Miko Chara!

By: Bishounen'sFoxyMiko

Co-authored by: DeathNoteMaker

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AN From Bishonen'sFoxyMiko: After hearing and reading a lot of fuss about the anime and manga of "Shuro Chara!", I decided to check it out. I read a little of the manga and watched most of the anime episodes. I have to admit that I thought it was a cute series and after reading Fear Fades Hope Lives 4Ever's and YukimuraShuusuke Girl's Shugo Chara Xovers, an awesome idea came to mind.

And since I'm still starting out, this fic will take place a little bit after Amu transferred and before she met Ikuto in the anime.

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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Inuyasha/Shugo Chara!

Genre: Romance/Comedy/slight drama

Pairing: Kagome/? (Not really sure. I'm hoping Ikuto.) Amu/? (I don't know. Maybe Tadase or one of Shippó's kids)

Warning: Some cussing and mature humor from Kagome and maybe… some intense violence due to anger and making a point

Summary: after the battle with Naraku and the Jewel's completion, Kagome is somehow changed into a child but still retains her miko powers as well as her title as "The Legendary Miko of The Shikon". But because of her reverted form, Kagome not only has to live with Sesshoumaru but also has to repeat school starting at the 5th grade. And where? Seiyo Academy of course! How will Kagome's presence turn the tide for the Guardians of Seiyo Academy? And will Kagome gain Guardian Characters as well? If so, how many?

Chapter One

"Okay… tell me again…" A fine raven brow twitched. "WHY THE HELL AM I GOING BACK TO THE FIFTH GRADE!" Kagome glared at her elder brother, Sesshoumaru from the corner of her eye.

It had been three months since Kagome had returned home to her era with Naraku's defeat done and the Shikon no Tama complete. But for some stupid reason, the jewel had turned its guardian into a child of eleven… twelve years old.

For a while Kagome was pissed because she felt much weaker and useless than she used to. Not to mention her power- her miko energy… it had decreased a bit. Probably due to the fact that a majority of her powers were still inside her but had not completely awakened.

Those were only the physical and spiritual changes. The other changes that she had to go through were, after Sesshoumaru finding her, to move in with the Taiyoukai as his younger sister (Much younger in appearance) and get enrolled into an elementary school that's in another town.

All of this had to be done because her friends in Tokyo would most likely freak out at seeing and hearing that she had turned into a child. How Sesshoumaru and the rest of her family saw it, it was a way to help Kagome start over in life.

'I was planning on starting over in high school at my true age. Not eleven and in 5th!' Kagome thought a bit miffed at starting most of her schooling all over again.

"You're going back to the fifth grade because, despite that your mentality is that of a young adult, your current appearance is that of an eleven year old. So… it's only natural that you start fifth grade over in another town to make things less suspicious with your old friends as to why your age was reduced." Sesshoumaru stated emotionlessly but a matter-of-factly. "You may have had Ayumi-kun convinced and believing everything that happened but the others will be in denial.

Kagome frown deepened, making it almost look like she was pouting. Well, she was inside. But then again, she couldn't really go against Sesshoumaru's logic.

The little miko was also sad that she had to leave her home behind along with some of her friends. The only good things she could see out of it all was that One, she could actually go back to school since she was suspended from her junior high for so many absences and Two…

'NO MORE HOJO-KUN!' Kagome internally screamed with happiness with her chibi-self doing a happy dance. Don't get her wrong, Hojo was sweet and all but… he was just too sweet for Kagome's taste. Not to mention him always asking her out was weighing on her. To her, he was as fun as watching a clay pot bake in a kiln.

The little miko sighed before asking her aniki, "So where am I going to school at?" She then saw a small ghost of a smile appear on Sesshoumaru's face. 'Must be a really good school…' she thought.

"The school you'll be going to now is called Seiyo Academy. It's the best elementary school in town." Sesshoumaru answered before brushing some of his silver hair behind his unnoticeably pointed ear.

"Seiyo Academy…?" Kagome had heard of the school. Many elementary kids desired to attend school there because of its welcoming atmosphere and fun events that are planned by a special group that's similar to a student council and the school board. She remembered always wanting to go but she didn't want to leave her friends behind.

'Maybe this second chance won't be so bad…' Kagome thought with a small smile.

The rest of the ride to the school was spent in a comfortable silence with Kagome looking out her car window and Sesshoumaru reading through some work papers.

Kagome started thinking about her friends from the Sengoku era and wondered how they were doing.

She was certain that Sango and Miroku got married with lots of kids. Shippó… she already knew that he was fine, already mated and had kids while he living under the same roof as her. And strangely… his kids- Kagome's godchildren/grandchildren didn't look any older than her eleven-year-old self. And Inuyasha…

'Pfft, I could care less about what that mutt does. After the stunt he pulled while giving me that crap about me only being worthy as Kikyo's replacement, I gave up.' It was true. Sometime before confronting Naraku, Inuyasha spoke his Taboo speech- "The Kikyou Comparison Speech" in front of Kagome. And what made it worse was that he invited her to the group without consulting the others and herself first… not to mention he never believed her when Kikyo tried to kill her.

But thankfully, everyone saw through the dead miko and stuck with Kagome to make sure she was never alone with her. Sesshoumaru, during an encounter with Kagome and the others, saw this as an opportunity to train Kagome to not only protect herself from Kikyo but in preparation against Naraku.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the car stopped in front of the entrance gate of the school.

'School! A MANSION more like it!' Kagome thought with disbelief after taking a look at Seiyo Academy's appearance. The place was HUGE but it had a welcoming atmosphere. The driver then got out of the car to open the door for them.

That's right. Sesshoumaru is a rich bastard who owns one of the most top companies in Japan. Maybe even all of Asia.

Anyways, after the driver opened their door, Sesshoumaru stepped out first before Kagome hesitantly stepping out, not used to being in the center of attention or making a grand entrance.

Many of the students who were on their way to enter the school stopped when they notice an expensive foreign car stop in front of the gate. They all wondered who could be coming to their school and were surprise to see a man with long platinum hair and dressed in a very expensive business suit step out of the car.

The way his hair glistened in the sun with his golden eyes shining like cold gold nuggets gave him an ethereal air that was filled with authority… it made many of the young girls almost melt at the sight of him, even though he looked to be in adult of twenty years. They saw him turn to the car, murmuring something before a little girl, who looked to be in the fifth grade step out.

Her appearance was really rare with her wearing the red plaid skirt, black jacket, and white dress shirt that was the Seiyo Academy's girls' uniform. But what made her stand out was that her jacket was unbuttoned, as well as her shirt, save for the two middle buttons while under her shirt was what looked like a skintight black turtleneck. The sleeves of her jacket were non-existent with the cuffs of her shirtsleeves unbuttoned as they covered what looked like black arm warmers that wrapped around her middle fingers. She also wore what looked like black biker shorts under her skirt while wearing some sort of material that looked like Black bandages on her calves with flat open toed shoes.

(The turtleneck shirt and arm warmers are like Sanzo's clothes from Saiyuki while her shoes are like the black version of Naruto sandals.)

Aside from her clothes, she had a very beautiful face for someone in her pre-teens. Long raven tresses were held back in a messy French braid with her bangs hanging over her mysteriously deep sapphire eyes that sparkled with some unknown inner light. And her skin was lightly sun kissed, showing that she was most likely an outdoor person, especially when her limbs looked nicely toned. Like she did various exercises daily.

Her very presence made every boy stop and look dazed as she and the older male walked up to the school.

Never in their short lives had they seen such beauty that looked mature and so unique. But none dared to approach her because of how intimidating the longhaired male she was with.

Kagome did her best not to falter in her stride that closely matched Sesshoumaru's pace because of the stares they were getting from the other students. She never really liked being the center of attention, especially after losing so much confidence in herself while with Inuyasha.

Sesshoumaru had helped her gain some of it back but only enough to believe in some of her abilities to fight but when it came to matters of the public… she's mostly a nervous wreck.

Once Kagome and Sesshoumaru had found the office, they met with Kagome's homeroom teacher and the principle.

The principle was an elderly man who had a grey mustache and glasses. And the air about him was welcoming with a gentleness and understanding towards children.

Her homeroom teacher also seemed like a gentle and sweet person. She had short wavy light brown hair and matching eyes that were just filled with kindness. And if her senses were working just fine, Kagome could feel that she was pregnant.

After Sesshoumaru introduce Kagome, the principle spoke, "Oh my, Taisho-sama, she's quite a little jewel!"

Kagome's homeroom teacher then spoke in agreement, "Oh, yes! I've never seen such beautiful girl! And her eyes are just gorgeous!"

The miko could feel her face flush from their compliments and unconsciously took a step back, making it seem like she was scared or something.

Sesshoumaru understood her actions while knowing the reason as well as its cause. Noticing the expressions on the teachers' faces, he informed, "My imouto is unused to such attentions, considering she had been home schooled most of her life."

After gaining their understanding, the homeroom teacher offered to lead both Kagome and Sesshoumaru to her class while informing Sesshoumaru of what they will mostly be doing and giving reassurance that Kagome was in good hands.

Although partially listening to the conversation, Kagome heard something interesting, "The school is divided into two types of classes?" Kagome's voice was soft but was loud enough for her new teacher to hear it.

At first, her teacher was surprised before answering her with a smile, "That's right. The Moon Class and The Star Class. Since I'll be teaching you, you're going to be a part of the Fourth Year Star Class."

They soon arrived at her classroom with the teacher entering first to get her students to settle down to hear her announcement.

Kagome could feel a cold sweat coming to her but soon relaxed when she felt Sesshoumaru's hand rest on her shoulder- a silent reassurance that she would be just fine.

Once the class was quiet at hearing they were having a new student, the teacher bid them to come in. Kagome walked in with her Aniki behind her and stood in front of the class.

"Everyone, this is our newly enrolled student. Higurashi-Taisho Kagome-san. And this is her guardian and older brother, Taisho Sesshoumaru-sama. Please make Higurashi-Taisho-san feel welcome." The teacher announced with a smile.

Kagome was silent for a moment before clearing her throat and giving a bow, greeting, "Yoroshuku-onegai shimasu." This seemed to gain some voices of awe. After standing straight, she could clearly see some of the boys gaining hearts in their eyes while some of the girls gained stars of admiration.

Classical music that had violins playing then sounded in the room. Kagome's brow twitched… it was Sesshoumaru's favorite ringtone- the song being called "Victory".

'Still hadn't changed it… not surprised.' Kagome thought as he dug his cell phone out of his pocket and answered it. After a while, he hung up before turning to her saying, "It seems my presence is need. Kokota-san will come for you after school and I'll meet you at home."

"Hai, Aniki." Sesshoumaru then pat her on the head before bending down to her level to rest his forehead on hers- one of his normal actions as a demon to give her some reassurance of a good day. He then left out the door while Kagome's new teacher assured that his little sister was in good hands.

Once he was gone, Kagome's teacher turned to her with a smile, "Well, with introductions out of the way, would you mind telling us about yourself, Higurashi-Taisho-san?"



"You can just call me Higurashi or Kagome… saying my full surname seems like a mouthful." Kagome offered, not really used to hearing the 'Taisho' part of her new name being said with her original family name."

The teacher smiled softly. "Of course, Higurashi-san. Can you tell us a little about yourself?"

And with that, Kagome nodded before speaking, "Well… I love history, music, visual arts, martial arts, archery, the art of medicinal herbs, as well as the simplest things in life like nature itself. But I dislike math, shallow people, fan girls who think I'm competition for someone they have a crush on despite that I have no interest in the guy, and I also despise being referred to as anything other than a human being."

'If I'm gonna be here for the last two years of my elementary years, I might as well point out the basics of my self.'

What she had said just seemed to make her gain more stares and faces of puppy love from the boys and great admiration from the girls as a small group squealed in excitement, "Dark and Mature!"

This made Kagome furrow her brows a bit in a slightly 'wtf!' manner.

The teacher gave a bit of a sheepish laugh before she turned to the class, muttering about where to sit her new student. After a short while, she spoke again, "Ah, the seat next to Hinamori Amu-san. Hinamori-san, please raise your hand."

A girl with pink hair and light gold eyes raised her hand. Kagome could see that she was cute with the way she wore her clothes making her look like a rebellious goth punk. And her outer appearance was the opposite of how her spirit energy felt. Kagome took a seat in the empty desk next to her before the teacher started her Math lesson for the day.

'I may hate math, but at least fifth grade math is easier than algebra and geometry.' Kagome thought, internally happy and relieved that she remembered her fifth grade math.

Next to her, Amu stared at her from the corner of her eye while taking in the new girl's appearance. She was almost similar to her in appearance but she wondered if she was like her, keeping an outer facade.

'Although… she really is pretty…' Amu thought, internally admiring how the new girl looked.

Break soon came around with most of the students who stayed in the classroom gossiping about a shakedown incident that involve Amu. After they were talking about her having an unknown older boyfriend, Kagome gave a small rueful smirk, saying, "Gossiping is a very bad habit… same with spreading rumors that are most likely exaggerated by the fans…" her eyes then turned to Amu before asking, "ne?"

"Uh…" for a moment, Amu didn't know what to say until her outer character surfaced with her saying, "Tell me about it."

'She's stubborn… I'll give her that. She does what she can to keep a facade.' Making a decision, Kagome held her hand out to the pink haired girl, and spoke, "I'm Higurashi-Taisho Kagome. Maybe we can be friends?" Kagome had a feeling that this girl really wished for one… and Kagome herself didn't really feel like spending her new school life alone. 'Might as well start over with new friends too.'

Amu was surprised that the new wanted to be friends with her but a part of her felt really happy about it- having a new friend. With her outer character giving a cool smirk, she answered while grasping Kagome's hand, "Why not? I've got nothing better to do." Deep down, she almost regretted her answer thinking, 'Oh no! She'll take that wrong way! NO! Just when I made my first friend! I don't want her to think that I'm mean!'

She was surprised when she heard Kagome give a soft chuckle, replying, "I have a feeling we'll be great friends… Hinamori-san."

With that, word started to spread throughout the school about the "Cool and Spicy" Hinamori Amu and the "Dark and Mature" Higurashi-Taisho Kagome were now friends.


The day soon ended as Amu made it home, feeling a bit happy that she made a friend in the new girl, Higurashi. There was something about her that gave off a welcoming older sister aura. Not to mention, at lunch, Amu practically told her all of her secrets as well as about her true self that was the opposite of her outer facade.

Amu thought that she would laugh at her and would think that she was nothing but Kagome didn't seem to mind and said, "I thought so. Your stubbornness and shyness forced you to create an outside character." The pink haired girl was surprised by her answer but felt relieved that at least one person knew about her true character and promised to keep it a secret.

'She really is mature… but makes a good friend.' Amu thought with a small smile before hearing her mother call out saying that dinner was ready.

(Hopefully you already know what happened with Amu leading up to the next morning when she got her Chara Eggs.)


Kagome almost choked on her steak when she heard some medium lady announce on the TV, "Behind your back is a spirit!" But compared to the little miko, Sesshoumaru and a now much older Shippó with his mate just raised a brow as the middle-aged woman continued, "That's right. No matter who you are, a guardian angel is protecting you."

After Kagome took a drink of her milk to help the steak go down smoothly, she asked, "Who the heck is she? And is she for real?"

"She's called The Never-Betraying Psychic, Nobuko Saeka-san. She can see and sense things on a certain level but her gift to see the supernatural is a bit lower than the average human." Sesshoumaru answered.

"So she has some potential for her age?"

"Because of her business in her show and such, she can't really sharpen her gift of sight." Shippó replied after nodding.

After a while Kagome looked back to the TV that was set on the Island countertop of their kitchen. Not really in the mood to listen to more of the woman's talk of guardian angels, she grabbed the remote and turned the channel to one of her favorite Reality TV shows on Ghosts.

(Think about "Ghost Hunters" from the SciFi channel)

Kagome had to laugh a couple of times when they would think they could see something. Sometime the shows would debunk the setting they go to as not haunted because they really couldn't get any evidence and such but Kagome knew otherwise because of her ability to see spirits.

'… Not that I can really tell them they're wrong. They're just normal humans who can only see the shadow of the spirit.'

After the show and dinner was finished, one the many servants of Sesshoumaru's household took Shippó's and the Taiyoukai's empty plates and glasses while Kagome helped out washing the dishes.

Sesshoumaru didn't protest. He understood that his imouto was independent, not to mention it help one of his servants out since she was with-child and due to deliver any day now.

"Ah, thank you for your help, Kagome-sama. You really didn't have to." The servant thanked Kagome after she finished drying the last plate.

"It's okay, Kilani-san. It's really best that you don't push yourself when you're so close to giving birth." Kagome answered, not at all bothered to be doing chores.

"That's right, Kilani-chan. 'Ká-san's more than willing help with a few measly chores to help you relax." Shippó pointed out. What he said was true. His now child-like mother was raised to be independent and to help those in need, not to mention she has the experience of a midwife so she knows what's best for an expecting mother.

After excusing herself, Kagome made her way to her room, which was in the west wing of Sesshoumaru's home.

The main house was a modern mansion while rest was like a village, consisting of houses that were living quarters for the house staff and the rest were homes for they're extended clan.

(Think of the Souma Family Estate from Fruits Basket but the main house is a modern mansion with 3 floors)

Reaching her room on the second floor of the west wing, Kagome entered and walked to her desk to start what little homework her new teacher gave her.

Kagome's room… it resembled that of a college student's dorm room but more spacious. A simple but comfortable bed, nightstand with lamp and alarm clock, a low table, a small personal fridge, simple desk, a couple of book shelves filled with high school to college level reading books with a few stray manga…

Yep, it was definitely the opposite of a child's room.

'But, mentally and technically I'm not a child.'

Finishing the homework with no problems, Kagome started to think about Amu. Strangely, Kagome felt a connection to the girl. In some ways… they were alike in putting up facades unintentionally. Then she started to think about what that medium woman talked about with Guardian angels…

She then started to think about herself… wondering if she'll ever gain back the confidence she lost while with Inuyasha or if she'll ever be of any use to anyone as a child. Deep down, she still felt like a coward, clumsy, and was weak, not to mention shy and knew for sure that she easily got stage fright.

Letting out a sigh, Kagome got up and decided to get ready for bed- taking a relaxing bath and dressing into her pajamas that were a pair of violet satin pants that were specked with yellow crescent moons and stars and a matching lavender tank top. After turning off the light and settling under the covers, Kagome laid there, staring at the ceiling for a while before shutting her eyes and falling asleep… her heart deeply wishing to be reborn.

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