Title: Beautiful Irony

Pairing: Kyouya x Haruhi

Summary: One person got to Haruhi before the rest. He's sneaky, and possessive. Who else, but the Shadow King of the Host Club?

Black eyes watch Haruhi as she walks around the Third Music Room.

She is entertaining the yakuza boy again- Kasanoda, his mind supplies automatically, prince of the Kasanoda clan, a yakuza gang. As she gathers cake and snacks, the boy hovers over her shoulder, making the fangirls in the background squeal.

Drawn by the noise, the twins sneak over to them and attack the intruder. Kaoru drags Haruhi away while Hikaru diverts the red-heards attention by blabbering on about anything and everything and inserting insults on the way.

Hani and Mori direct warning glares at Kasanoda from where they are seated across the room. They are extremely protective over Haruhi. The boy starts to sweat under their combined animosity towards him.

Finally, Tamaki joins the fray, declaring threats for 'disturbing my precious daughter'. The last straw breaks, and Kasanoda flees from the overwhelming pressure.

"Smart move," Kyouya whispers under his breath.

He smirks and watches as Haruhi berates the others for chasing away a customer. Luckily, it was already nearing the end of the day, so there were only the avid fangirls left with them. If the more delicate ladies had witnessed that incident, they would have lost their business. As it was now, the fangirls were satisfied by the drama, and Haruhi was safe from lecherous advances.

Speaking of the devil, she was approaching his seat.

Eyes narrowed, she glares at him.

"I know you did something too."

Kyouya finishes typing on his laptop, and closes it. He pushes up his glasses as his eyes glint darkly.

"Why, my dear Haruhi, what would make you think so?"

She sighs, then takes a quick glance around the room.

Tamaki is growing mushrooms in the corner, too morose to notice anything. The twins have sneaked out of the room to bother the yakuza boy again, since there were no customers left for them to entertain. Hani and Mori are in their special pantry, most probably eating cake.

Satisfied, Haruhi steps up to Kyouya, their faces a mere inch apart. She stands on tiptoes to place a chaste kiss on his lips, then smiles secretively.

"You know I'm only yours."

He smirks possessively in response. She laughs and turns to walk away. Kyouya watches her back, and grins inwardly at the irony of their situation. Despite the flamboyant and dramatic wooing from Tamaki and the twins, Haruhi would never choose them. Because she was already his. He was the first to discover her secret, the first to ask her out. She had accepted, and they were dating in secret. They did not want to cause any break in the familial relationships of the Host Club by announcing theirs, so they kept quiet.

The figure he is watching stops, then turns.

"Return whatever you took from him, Kyouya."

He bows mockingly to her, lips twisting into a familiar smirk.

"As the lady wishes."

Not that he intended to follow it. He was sure that Kasanoda did not need a house and estate. It would serve Kyouya much better than it ever did him.

Black eyes glint with amusement.

A/N: Challenge from my friend, Gil: Kyouya x Haruhi - 'Irony'.

I'm not sure if I got the irony part right, but well, it's Kyouya x Haruhi at least!