin before wrapping her arms around me tightly.
"It's out!" She cheered, suddenly letting go to grab my hand and nearly barge into the room.
I couldn't have entered that room any slower. The tension and nervousness began building up in my stomach as I grew closer and closer to seeing a new person who would be brought into my life forever. A sister, … a brother?
"It's a boy!" The doctor shouted. The baby had been cleaned up and wrapped, now being placed into my mother's hands. She was crying tears of joy, a strange smile on her face as she held her …new son.
I could truthfully say that the father of the child was crying much more than my mom was. Very carefully, she placed the new born into Coach McGuirk's hands. This made a smile stretch huge across my face. I've never before that seen Coach so happy. It seemed to me like he felt that for the first time in his life, something was right.
Melissa continued to squeeze my hand before looking at me sweetly.
"You have the brother you've always wanted, Brendon!"
I could only nod, not sure what to say. I was still stunned.
"Can I hold him, can I hold him?!" Josie echoed, rushing over to McGuirk and placing her hands out. Coach hesitated for a moment before sighing and placing him into Josie's young hands. "Be careful." He recited, watching cautiously.
Josie giggled, smiling down at her sibling and very slowly swaying back and forth. "Don't cry, little guy. I'm your sister, Josie! …What's his name?"
I'm pretty positive that everyone was wondering that by now.
"Jesse." My mom suddenly and confidently spoke. Coach nodded, and mom attempted to try to take Jesse from Josie again but was having trouble. Of course, Coach helped her.
"What'd we miss?!" A voice called from behind me. Melissa and I turned around to see Jason, Erik, and Nicole rushing into the room as if being chased by a stampede.
Melissa merely pointed to the baby with her free hand before dragging me over near the bed to be beside my mom.
"Brendon, sweetie…" She said softly, smiling up at me as the baby softly cried.
"Do you want to hold him?"
I stood undecided. Did I, really? I felt as if I was being replaced. A new kid was being added to the household in place of me getting older.
"Not right now, mom. Later though."
She seemed almost surprised, but nodded at my decision as she began catching all of her breath back and cooling off.
"Now if you don't mind, I'll have to take Jesse off your hands for a moment to make sure he's a happy, healthy baby!" The doctor said brightly, picking Jesse up and bringing him over to where another door was, leading to somewhere else.
The night passed quickly. I didn't say a word, not even to Melissa. Not even to Jason. Not even to Josie or McGuirk. …Not even to my mom. My mind was suddenly racing out of control with thoughts that mean nothing yet everything to me.
1:34 AM.
I was home alone with Josie. Of course she was sleeping, but I couldn't. For the strangest reason, Jesse being born made me feel how I did when I lost something extremely valuable to me. Not my family like this time, but my video camera. I suddenly felt this force, like I was being compelled to make … another movie. I needed to feel that security again; to get my emotions out there without them actually being out there.
Glancing around my dark room quickly, I spotted just what I was trying to find. I tiptoed over to my shelve and pulled down my jar of saving money. "70?" I whispered, biting my lip, deep in thought. "It might just be enough…"



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