Music of the Heart Character List-

Squall Leonhart- Rockstar and Ex-Seed- Lead Singer/ Guitar of Griever

Zell Dincht- Rockstar and Ex- Seed- Drummer of Griever

Seifer Almasy- Rockstar -2nd Lead Vocals and Guitar of Griever/ Soloist

Irvine Kinneas- Rockstar- Guitar and backing vocals/ lady's man

Selphie Tilmitt- Band Groupie and Irvine's girlfriend

Quistis Trepe- Band Groupie and Squall's girlfriend

Emmie Dashfield- Band Groupie / Ex- Library Girl and Zell's girlfriend

Fujin- Band Groupie and Seifer's Girlfriend

Raijin- The band's man bodyguard

General Caraway- Father of Rinoa and very abusive. Loathes daughter

Rinoa Heartilly- Daughter of General Caraway. Runaway

Xander Heartilly- Rinoa's cousin and band manager of Griever

Melanie Carmichael- Xander's fiancée

Skylar Wiltshire- Rinoa's ex- boyfriend. New Guitarist and 2nd lead vocals under his alter ego Mattson King. Has obsession with Rinoa. And decides to help General Caraway in the search for his daughter

Biggs and Wedge- General Caraway's Right Hand Men

Ellone McClintock- (under a MARRIED last name in this story) Squall's sister and VICE- Ceo of Presidential Records. The Company that produces Griever.

James McClintock- Ellone's husband and CEO of Presidential Records.

Raine Leonhart- Loire – Squall's and Ellone's mother and late(deceased) wife to Laguna Loire ( I have her indirectly in a cameo to ease any confusion for later chapters as to who is Laguna's wife!)

Stefy Loire- Laguna's new wife and step mother to Squall and Ellone. Treats them as if they are her own.

Laguna Loire- Squall's father and step-father to Ellone. Although he prefers father to Ellone. She calls him dad anyway. Raine's husband and President of Esthar. Former Galbadian Soldier

Kiros and Ward (sorry forgot their last names and too lazy to look them up) Laguna's Right Hand Men and were in Laguna's squadron in the Galbadian Army.