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***Silver Papa Bear Award winner for Best Poem or Song.***

A Leader of Men

I lead a team of four.

Our base of operation is Stalag 13.

We live in a POW barracks.

But my men and I know the score.

We disrupt the Germans whenever we can.

Sabotage, espionage and freeing American pilots.

This is just a few of the things we do.

We do as much as possible according to my plan.

There's LeBeau, Kinch, Newkirk and Carter.

One's French, one's British and two are American.

Each of them is very good at what they do.

The Germans aren't so dumb, it's just that we have to be smarter.

They're my men, my friends, my team.

They're all good men, the cream of the crop.

I know I can count on each of them and trust them with my life.

To others we're simply POWs, but really we're not what we seem.

I'm their Colonel, their leader, and they each look to me.

It's my job to come up with the crazy ideas and the bizarre schemes.

Hopefully my bag of tricks will never run dry.

Because most of all, it's my job to keep us safe and free.