Ten years later…

"Lucy!" Ziva called. "Breakfast!"

"I'm coming!" came the reply.

"Lucy gonna be late for brekkie," sang six-year-old Prue from where she sat at the table. "She's gonna be later again-"

Tony covered her mouth with his hand. "Don't let her hear you say that, or she won't bring you to NCIS this afternoon."

Prue fell silent.

Ziva turned her attention back to five-year-old Amanda, who was now staring at the staircase, waiting for her eldest sister to come down. "Tony? What do you want for breakfast?"

"You would think," Lucy said, finally entering the kitchen, "that after eight years of marriage you would know what your husband would like for breakfast."

Ziva threw a tea-towel at her and turned back to the stove.

Tony crept up behind her and put his arms around her waist. "Aren't you glad we didn't stay 'just friends'?" he whispered into her ear.

A year after their agreement, both Tony and Ziva had caved and started dating. Another year went by, and they were married. Within three years, they had two more daughters, Prudence and Amanda.

"Absolutely," Ziva replied.

"We're here!" came a voice from the doorway. Abby appeared in the kitchen, and all three of the DiNozzo children ran and hugged her, completely ignoring McGee, who was behind her.

"Don't mind me," he muttered, side-stepping them.

"Don't take is personally, Probie," Tony said. "Abby is the favourite of everyone. She can't be beaten."

"Abby will leave right now if three girls don't come back to the table right now!" Ziva said loudly, and within seconds everyone was seated and eating.

Ziva raised her eyebrows. "Much better."

Once all the attention was back on breakfast, Tony kissed his wife. "I love you."

She smiled, her eyes sparkling in the light. "I love you too."

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