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Chapter 3: "Father Son" Bonding

Scene 3

Begins with Prince Edward and Princess Elizabeth in throne room. KEEP ELIZABETHAN ACCENTS!

(Fade In)

Prince Edward: (long sigh) When do you think mother will arrive?

Princess Elizabeth: (groan) Like I know?

P. Ed: I just assumed, sister! You and mother have been getting along quite well nowadays…

P. Liz: That's what you think. (major emphasis) It's only because all she wants to do lately is spend time with me. It's a rather pain in the buttocks.

P. Ed: Sounds like it, sister. (yawn, lean back in throne) It's just tiring having to wait for her every single moment of every single day-

(Fool enters to cut Prince Edward off)

Fool: G'day Prince, Princess! (laugh)

"Cut! …Mikayla, that wasn't enthusiastic at all…" Kim said, sitting up from the 'throne' she was on to look over at her friend. "You're supposed to be the fool." I of course nodded in agreement. I would have said something earlier about it, but I was too afraid to cut the scene off. It was going so well…

"Ugh, why did you even cast me for that lame part anyways?" Mikayla complained, pulling the obnoxious multi-colored hat off her head, "I'd much rather be someone rich. The princess, for example." A small smirk formed on her face as she stared almost pleadingly at Kim.

"Yeah, but I'm playing Princess Elizabeth, Mik. Jesse wrote the part for me and we should always respect the writer's decision!" Kim giggled, flipping her light blonde bangs from her face before turning to look at me. "Right Jess?"

I blinked, fixing my costume before nodding slowly. I wasn't in the mood for Mikayla to complain about her part again. She was never satisfied with what I wrote for her, ever.

"Ugh, why don't you just get Billy to play the stupid Fool then?"

Kim and I looked at each other. That actually wasn't a bad idea, besides the fact that our other friend was away with his family at the moment and wouldn't be back for the release date of the movie.

"He's away…" I murmured, looking down at my hands as I twiddled my thumbs together awkwardly. I wish I was as hyper as I was 2 years ago. Maybe it would make these long working days a lot easier.

Mikayla sighed as she quickly fixed her long, black hair in the mirror on the wall, "Well, rewrite my part then. I'm bored with it."

Both Kim and I knew that Mikayla hated making movies. She'd much rather be out shopping or 'beauty napping' or something. If it was up to me, she wouldn't be in our movies … but, being one of Kim's closest friends, there was nothing else we could do.

"Alright, let's just pick up the scene from Jesse's line then." Kim mumbled, also fixing herself up a little before we started again. I nodded, getting ready to feed my line before someone knocked at the basement door.

"Jesse? You down there?"

I groaned, attempting to keep a grin on my face as I shouted back. "Of course I am, dad! When am I ever not down here?"

Dad cautiously opened the door and peeked down at us before fully coming down the stairs. "Oh, what're you kids up to? Another movie?"

"Yep!" Kim replied with a sweet smile. Hah, that smile of hers.

"Isn't this, like, you're third one this week?"

"Pretty much," I answered, chuckling and sitting up in the seat I was in, carefully taking the crown off my head and placing it on the small table beside me. "I think that's enough for today though. We'll finish filming tomorrow, girls."

Mikayla practically barged up the stairs, not saying a word of goodbye. I rolled my eyes before looking over at Kim who had taken her cape and tiara off.

"Sounds good, Jess. I'll see you tomorrow." She placed her props down beside my crown before waving a small goodbye. "Goodbye, dad." Kim had been my friend for the longest time, calling my dad 'dad' had rubbed off on her, and of course dad didn't mind. Besides, it must have felt good to be able to call someone 'dad'. She only had her mom, and it wasn't even her birthmother. Kim was adopted.

"Bye, Kim." I smiled as she made her way up the stairs and disappearing.

It was me and my dad alone. I could only guess what he was going to say.

"So, did you want to go out to do something tonight?"


"I don't know. A father son day type thing?"

I chuckled with a small smile before shrugging and nodding, "I guess so." The entire week had suddenly been dedicated to me and my dad. It was a, uh, let's just say … 'pain in the buttocks'. "What'd you have in mind?"

He shrugged, taking a seat on the now empty throne beside me, "Maybe dinner and a movie?"

I couldn't help but laugh at this, "You make it sound like we're going on a date." He also laughed, now realizing his mistake before answering, "Well, whatever you want to do is good with me."

I softly smiled and nodded before standing up and stretching my arms wide with a yawn, "I'll tell you my decision later, okay?" He nodded, yawning himself before standing up beside me, "Sounds good, Jess."

I sort of ran up the stairs at that moment. It was times like these that I absolutely adored talking to my older brother. Lucky for me, he still lived at home. Dad actually told me that when Brendon was my age, the two of them were like father and son. Once Brendon got older, things …changed.

As I made my way up the second flight of stairs … I heard something dreadful. The sound of music. Not any type of music though, … dance music.

Groaning loudly, I peeked into my sister's room to see her dancing around her floor crazily with huge motions and whatever. "Josie! Would you keep it down?!" Josie suddenly stopped and looked towards me, a somewhat evil smirk forming on her face as she went over to her stereo.

"Oh sure, Jesse. No problem." The sarcasm in her teenage voice blared in my ears as she turned the volume up to full blast, now dancing even more than before. Why, why was I cursed with a sister who danced? If there was one thing I couldn't stand, it was dancing. Don't ask me why. It's only ironic because my dad was well known for his dancing in high school.

I finally decided to roll my eyes and ignore Josie as I knocked frantically on Brendon's door. "Brendon? You there?"

No answer.


Still no answer.

I started to wonder where he was when I realized the music was most likely too loud for him to even hear me. My hypothesis was proven correct when Brendon swung open the door screaming, "JOSIE, TURN THAT CRAP DOWN! I'M… ON THE PHONE!" He wasn't really on the phone, but any excuse worked coming from him.

He was startled to see me standing there and bit his lip as he looked down at me, "Excuse my, um, French. …Care to come in?" I nodded with a grin as Josie's music was completely turned off now.

I made myself comfortable on his bed before another interruption arrived…

"Brendon!" Mom's voice echoed through the hall.

"…What, mom?"

Brendon and mom had gotten into a lot of arguments lately. I guessed it was just because Brendon was a lazy bum and hadn't done anything with his life yet at the age of, what? 24?

"Next time you want Josie to turn her volume down, just ask her nicely. I'd rather you not be a bad role model for Jesse!"

I could only chuckle. It was a little too late for that, don't you think?

"Alright, alright. We're going to have some brother bonding time now, do you mind?" Brendon was about ready to slam the door in her face. Mom only rolled her eyes though and walked away, not even wanting to deal with her son at the moment.

Full of accomplishment, Brendon gently closed the door and came to have a seat beside me. "I was actually on my laptop before you stopped in."

"Oh? Talking to Melissa?" That was Brendon's girlfriend incase you didn't know. She moved to go to some fancy shamcy college, but they still attempted to keep their relationship going even after they broke up after graduation.

He smiled and nodded, "You bet." Talking about Melissa always seemed to make Brendon happy … it sort of reminded me of Kim for some reason- not that I liked her or anything! Ha ha.

"What'd you need?"

"Oh, right…" I cleared my throat before speaking, "Lately dad's been wanting to spend quality time with me, and not that I think it's bad or weird but, it's just a lot and out of no where."

Brendon lowered his eyebrows in thought, tapping his chin with a finger, "Hmm, well you did score the winning goal for the soccer team last week. Our elementary school soccer team had never won a game before you joined."

I shrugged, "It's only because I started playing before I joined the team, and unlike every other kid, I actually like soccer." Brendon laughed, the smile sticking to his face as he answered, "Exactly my point. When Coach sees you out there enjoying it, he obviously gets more and more proud of you each time."

"And wants to show it by taking me to dinner and a movie?"

"…Does he really?" Brendon nearly broke out laughing. I kind of guessed that he would though.

"Yep." I attempted to smile as I leaned to lay back on his bed, staring at the ceiling now. "Well, he said I could choose where we go."

"Choose something good then if he's willing to pay. I'd bet the bowling alley or possibly an arcade of some sort."

"I heard there was a sci-fi convention going on? How's that?"

Brendon paused for a long time before replying, "Don't get involved." I only nodded to agree with him. I trusted my older brother with everything. "Just do dinner and a movie then, see how that goes, then report back to me what happens."

I sighed, but pushed myself to smile and seem enthusiastic. That's the person everyone thought I was, so that's the person I tried hardest to be. "Alright!… I guess I'll go notify him right now."

Brendon nodded, scooting me up off the bed and towards the door, "Hop to it, Jess. You don't have all day." I chuckled as I looked up at him playfully, "Alright, alright." Soon enough I was in the hall, waving to him before making my way down the stairs to find dad.

"Let the father son bonding time begin," I mumbled to myself softly.



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