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I staggered forward, attempting to ignore the pain in my leg. I adjusted the two hundred pounds that was slung haphazardly over my back. The moaning encroached on me from all directions now, they had me cornered. Occasionally I would see one of their staggering shapes among the trees, looming in the fog.

Time ran short. Soon their silhouettes littered the horizon. Although even now, as I dutifully marched to my death to facing what so many others already had, I knew that I would not put Edward down. If I could reach the knife in my shoe, or the gun in his belt, there was an infinitely slim chance that I could make it the mile to the city. Every second that I carried him my leg hurt more and I ran out of chances to make my move. I f I left now there was even a chance that Carlisle was still alive, he could fix my leg and I would live to fight another day. But even as I planned and schemed, I knew that I wouldn't enact upon it. My last seconds with Edward, however gruesome, were nothing that I would trade for life.

The faces of the horrible monsters were becoming visible. The bitten and scared visages, green with putrescence and death, contorted in rage and hunger. Some of them seemed somewhat familiar and I feared for the city that I had once called my home. These horrors could very well be the last remnants of the last people on earth. A grand tradition of life would die with me and Edward.

They were the close now, and they reached out for us grabbing at me. I shoved one man's shoulder in a futile attempt to keep his snapping jaws away. My last ounce of energy let me run a few steps, breaking away from the five or six of them that had surrounded us.

However, Edward's superior size overpowered me and after a dozen or so steps I tipped into the dirt, and a sickening crack resounded through the atmosphere already thick with moans. I could feel Edward's weight on my back, pushing me into the dirt. But it seemed all that distracted me from the scent of blood, undoubtedly floating up from my shin. I remember the weight evaporating from my back before I lost contact with the living.

Chapter 1


"At attention newbies!" I snapped by back straighter, my eyes boring into the wet cement ahead of me. I shriek followed by a gunshot permeated the atmosphere. "Welcome to hell" The sergeant informed our small squadron. There were eight of us in all, and we were all leaving the city for the first time since it happened.

Fresh out of boot camp, our only choice was to serve our year with the army. The fear of fighting overseas, however, was no longer an option. The fight against the undead would take place in what used to be my backyard.

I shivered at the thought of the mangled and grotesque bodies that I would soon be responsible for killing. I'd fallen asleep to their shrieks for years, and since they'd killed my father, I'd been waiting for my chance to kill them.

"Tonight you're taking the bone cruncher" he gestured proudly towards an RV/ tank cross that was parked behind us, "and heading to the King Soopers 14 miles west of city limits on highway 34, you're responsible for canned foods, water, and medicines tonight. Any alcohol or tobacco and you will be excommunicated from the city after your return, any questions."

Seeing as this was a statement, none of us raised our hands. I looked around at the other young faces more carefully. To my right, there was a pale faced boy, whose rifle wasn't shut correctly. His knees were visibly shaking beneath the army issued camouflage, but he wore an overconfident smirk. Next to him stood a girl, who showed the same symptoms of incompetent cockiness used to cover complete terror. She had the nerve to wear earrings on the mission.

The other five in our group were all strikingly similar in presentation; I could only describe them as bad ass. The first one in the line up was a boy, who must've stood about six foot five; his muscles were visible through the mandatory seven layers of canvas. Every inch of him was hard and rough, he was actually carrying one of those chains with the spiked ball on the end. I flinched when I noticed that all of the steel spikes were tipped with crimson.

A blonde beauty was next, but in context I wouldn't have called her anything but fierce. She was nothing less than six feet, what would have been called model material in an earlier time. Two pistols hooked into her belt, and I noticed that they were both cocked and ready to go.

A small pixie girl was at her side. I would have discarded her fighting skills if it weren't for the dozens of throwing knives in her belt. They glinted ominously in the dim light, reflecting off of the ammunition draped about her slight frame. Her black spiky hair was tied up by a folded bandana across her forehead, 6 more throwing knives were seated above her ear.

Further down the line stood another boy, not as tall and muscular as the other one, but frightening in his own right. Multiple scars ran along his neck, rising white and horrible from the tan skin. An actual bazooka launcher hung down from his ammo belt, and there were four bazookas stuffed into one of his multiple pockets. A grimace bared his teeth as he looked straight ahead.

The other end of the line, I found most impressive. The boy was shorter than the blonde one, but slightly brawnier. His bronze colored hair contrasted starkly with the green hues in his uniform and eyes. A vision of beauty, he carried more rounds than the rest of us combined, and had a string of hand grenades cascading down to his knee. His perfect lips were set into a grimace, a fire in his expression.

The sergeant saluted us, looking pitifully towards my end of the line, before waving us towards the vehicle. I knew what that look meant. First Night was all newbs for a reason, it weeded out the pansies from the survivors. On average, one out of every four soldiers died on their first night out. That meant I was fighting earring girl for my spot in the world of the living, rifle boy was a goner.

We herded onto the vehicle. The inside was reminiscent of a security room. There were multiple screens on the walls that were attached to the many Gatling guns that protruded from the vehicle. There were six seats total, five along the wall and one for the driver. We all immediately felt the tension of the seating arrangements and the atmosphere thickened. There were six people in every squadron, if six of us were lucky enough to make it through tonight, the bone crusher would become home for eight hours of every day. Funny how we weren't worried about there being too many people for the vehicle.

The five warriors distributed themselves about the cabin with an authority that I would never possess. This left me and the two lurches standing by the door. The other two dead people walking had the nerve to be flirting at a time like this and they sat down at the last gun together, on top of each other really.

"Hey, did you used to live around here?" The bronze haired god asked as he closed the door behind me. The three layers of 2 inch thick stainless steel plating clicked shut and I felt a false sense of security.

"Ya actually" I knelt down on the floor beside the driver's seat, manning the gun that the driver would have been in control of. I wasn't going to sit and do nothing.

"Could you direct me, I'm pretty new. My friends and I drove in from Portland last week." I was shocked to say the least, I hadn't heard of anyone not from Seattle in at least four years, I thought everyone else was dead.


"Edward" I kept my eyes on the windshield, trying to focus on the electrically charged wires that were strung about three feet in front of it.

"Edward, are you sure you just don't want me to drive, I know exactly where we're going" I offered. I remember going grocery shopping with my parents at the exact super market that we were going to.

"Trust me, you want Edward to drive" The pixie-girl said from the canon closest to the front.

"Are you sure? I mean I know the area really well…" She was staring at me with incredulity.

"Edward got six people here perfectly safe with 2 weeks of food in a convertible hummer. You want Edward to drive." I didn't respond.

"Thank you for embarrassing me Alice" Edward was attempting to be modest but I could see the smirk on his face.

"Okay, turn right as soon as you leave the gate." He abruptly stopped joking with his sister and nodded, driving the large vehicle forward. The three gates took surprisingly long to get through, as swarms we had to pass clearance with every one. I never understood how the security at the gates was so bizarrely overdone, but one whole side of the city was only protected by water.

The gates finally opened, and I immediately wished that they would just close me back up again. The zombies that had crowded around the exit hurled themselves at us. Many of them were killed by the electric fence in front of the windshield but some of them managed to reach through. I shot them quickly as Edward hit the gas, and the car lurched forward.

I tried not to think about the squish and crunch sound that the bodies made as the belt tires ran over them.

It got easier once we were away from the city. The creatures followed the scent of people and crowded around the gates. They all were caught in the fences eventually.

I directed Edward through the semi-deserted town. All of us shot down the occasional zombie as it approached the truck. Their shrieks and squeals still shook me, although I knew that they would eat me if they had the chance. At one point Edward had to take the gun from me to shoot a young demon child that had managed to get onto the hood of the car.

I expected him to scoff at me but instead a look of sympathy crossed his chiseled features. I noticed that the blonde girl wouldn't shoot children either.

The supermarket quickly came up on our right, and he pulled up to the front doors of the building. We all took a minute to load our guns. Alice took three knives into her hand and Edward put his finger through the pin on a grenade. The butcher's knife stored in my sleeve had a new weight as we opened the doors and stepped out into the world. It was my first time outside of the fences in 5 years.

The burly guy shut the doors behind us, latching the outside one. We didn't want a nasty surprise waiting for us when we returned, hopefully laden with foodstuffs.

Our small congregation slunk through the automatic door of the supermarket. I had no idea how it still worked, and however convenient it was, it surely meant death. The door would open for the undead too. They were probably swarming the place.

The burly one and the blonde girl immediately left together, he was walking backwards, covering her back. They headed towards the canned food. The two incompetents went towards the pharmacy, which was conveniently located across the hall from the tobacco products, I hoped that they weren't stupid enough to be going for cigarettes. Alice and the blonde boy walked towards the bottled drinks aisle. I noticed that the boy had his bazooka launcher loaded.

This left me and Edward standing alone at the front of the store. We walked cautiously towards the produce section. The fruits that were left on display oftentimes dried naturally, preserving them. Edward pulled a large canvas bag out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"Fill this up with as much stuff as will fit, I'll cover you" I had no reason to contest his leadership, he was obviously a lot more skilled at this than I was. We began moving through the wooden stands, while I picked up all of the prune looking shapes, luckily there were no holes in the roof, so the fruits had dried without rotting.

I tried not to let it show how terrified I was. The linoleum floor was covered in smears of blood and the occasional tooth or finger. I stayed as far away as possible from the bases of the fruit displays, there was about a foot of crawlspace beneath them and I was horrified that an undead arm would spring from the abyss and grab me.

Shockingly, nothing attacked me and I filled the fifty bag with what I estimated to be fifty pounds of dried fruit. I could barely lift it and I could feel my face purpling with effort as I attempted to drag it towards the front. Edward sighed and took it from me, swinging it over his shoulder as if it weighed five pounds instead of fifty. He held a revolver in his other hand.

The group was assembled at the front, waiting for us. The two boys, excluding the goner, were holding the ends of a tarp that was filled with food and water, there was also a plastic bag that I assumed contained a small amount of medicine.

"Let's go" Edward led the way still carrying his immense amount of food. The rest of them followed. We began to file out of the store, the automatic doors opened for us. Just as I left the building I heard a bloodcurdling scream erupt from the earring wearing girl. It was followed by a grunt and the sickening smell of blood. We'd been attacked.

I whipped around just in time to see the girl fall to the ground while seizing and bleeding profusely from her neck. The zombie that had attacked had turned to the incompetent boy, who was attempting to shoot him but of course his gun was not properly put together. The undead woman bit into his hand, moaning with a satisfied expression on her dead face when his finger came off into her mouth.

I felt the vomit well up in the back of my throat as I witnessed the horror. Alice also looked extremely green, but the blonde girl kept her composure, shooting all three of the victims in the head. The blood continued to flow liberally out of our recent accomplices bodies.

The other girls and I loaded onto the vehicle, and I took the seat where the two dead people once sat. The screen showed me the doors of the supermarket, where blood was leaking out onto the cement. I felt the rig move forward, and I aimed at the doors of the awful building, shooting the glass.

I looked around the cabin, taking in the sights of my new squadron.

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