Hi ppl

I wrote this when i was pissed off (don't know why) Itachi and Sasuke's relationship all ways comes to mind when I'm pissed.

Well any i don't own them sadly

This contains incest/yaoi not graphic but its there.

Why can't you leave me alone? Your hands caressing my skin, was this supposed to pleasure me? If only you knew that your touch sent me into the deepest parts of hell.

Each time we meet I feel my sanity being ripped away from me and my rational thinking disappears.

Oh how I hate you, you make me sick each time you kiss my lips as you beg to explore my mouth with your tongue.

But I also love you, as my brother, as my lover. I love the way you touch my aching member. It aches for you Itachi.

Please fuck me more, fuck me harder please make me beg, please make me yours.

Please stop, don't touch me, your insane.

This is so wrong but it feels so write.

This is what you do to me, you mix me all up inside as you thrust deeper inside of me.

You hit that spot now i am finally heaven.

I come into oblivion and you do the same.

You lay beside me, dragging me into a tight embrace.

You whisper three sweet words but i find them hard to believe, you are Itachi Uchiha, cold and ruffles you do not know how to love.

As for me i love you but when this night is over i will hate you.

Then the cycle will start all over again.


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