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2. Ideal Domination


When I awoke it was morning and Edward was up and dressed already sitting in a chair beside the bed.

"Good morning my little slave. How was your sleep?" Edward purred with slight authority.

"Morning master Edward! Whoa…talking about ideal domination, last night was insane!" I replied incredulously.

"Well that's wonderful to here, my love, but that's not even close to ideal domination." He stated politely and still acting in character. I was about to play along but he continued, "Ideal domination comes more from being told what to wear… wait, first you have 10 minutes to get in the shower and clean yourself." He said seriously.

I obeyed getting out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom, mumbling a "yes master" on my way. I turn on the water and turned to close the door.

"Uh. Uh. Ahh. Keep the door open and the shower curtain, I want to see you wash yourself. You better hurry you only have 9 minutes."

I looked at him slightly confused but still complied with his orders. I hopped in under the water flow and relaxed instantly. I just stood there letting the water pour over my body in such a beautiful soothing way.

"5 minutes Bella, you better start washing yourself and I want you facing me, looking me in the eyes as you do." Edward order in the same controlled voice.

I grabbed the soap and lathered up my pink sponge before I began washing up my left arm then my right.

"Look at me Bella!" Edward ordered with full authority and I complied without a second thought. This dominate Edward was really starting to turn me on as I looked him in the eyes and lathered up my chest, legs, ass and pussy with soap bubbles thoroughly with slow exaggerated movements that were visibly effected him. His breathing became jaggered.

He quickly composed himself and ordered, "Okay times up. Rinse, dry and get out here!"

I silently giggled at the affect I had on him and turned off the water. I stepped out, quickly dried myself before walking out and standing before him, playing my role as his slave.

"Well done my little slut. Now as I was saying, Ideal domination starts off with your master picking out your outfit for the day. Today you will wear: a front unclasping bra, with a button down shirt along with a short skirt, thigh highs, knee high boots and of course no underwear for easy access." He stated pointing to clothes that were laid out on the floor. "Go get dressed, you don't want to be late for work do you?"

"No master." I replied and walking over to where my outfit for the day had been laid out. I stood there for a few seconds examining the contents. The whole outfit had the important parts of me naked and exposed in a matter of a few buttons.

"What are you waiting for slut! Get dressed!" He barked.

I knew we were just playing but he still made me jump and slightly afraid to disobey him. I quickly got dressed and walked back and stood before him.

"Perfect." He breathed sweeping his eyes up and down my body, which only served to arouse me move. How in the world am I supposed to go about my day without any underwear? I guess I was about to find out. "C'mon, I'll drive you to work." He got up and motioned for me to follow him.

"Yes master." I complied walking out of the bedroom behind him.

"Your bag is packed, everything is in there and here" he passed me my large work handbag along with a juice box of orange juice and a breakfast bar. "you'll have to have brekkie on the go. Now c'mon, you want to be late."

I followed him out to the car and hopped in, buckled my seatbelt and began eating my breakfast as he backed out of the driveway and pulled out on the path through the forest.

(we live in a secluded mansion within the forest of Fork's, for privacy just like his parents house. The Cullens being vampires and all they don't want anyone getting suspicious and causing them to move again. They just want to fit in and live amongst as humans. They're good vampires, feeding off the blood of animals instead of humans they don't want to be monsters like others of their kind and hence why their eyes were gold rather than red. Also living in the forest allowed Edward and I to be as loud as we wanted and Edward to hunt closer to home and not be gone for that long. I first met Edward when I moved here from Phoenix to live with my father because my mother remarried and had to stay home with me so that I could go to school while Phil had to travel to different places to play baseball. I could she that she wasn't happy so I sacrificed my own happiness and moved to the wettest place in the U.S. I began attending Fork's High where I met Edward … and I'm sure my journal of my life at that stage has been found by some chick, I don't know, lets call her Stephenie who found it quite interesting and published it as a novel… just hypothetically speaking, in other words lets just say that part of my life is assumed knowledge and that we all know the story and know Edward and I are living happily together and haven't married yet and yes the Volturi still insist on me being transformed and have made a deal with the Cullens that I be changed on my wedding night. But for now I have a job as a writer for the weekly Fork's newspaper, which should be yearly since nothing ever happens in a small town like Fork's, that humans are aware of that is. So I sit at my desk going over tapes of interviews with local heroes like my father, Charlie who is the police Chief of Fork's… Okay now I think that's enough background knowledge so we can get back to the story)

As he drove and I ate he had has hand rested on the top of my thigh and informed me that while I was in the car I was not allowed to close my legs. I followed rules and kept them open and drunk my juice. Within minutes I was at work and departing from my master and had to go about my day the way he left me.

Every once in a while he'd call making sure I was still wet for him. I was approaching the end of my shift which was 9 hours long, so at this point every time the phone rang at work I got hot and flustered.

I finished and he picked me up from work and still I'm not allowed to keep my legs closed in the car. As he drove he lifted my skirt so that the tops of my thigh highs are showing and rests his hand on my crotch his fingertip just resting between my lips, not moving just resting. He asked me about my day, wanting me to make casual conversation. I'm a little befuddled to say the least but I comply to every demand.

He decided to take me to dinner at an Italian restaurant and seating us in a dark booth in the corner of the restaurant. At the table he brought his finger back on my clit except this time he had a little ultra quiet mini vibrator. I was so grateful of the large table cloth that hid our actions beneath the table from any who happened to look this way.

He rested the vibrator on my clit, feeling so aroused I move my hips against him trying to get some wonderful fiction. But he removed the toy and gave me a dirty look that said 'do that again and I'll stop'. I didn't want to risk it so I stopped and sat still.

The waiter arrived and began telling us about the specials, the whole time I try to look normal I was sure I wasn't doing a very good job as the waiter keep giving me quickly confused glances before handing us the menus and walking away and retrieving the two cokes Edward took the liberty of ordering for us. I smiled and quickly turn my focus to the menu but not seeing anything, I couldn't think.

The waiter came back with the cokes and asked if we were ready to order, thankfully Edward ordered for me, not getting anything for him self and just as the waiter was about to walk away I start to cum. Oh gawd it hurts so bad to keep it in and not scream out, I tried to hide my face by coughing with my napkin giving Edward a look. The waiter turned and gave me a questioning look but I quickly averted my eyes.

As we waited for my meal to come Edward unzipped his pants, taking my hand and placed it in his lap. My meal came and I ate as he watched me making sure my hand stayed in his lap. He was so hard beneath my hand.

Once I had finished my meal, he 'accidentally' knocked his unused fork onto the floor and motioned with his eyes for me to go get it. I obeyed like a good little slave and crawled under the table to retrieve it. As I do so he scoots his ass to the edge of the seat, I move between his legs and take him in my mouth, wanting to exact revenge on him for making me cum when the waiter was there.

As I began sucking him off like crazy I heard the waiter come over from under the table cloth covered table. He was going over the dessert menu with my master. I reach a hand between his legs and push a finger into his ass. The surprise causes him to suck in a huge breath as he explodes in my mouth. I continue sucking and as the aftershocks roll through him he coughed and fidgeted back and forth in his seat. He quickly ordered something chocolate for us to 'share' and after the waiter walked away with our dessert order I came back up from under the table. I gave him a huge open mouthed kiss and let him taste the remnants of himself on my tongue. "Bitch! You naughty little slut!" he hisses under his breath but I could the lust and excitement in his eyes as he continued, "I'll get you back for that later, you dirty little slave."

I try my best to hold back my smile and I look down forging guilt and apologize, "Sorry Master."

"Oh you will be love… you will be." He purrs into my ear causing a shiver to run down my spin then between my legs, arousing me more.

Our dessert arrived and Edward watched intently as I made love to my fork with my mouth teasing him with every bite. I was a very misbehaving slave but it was fun teasing a vampire.

He says nothing, just watched. I finished and the waiter came with the bill. Edward paid tipping quite generously before towing me out of the restaurant and to his shiny silver Volvo. He helped me into the car lifting my skirt as I sat so that my bare ass rested on the leather seat. He was on the other side of the car and in his seat within milliseconds. He reached over unbuttoning my shirt before he lifted my breasts out of my bra. He spread my legs, started the car up and turned the warm air on high and so that it blew directly on my clit and nipples the whole drive home. But he didn't touch me so I put my hand on the shifter and pretend its his cock, moving it up and down and rubbing my palm on the knob on the top. I could see him squirming as I stared at him in the driver seat but he wouldn't even look at me. I was squirming, I was drenched and I was sure the leather was getting wet. He took the long way home just to torment me but he's tormenting himself as we go too so I took delight in that. But he still wouldn't make eye contact.

We finally arrived home and he was around to the passenger side of the car in seconds. He leant down and put my arms around his neck, unzipped his pants, wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust all the way inside of me, all in just a few seconds right there in the driveway. Gosh I don't think I will ever grow tired of his supernatural abilities. He pulled me tight so that I don't feel too self-conscious with my shirt still undone.

He carried me into the house like this, slamming open and shutting the door, pushing my back against it as it closes and fucks me hard. Calling me a slut, a bitch, a cunt, a wench and a whore as he goes but its only making me hotter. He let me put one leg on the floor, putting his hand on the back of my other thigh as he held it up against the door. It's hot.

My shirt is open still and he bent down biting my nipples occasionally. He ice cold body cooling me down as he pressed his against mine.

I bit the side of his neck and his shoulder as we finally came together, screaming in a hot and cold sweaty heap against the door. He fills me with his cum sending shivers up my shine as his ice cold sperm swam within me before I begin feel it drip out of me as he softened inside me.

He collapsed against me both of us breathing hard. God that was hot. He wrapped my legs around him again and carried me upstairs to the bed. The ties are already ready as he had the whole do off work to do whatever. He tied one of my wrists to each bedpost as he told me how much he loves me. What ever did I do to deserve such a sex god! I must be the luckiest woman on Earth.

He then began making slow, teasing, playful love to me for hours without letting me cum...

He breathed in my ear, "Now this, Bella… is ideal domination and...this now is the part that varies depending on my mood, sometimes I'll be rough, sometime's I'll be sweet but never will I let you cum until you beg..."

I whimpered as he obviously chose sweet, knowing perfectly well how he affects me. I finally begged enough to satisfy him and he reaches down retrieving my ankles and tying them to my wrists before fucking me long, hard and slow... I couldn't be more open for him then I am in this position... And he lets me cum and I do just that and hard, he head fell back as I screamed out his name in ecstasy excreting all my love juice all over his cock. This sent he off the edge and cumming with full force inside of me…

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