The Explanation of Ra

The Explanation of Ra

by Nix Winter

Disclaimer: I don't own Duo and Heero, but I do like them a great deal.

Note: I've done a lot lately. Moved from Seattle to Michigan, found people I adore a great deal, went back to my publisher, put out a few books. I wickedly kinda like drafting stories in 1x2, or at least day-dreaming in 1x2. I promise to try to get a chapter of L2's Child out tomorrow or at least next week. I watched Mummies today though  This story is so going to end up being a Mummy story! 


"Oh my fucking god," Duo growled at a volume barely above a whisper. "Quatre, you have assassins in your house!"

The two of them pressed against the wall of the library. Duo slipped bullets into a six shooter, being careful of the hot barrel.

"Gangsters! Not assassins!" Quatre said, eyes wide, "It's not my fault the courts found their boss guilty!"

"What's that to do with you?" Duo checked over the closed up pistol, hoping there were more bullets around this place somewhere.

"I'm the one that ordered the crack down. I didn't want gangsters on my colony. I hired mercenary police."

Duo forced himself to stop grinding his teeth. "You hired a mercenary army to talk out organized crime, but you didn't put in a really good security system on your estate?"

"They're criminals. I didn't think they'd attack me directly," Quatre whispered. "Law enforcement is coming."

"You know, I seriously doubt that, Quatre. I really do. You don't think like a criminal at all."

"What does that mean? I don't think it would be good to think like a criminal," Quatre protested.

"If you did, we might not have a 20 of making it to dinner with Heero and Trowa tomorrow. I'd rather be a felon than dead." Duo aimed, shot a man entering the room from the other side. "I'd really like not to get shot. I promised Heero I wasn't going to get shot anymore! I quit Preventers so I didn't get shot anymore!"

"Well, I'm so fucking sorry," Quatre shouted back, "I didn't mean to get you shot at! I had other plans."

"Great." Sarcasm fueled Duo's next couple shots. "How many people do you think they have? I think they know where we are."

"I really am sorry," Quatre said. He grabbed Duo's wrist and light exploded around them both.

Disorientation, euphoria, lifted him around as if he floated in a pudding of the best drug ever. Duo turned slowly, his pistols floating away from him like small galaxies breaking away. "Shit. Quatre… I'd take shot over dead!"

"We're not dead," Quatre said. "We have to wait though. The trip won't complete until Heero and Trowa join us."

"What the fuck are you talking about," Duo tried to shout, his voice making visible ripples in the space between them.

"It was a surprise. Sleep, Duo, just wait. They'll find us!"

Trowa's face went cold steel. That he'd installed extra security, without explaining fully to his lover, was not something he felt the slightest guilt about. "There is a security breach at Quatre's."

"Hn," Heero said, ready to abandon his current information gathering mission because of the possibility of Duo being in danger. His arrangement with Preventers required Duo not to be endangered and he would accept missions which he could do in his own time, in the event that Duo might need him. Heero had always kept Duo's secrets, always would. The tumor had been reduced. The doctors said the chance of the tumor reoccurring were only one in a hundred, but that was too high a rate for Heero not to be available at a moment's notice. "ETA thirty minutes."