Sunny Island is Epic Win

Smash Genisis: This is probably the funniest thing I've ever written. Note, this is a high T rating. I hope you enjoy my lame attempt at humor.

Sunny Island is Epic Win

So, yeah, a normal day on Sunny Island, sun shine shining, birds chirping blah, blah, blah.

Lanna was watching television with her good friend Denny. Denny was imagining Lanna in the shower. The show was at a commercial break and the commercial was for a tropical island resort. Then, Lanna knew what she had to do.

"I have the most awesome idea!" Lanna blurt out.

"So you do want to take a shower!" Denny realized, praising his deductive skills. "Can I come?"

"Um, no. No, I am not taking a shower." Lanna replied. "We should hire a television station to film a commercial for Sunny Island. You know, telling of its appeal as a vacation spot. That way, more people will come here than ever before!"

"You're sure about the shower?" Denny inquired.

Lanna had just finished telling her idea to everyone in town. Now all she had to do was hire a station…

Today was an important day. A television station was going to film and air a commercial about this island. The entire population of Sunny Island gathered around the pier, as the cameramen disembarked from the ferry.

Two men, no older then 20 came on to the dock. "Hi." The first one said in a voice dreary enough to send the Grim Reaper packing. His were eyes two small lines above his nose. "I'm Bob." The other man, an exact look-alike of his counterpart said in an equally dreary voice: "Hi. I'm Blob. We're here for the commercial shoot."

The island inhabitants cheered. One of them yelled, "Hey, let's give these guys our traditional greeting." The response: "YEAH!"

Blob and Bob were then pounded by the throwing of gorillas, zebras and algebra-textbooks. Yes, the only real way to great someone.

Three weeks later, the duo of Bob and Blob were proud to present their commercial. They had simply filmed clips of everyday life to make it. Everyone crowded around the Café's TV.

Tired of Boring Vacations?

Tired of not getting your money's worth…

Then come to Sunny Island! We're epic win!

We've got…

Sexy cowboys!

Vaughn is dancing in the Mirabelle's shop, topless. "I'm too sexy for mah shirt! Too sexy for mah shirt! I'm better with a skirt!"

Grammatically challenged jungle men!

Shea comes running up to Wada. "Wada! Wada! It took me eight years, but I've finally learned my ABDs!"

Dora obsessed miners!

Regis is on the phone. "Did you hear? There's a new Dora the Explorer movie out! Dora gets laid!"

Animal lovers!

Mirabelle is in her barn with a cow, kissing. "Let's take a shower, you and me."

Idiot nuns!

Alisa is talking to Nathan. "I knew it! The capital of The US is Springfield!"

Magical deities!

The Harvest Goddess comes out from her pond, naked. "I need opinions."

Horny farmers!

Mark is checking out the Goddess, so that he can give her his opinion. "You look delicious!"

Gourmets and their girlfriends!

Pierre and Natalie are eating dinner together. Natalie says: "Pierre why are you so short?"

"I'm a cannibal, and I was hungry."

Unobservant priests!

Nathan and the Goddess are in bed together. Nathan says "Now I really am one with the Goddess!"

Cheating girlfriends!

Elliot walks in on Julia, who is on . Julia says: "Screw loyalty! Internet dating is where it's at!"

Lazy children!

Charlie and Eliza are at Chen's house. Chen says: "Charlie, Eliza, I won't be able to home school you anymore, due to my leukemia." Charlie and Eliza reply: "Whoopee! Snow day!"

Close family relations!

Taro is talking to Felicia. "You'd look even better without pants!"


Denny is talking to Lanna. "So, you're sure I can't join for your shower?"

And much, much, more!

So come to Sunny Island – where our motto is: "Insanity? What Insanity?"