Miko Chara!

By: Bishonen'sFoxyMiko

Co-authored by: DeathNoteMaker

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Kagome was silent for a while as she continued to stare at Ikuto closely, contemplating on how to answer his question. Seeing no other way to answer him, she replied, "The reason I'm with Hotori-san and the other guardians was somewhat against my will, as well as Amu-chan's because we have more than two eggs each."

Ikuto raised a brow at her answer, kind of expecting it from the group of kids that the Kiddy King led. "If you were forced, then why do you still stay with them?"

A soft look entered Kagome's eyes, remembering the times when her pink haired friend was when she almost lost Miki. Her blue eyes slid closed, replying again, "One reason… is because I stay for Amu-chan. She's still trying to get used to the idea that her charas are a part of her and are there to help change her present self gradually. I want to help her not fear change." Opening her eyes, her gaze landed on the Humpty Lock that was hanging from a Jewelry hook she set on her bookshelf for decoration, next to the small cushion she had for her last two Chara Eggs. "Another reason… would be because it would be kinda interesting, finding this Embryo Hotoru-san says that can grant any wish without an equivalent price. But right now there's a joint-ownership of it between Amu-chan and me. And my third reason is that the Humpty Lock seemed to have chosen me even though it was supposed to got to Amu."

Standing up straight, Ikuto followed her gaze to see the humpty lock and her last two eggs; the baby blue one with pink Sakura petals and the other that was black while its bottom half was almost completely covered in golden stars. "You mostly want to help support Amu… eh?" Looking back at Kagome, he asked, "Then why help them look for the Embryo? Aside saying that it would be interesting finding it, from what I can see, you look like you have everything you could ever want… not to mention you don't look like you want much of anything else…"

"Hmm… it's true that I don't really need anything or even want anything, material or otherwise…" Kagome started to think over the reasons of why she helps the Guardians look for the Embryo. Sure she wanted to get her older adolescent body back but she wasn't really going to try her luck of the whole 'Equivalent Exchange' deal. Shrugging, Kagome answered Ikuto, "Partially it would be because I don't approve of Hotori-san's reason for finding the Embryo, nor do I approve of the others allowing it. Other than that, I'm just along for the ride to see the Embryo and what it really is."

Ikuto smirk with a sound of amusement, "So it's out of curiosity." He couldn't help release an amused chuckle, remembering that the girl before him had a feline chara that also caught Yoru's attention. "With you having a feline chara, it's a bit expected."

Kagome's only reply to him was a raised brow. Before she was about to say something to him, Ryuuko and Kisa floated in while greeting her.

The two charas left with the rest of Kagome's family to eat out but took a stop by Amu's house to see house the pink haired girl was doing. When they heard from Ran, Miki, and Su that Amu was indeed okay and just a bit tired they decided to head back to the manor to tell Kagome the good news. They two never expected Ikuto to be in Kagome's room while said girl was in her mature sleepwear.

The miko-child blinked at their shocked expressions before asking, "Hey guys. Decided to come home early?"

Ryuuko was the first to come out of her shock, answering with a slight stutter, "Y-yeah. We also stopped by Amu-chan's home. It looks like she's doing well and just a little tired." Kisa was the second to come out of her shock, agreeing with what Ryuuko said.

Kagome smiled, relieved to hear that her friend was okay. After thanking them for going out of their way to check on Amu for her, Kagome noticed that kisa was looking around the room, uneasily.

It was then that Kagome noticed that Ikuto's chara wasn't with him. She looked at him curiously, "Where's your chara? He didn't want to come?"

"Heh, he's probably with his 'underlings' right now. He's allowed to come and go as he pleases like any other cat." Ikuto answered before looking at the time on Kagome's nightstand and started making his way to the balcony doors, "I'll get going. It's a little late and don't want you to get in trouble by your family if they find out that you had a boy in your room."

"True… although, Aniki will still find out about it sooner or later. But he still trusts me enough to know that I won't do anything inappropriate." Kagome smirked.

After she received a smirk in return from Ikuto, the cat boy leaped off of her balcony before Kagome stood to close her balcony doors.

Going back to her desk, she picked up her back of sunchips and opened it. As she took a bite of one, she felt Ryuuko and Kisa looking at her with embarrassed pink faces. Frowning slightly in curiosity before realizing what they were thinking, Kagome gave a pout, "We didn't do anything! He was here after I came back from downstairs to get a snack!"


The next day came pretty quickly with Kagome deciding to wake a little early so that she could stop by Amu's home so that they could walk to school together. Despite that Ryuuko and Kisa said she was okay, Kagome was still a little worried and wanted to see if Amu will be able to come to school today.

Looking through her hair accessories after getting dressed into her uniform, Kagome picked up a pair of Blackwood hair sticks that looked like dragonflies. Once they were picked out, Kagome went to work in putting her long hair into an intricate bun that allowed two handfuls of hair to flow out of either side of the bun before crisscrossing the sticks in her hair vertically.

Once satisfied with her hairstyle, with compliments from Ryuuko and Kisa, she went to put on the Humpty lock and gathered her last two eggs and put them in her bag.

As she made her way into the kitchen, Kagome noticed that a new demoness was working on preparing everyone's breakfast. Looking around and not seeing Kilani around, Kagome asked, "Ne, Cara-san? Where's Kilani-chan?"

"Oh, good morning, Kagome-sama. Since Kilani-san is very close to her due date for the pup to be born, Sesshoumaru-sama told her to start taking it easy and so asked me to take over her duties until after her Maternity Leave is over." Cara, a European water nymph, answered Kagome before she continued to prepare the last of the lunches for Kagome and Shippó's sons.

Hearing that Kilani was just taking a few days off until her baby was born and her Maternity leave was over, Kagome nodded before grabbing a couple of cereal bars from the cabinet, one for her and the other for her charas, and a juice from the fridge, the miko-child asked, "Could you tell Sesshoumaru-Ní and the others I decided to leave a little early today?"

"of course, Kagome-sama. I'll tell them once they come down for breakfast." Cara said, handing her a bento.

With a nod and a goodbye, Kagome was out the door and on her way to Amu's house. By the time Ryuuko and Kisa were finished with their cereal bar and were drinking juice from Kagome's juice box, they were already in front of Amu's house with plenty of time to spare to walk to school.

Coming to the front door, Kagome knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

The door then soon opened to reveal a man with light brown hair and green eyes, as well as a bit of a stub on his chin. He greeted her with a smile, "Ah, can I help you?"

'This must be Amu's dad.'

Returning the smile, Kagome answered, "Ah yes, I was wondering of Amu-chan is ready to head to school."

"Yes, Amu-chan's still here. She's still getting ready right now before coming down for breakfast. May I ask who you are?"

"I'm Higurashi-Taisho Kagome. I'm a friend of Amu's." Kagome replied.

As soon as she said her name, Hinamori Tsugumu's gained a sparkle of excitement in his eyes before suddenly grabbing Kagome's hand, shaking it excitedly, exclaiming with equal excitement, "So you're Kagome-chan! It's such a great pleasure to meet Amu-chan's friend! Mama told Papa what you and your family member did by bringing Amu-chan home! Papa's very grateful! Please come in! Come in!" And with that, Kagome was pulled inside the house.

During the entire time Tsugumu was talking, Kagome and her charas were at a loss for words, never have been in the presence of and adult as full of energy as Amu's father. Before she knew what had happened, she was already in the entry hall of the Hinamori home with Tsugumu yelling out that 'Kagome-chan' was there before she started seeing flashes everywhere and compliments from the man saying she looked pretty.

Coming out of the kitchen to see what the fuss was about, Midori found her husband excitedly taking pictures of Amu's friend, Kagome while gushing compliments of how pretty Amu-chan's friend was. Seeing that the flashes from the camera were blinding the young girl, Midori chided lightly, "Papa, give her some room to breath and have breakfast with Ami-chan."

At the mention eating with his youngest, Tsugumu agreed before stopping his little photo session of Kagome and making his way to the dining area where Ami was eating and started taking pictures of her, gushing how cute she was while eating pancakes.

Giggling at her husband's antics, Midori turned to Kagome and greeted, "Good Morning, Kagome-chan. You came by to see Amu-chan? And I'm sorry for my husband's behavior, it's just that he's been pretty excited to meet you after I told him how you and Akahigure-kun brought Amu-chan home." Midori didn't want to mention that she had also told her husband, Tsugumu of where she had heard the Taisho and Akahigure name.

Rubbing her eyes to get the spots out of them, Kagome returned the smile, although a bit uneasy after what happened with Papa Hinamori, "Yes, I was a little worried about her and wanted to come by and see if she would be able to come to school."

"She's just fine. All rested up and getting ready for the day so the two of you can be able to walk to school together." Midori smiled before asking, "It's still a bit early. Have you eaten breakfast yet? I can make an extra plate if you'd like."

Not wanting to be a burden and have the mother go through all the trouble, Kagome spoke, "Oh, no, that's okay, Hinamori-san. I had a cereal bar and juice box on my way here…"

"Nonsense! Making another plate is no trouble at all. And just a cereal bar and juice doesn't sound very filling. Come on in and have a seat and I'll have a couple of Apple Cinnamon pancakes ready." Before she could get another word in, Midori was already in the kitchen getting a plate ready for Kagome.

With a sigh of defeat and glancing at Ryuuko and Kisa, Kagome went to slipping her shoes off before making her way to the family's dinning area. Once she was at the table, Tsugumu pulled a stool up for her to sit in before the miko-child took a seat while saying thank you.

Ami looked up from her plate and noticed Kagome sitting next to her before saying excitedly with a smile, "Ah! It's Hime-Nee-chan!"

Kagome couldn't help but chuckle at the nickname and rested a hand on the toddler's head, greeting, "It's nice to see you again too, Ami-chan."

As Midori set a plate in front of her with two Apple Cinnamon pancakes, Amu could be heard coming down the stairs. After turning to the archway and was met with a surprised Amu with her charas floating next to her before the pink haired girl asked in surprise, "Kagome-chan! W-what are you doing here?"

When the raven-haired girl was about to answer, Midori spoke as she placed some pancakes at Amu's seat, "Kagome-chan came by extra early to see how you were doing and so that the two of you could walk to school together. And since she only had a cereal bar and a juice box, I had her stay for a good breakfast."

Kagome smiled sheepishly, "Your mom was very persuasive and I didn't want to be rude."

During breakfast at the Hinamori home after Amu took a seat, Kagome gave her compliments on how good the pancakes tasted while Amu's parents asked a few questions about herself.

After looking at the time, Amu said that it was time for them to leave and with many thanks for the breakfast from both girls, they were out the door and on the way to school.

About a block or two down from Amu's house, the pink haired girl asked, "Ano… my parents didn't do anything embarrassing, did they?"

"Hmm? Oh, no. Nothing embarrassing." Kagome assured before adding with an uneasy grin, "Although… you're dad was quite… rapturous when he found out that I was your friend. He even went so far as to pull me into the foyer and started taking pictures of me. I can still see a few spots in my eyes here and there."

For the rest of the way, Amu apologized for how her dad acted while Kagome kept telling her that she wasn't the least bit bothered by how her dad acted that morning.

"Actually, I found your dad to be pretty interesting. He's not afraid to show how much he loves his wife and daughters." Kagome paused for a moment when they made it to the front gate of the school, "Although, with me… he must've been very excited to be able to meet a friend of his eldest child, especially if he went so far as to take pictures."

Ryuuko and Kisa gave nods of agreement as Amu groaned, completely embarrassed that her father went that far despite Kagome's reassurance of being fine with it.

As they were just outside their classroom, one of the boys from the newspaper club handed them a copy of the school day's news. And right smack on the front… was not only "Red Joker in Love?" in bold lettering but with a picture of Haku carrying Amu on his back!

'How in the heck did that get that picture?' Kagome asked herself before looking to Amu who had a shocked and speechless expression on her face. 'and here's the start of another day at Seiyo…'

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