A Little Drop of Poison - Tom Waits
"Love you too Tommy, bye." She said as she hung up her cell.
"Who was that?" her boyfriend asked.
"Big brother, he calls me every once in a while to catch up." She explained as she made herself comfortable on the couch next to him.
"That's nice of him."
"Yep. He asked if I was seeing anyone." She baited him.
"What did you say?" He eyed her.
"I told him I was dating the most lethal man I had ever met." Henry raised an eyebrow. "Tommy just laughed and said 'it figures'."
"Me? Lethal? I can't even win at thumb wars! What about Warrick or Nick, or Brass, even Bobby is more..." She muted him with a kiss.
"They're all badges and guns, you Bunny..." he glared at the use of his pet name. "Know more ways of killing someone and getting away with it than all of them combined."
"Huh, I never thought of it like that." he contemplated. "Do I get a scarier pet name then?" he asked hopefully.
"Nope, sorry Bunny, you don't." She grinned as she pressed another kiss to his lips.


Try a Little Tenderness -Michael Buble
"Seriously Curtis, I appreciate that you respect me enough to report your relationship, but Henry Andrews?"
"What's wrong with Henry, Conrad?" She asked breaking out her cop voice.
"Well with men like Brown and Stokes around, he's just an unusual choice." He disliked how she could always make him feel scrutinized.
"Do you want to know WHY I'm with Henry?" She didn't let him respond either way, instead she continued. "Because unlike the majority of men I'm around, yourself included, he doesn't see me as a cop first. He doesn't expect anything from me. Likewise he doesn't pull any of that taming of the shrew crap, he just lets me be." She explained all the while keeping him silent with a practiced stare. "That and well, he's rather well endowed, but you wouldn't need to know about that would you?" she said arching an eyebrow.
"Yes, well." He said clearing his throat "Just keep it professional at work okay?" he said as she allowed herself to be shuffled from his office. Alone again Ecklie began to regret the relationship policy procedure.


okay this one is a little different the first song that came on was
Maneater by Hall and Oates, it was followed by She's always a woman by Billy Joel...so i put them together and this is what i got...

Hands that cuff criminals
undo my buttons
fingers that have pulled the trigger
fumble with my fly
the voice with command enough to make men squirm
now whispers sweet nothings
through lips that spend the day drawn tight.
the stress lines on her face melt
as her cheeks flush
her eyes abandon their critical gaze
for glances through fluttering lids.
All her control, all her focus, all her tension
melts as her body sinks into mine.
gone is the
hunting dog
coursing falcon
hungry lioness
the bone-weary cop
instead there is a creature
of soft curves
and hungry kisses
who will always be a woman to me.


Goodnight and Go -Imogen Heap
Ah, finally shift is over...I can go home, catch up on my sleep. Maybe even get some reading done, it'll be great. All I have to do is change. Lucky me I spilled dye all over my favorite shirt. Okay well Mandy got dye all over my favorite shirt. She apologized profusely and tried to blot it...which was, awkward really, and to no avail. The damage was done. Good thing I have a back up in my locker, well mine and Bobby's locker. It's not really efficient for both of us to have one.
"Oh sorry." I didn't realize Det. Curtis was in here too.
"No problem." She finished buttoning her blouse as I unbuttoned my shirt. And she's not moving...or leaving...she's watching me. That makes me nervous, not going to lie. Now I know how a rabbit feels staring down the jaws of a wolf. She looks just as hungry, and I'm just as frightened, if not more. She unapologetically, blatantly watches until the last button is done.
"Green looks good on you." Was all she said before leaving me puzzled and frightened in the locker room.


Steal my Kisses -Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
There he was, the man that got THE LAST Snickers bar from the vending machine. The exact Snickers bar Sophia Curtis had been craving all night. Now it was gone, taken, being enjoyed by the skinny tox tech. So she stood there trying to decide what to do. He noticed her staring jealously and glanced around the break room before asking
"Can I help you?"
"The Snickers bar." She blurted out.
"Oh! I'm sorry! If I had known I never would have taken it!" While he apologized her mind wandered to alternate solutions.

I don't NEED it...all those empty calories...I just want a taste.

It was that thought that lead her to an action that surprised both of them, she kissed him. It was full, and open mouthed, and it lasted until the sound of something dropping startled them. David Hodges stood dead still in the doorway. Gaping like a goldfish he attempted to form words before he retreated down the hallway abandoning his lunch bag.
"Yep, satisfied." Was all she said before patting him once on the chest and exiting after Hodges.

I'll update this one whenever the mood strikes me! I'll see if I can make it five a page? Is that a good number? ( I think just one a chapter is a bit excessive don't' you?)