"I should let you know, I'm infected."

Sandi looked at the boy from the passenger seat. "Like, I appreciate you telling me, but I hope you don't think we were ever going to get that far," she responded.

"I don't think you understand," he said more firmly. "I need to feed."

"Well, that's why we're going to Chez Pierre," she said, starting to get irritated at her date's behavior.

She had met the young man at the last Lawndale-Oakwood game. He had shown up just after sunset and seemed distracted, but he had a very nice car.

"You don't understand," he repeated. "I want to eat you now."

"Look, freak, I already told you you're not getting past first base. I don't want to hear about it again." Sandi looked away, staring outside. "Hey, this isn't the way to Chez Pierre."

"I know," the freak said. Sandi turned back to him. He was now grinning in a very unfriendly manner. And his teeth...

"That's it, freak. Pull over. This date is over." The car accelerated, however, instead of slowing down. "Are you deaf, you stupid geek?"

"Sandi, you don't quite understand: YOu're dinner."

"And you don't understand, you freak: You should have worn a seatbelt."

A second later, the boy screamed as Sandi sprayed her can of mace into his face. He threw his arms up in defense -- a very silly move when driving an automobile at high speeds.


Sandi moaned and rubbed her head -- the passenger-seat airbag had come at her pretty hard. She looked to the driver's side -- or rather, the empty seat and the large hole in the windshield. "Freak," she sneered once more, before reaching into her pocket for her cell phone.

She dialed 9 and 1 before her enraged date ripped the door off its hinges.

"I didn't like that," he said before reaching around Sandi and hitting the seatbelt release. "I didn't like that at all." He grabbed Sandi's arm and effortlessly pulled her out. "You wrecked my car. I loved this car. You ruined my clothes." He gestured down to where either glass from the windshield or the tree that the car had wrapped itself around had torn his outfit. "I was going to go easy on you, but now?" He chuckled. "I'm gonna make you wish you AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!"

Sandi had placed a punch square into his crotch, causing him to double over in pain. She began running back toward the road, massaging the arm her date had pulled on as she ran.

Suddenly, her date was in front of her. "You know, I really admire your spirit," he acknowledged. "All my other dates usually pissed themselves by now." Sandi's response was another attempt at a crotch shot (this time with her foot), but the boy caught the appendage easily. "Mm, I'm almost tempted to keep you." He pulled the foot, making Sandi lose her footing and causing her to fall.

He moved quickly, pinning her with his own body. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, inhaling all he could of Sandi. "Mmm, you hardly smell of fear. I'd like to change that." He sank his elongated teeth into her neck. His smirk only widened as he heard her sharply inhale -- pain. That was good.

He really should have pinned her arms down too.

He roared in pain as Sandi drove her thumbs deep into his eyes. The sudden shock let Sandi push him off and flee again.

"YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Sightless, he was too infuriated to listen for Sandi's hurried steps, to smell for the blood running freely down her neck.

Sandi resolutely kept moving forward, even though she was starting to feel dizzy. She looked down and noticed that her dress was getting significantly stained with blood. "Asshole," she muttered. "Dress cost me three hundred dollars."

She was almost at the roadside, but she felt tired all of a sudden. "...Should hide for now, rest," she said to herself in a quiet whisper. She crawled into the drainage ditch next to the road, made her way into a drainpipe, and closed her eyes.


Fun start, eh? This was actually inspired by a dream, in which Harmony Kendall (of Buffy fame) had her own vampire gang during the period while she was still in high school. My dreams being what they are, it was fairly bizarre, as her gang was stealing a nut-filled variety of Butterfingers (I'm certain a nut-filled variety of that candy bar doesn't exist in real life) and they intended to use the sweets as rations on a space flight. Sometime after I awoke, I got the idea of transplanting vampirism into Sandi (the closest analogue for Harmony that exists in the Dariaverse). Of course, since I'd like this fic to be logically consistent, it is highly improbable that Sandi will pilfer candy on her quest to becoming an astronaut. Sorry to disappoint!

(Overall, I'm not sure where I want to go with this, but I have a few directions in mind).

(Also, for my homeboys waiting for an update on Schismatic, I have the next chapter written, but the guy I usually run my chapters by has been offline for the past few days. If that smelly jerk doesn't get back to me soon, I'll eventually end up posting it, but it might not be as superb as I'd like).