Dorinda turned on the music. It sounded like 70's music now. She missed the Cheetah Girls. As one of the songs began to fade she heard her daughter screaming in horror. Dorinda raced up stairs to find a spider on her daughter, Jenny's, shoe. "It's just a spider honey." Dorinda said as she took the opposite shoe and killed it. Her daughter hugged her mom and then began to get ready for school. As Dorinda walked into her room to get her purse she felt arms wrapping around her waist and she smiled. "Have a good day to day, baby. When you get home I have a surprise for you." Joaquin said as her kissed her on the cheek. The truth was that Dorinda had moved to Spain and married Joaquin after the Cheetah Girls were over which was about five years ago. Dorinda kissed him back and rushed downstairs as she saw her little girl ready to go to school.

"Wake up Chanel, your going to be late to your interview." Vic said as he shook Chanel as hard as he could. He had been doing this for quite some time now. Chanel didn't want to get up because she new what the big boss man of her interview would say, no. Then she would have to find another job to apply to like she has been doing for about three years now. Chanel just wasn't the working type. Fortantly, Vic was and has made many movies after the Cheetah's. Chanel was really inlove with Vic, so she moved back to India and now Vic and Chanel are engaged.

"Shut those things up!" Aqua said as she kept holding her ears. "They keep ringing and they just will not stop!" Aqua screamed as she ran into Kevin's office. "Please I just got the baby to sleep and I just got Ricky to school. Now please can we have peace and quiet for once." Aqua was talking about the phone ringing off the hook. It felt like they were some pizza place and everyone wanted the same pizza. Kevin was tech support and it was that time of the year where everyone had a new computer and didn't know what to do with it. It was Christmas time. Kevin turned off all the phones and dashed out of the room. Aqua and Kevin were having one of there daily fights. Unlike the other Cheetah's Aqua moved back to Texas and Kevin moved with her. They were just boyfriend and girlfriend right now and longed to be more. If they keep fighting like they do they will never be more.

Galleria stepped onto the train in great depression. All of her bags were packed and she wasn't really ready to go though. The University she was going to had kicked her out because she had failed all of her class except one. Galleria new why she failed she was to busing remembering what the Cheetah Girls had been until she had moved away. She missed them but she just had to get over herself and remember that her life is basically ruined now. She was trying to become a school teacher, but it just wasn't working and she knew it but kept trying. Galleria began to cry as she put her face in her hands. "Ma'am may I sit beside you?" Galleria looked up for a second and smiled a bit. "I can make some room."