A/N: I decided to use my bad energy radiating from my insanely bad mood tonight to write a new story. Edge and Jericho will trade off chapters, and this is in the form of a book they would write after they retired.

Rated-R Era
Chapter 1

Why are you even bothering to read this? My guess is that you weren't even a fan of mine back in my prime. Yes, I was hated, but I was merely doing my job. Am I supposed to hate the mailman for bringing me my bills? You're probably thinking something along the lines of, Edge, that is a horrible analogy. No, that's actually a perfect analogy.

Most of you hate me not for what you have seen on television, but for…well…okay, most of it was carelessly plastered on television for the world to see. Is that my fault? Maybe if it was, oh, I don't know…Maybe if the tables had been turned, you wouldn't be as angry. If I was with Lita to begin with, and Matt Hardy weaseled in and stole her from under my nose, you wouldn't hate him. It's not my fault that the woman I fell for was the girlfriend of the ultimate fan favorite (at the time). I'm sorry for that. I've gotten over it, and you should, too.

I promise you that I'm not really as evil as my onscreen persona has been for so many years. Would you like to know why I was like that on television? Well, because it was fun. Let me tell you, playing a heel on live television is one of the hardest things to do. It's one thing to get heat just by dissing the hometown football team. It's another to make the world hate you in a sentence. It's an art that I'd like to say that I've mastered, but I don't think that's ever been achieved. Somehow, I do have loyal Edgeheads out there. No matter what, they just won't hate me. It kind of saddens me that my once powerful charisma couldn't break them, but everyone needs a fan or two thousand.

I've been booed out of arenas and cheered when the hero fell. New Year's Revolution 2006 was a great pay-per-view for me. I won my first WWE Championship, even though it only lasted a few weeks. As much as I wish that reign lasted a bit longer, I do think it was my most important title run ever. It showed that I could run with the big boys. We all know that I'm not exactly the buffest guy in the locker room. But it also showed me that I do have a character. I am worth something. I am a pretty huge draw. Playing a heel is my thing, even though it's hard. I am the reason that some people are instantly over with the crowd. If I'm the opponent, then they cheer the automatic hero on. It's like they're all thinking, "If you bring down Edge, you will be our King."

I have yet to find a male professional wrestler who has been given enough faith to take me down. My career has been like Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak. It is possible that no one will ever come close to something like that ever again. It's also possible that I will always win in the end.

And yet, I say that no one could break me down in the professional world of wrestling. Backstage was another story. We had Triple H running around like he owned the place, and he almost did. We had John Cena sucking up to everyone. We had Batista whining and crying like a baby. I didn't understand it. Three men with no characters and minimal wrestling ability (and I can only freely say this now that I'm a retired wrestler) always seemed to be getting the top slots and longest title runs. Where was the sense in that? Triple H was still a nice guy, don't get me wrong. Cena had been a good friend for a few years, until we fell off. But, please, do not get me started on Dave Batista. That is another story for another time and another chapter.

But when it comes down to it, my greatest enemy in the WWE was not Matt Hardy. I won that battle. It was not Batista. I won that battle. It was not Undertaker. I won that overrun battle in the end, as well. It was not John Cena. Even though he won the initial feud, I won the overall war. I am the war general extreme of the WWE. My greatest enemy was one of my closest friends backstage.

It was Chris Jericho.

Did he win the feud? No, this feud was never televised, so I doubt that you would know the answer. Few people know about it, actually. The employees of the WWE had learned to keep their mouths shut after Matt Hardy went around whining about the whole situation with Lita, who I will from now on refer to with her proper name, Amy.

But, of course, the feud was over a girl. It was always over a girl.

For those of you expecting an epic tale about the trials and tribulations of my last few years in the WWE before my retirement, then I highly suggest that you shut this book and pick up my first book, Adam Copeland on Edge. Sure, it's not about my final years, but it is closer to the subject matter that you are desiring.

This book is about a different side of Edge. This is the real Edge, Adam Copeland.