Baby Daddy

By- ByaRukifan

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It was a sunny, peaceful day in Soul Society and Rukia had thought it would be fun if she could get Byakuya to train her in her swordsmanship. Earlier in the day she had asked him, nervously, if he would. He surprisingly said yes.

They were now out in a secluded area where they could train in peace. While they were training, Byakuya noticed Rukia had gotten a lot better in her swordsmanship skills and he was secretly pleased that she asked him to be the one to train her. He wanted to spend more time with her, but with his busy schedule as a captain and all, he wasn't able to do that. They barely even saw each other at home. When he would arrive home she would already be in bed asleep and when it's time for her to go to work the next morning he had already left. Even though Byakuya didn't show it, he was happy he was spending time with Rukia now.

"How about we test your Kido ability?" Byakuya offered.

"Okay." Rukia agreed. She fired a blast of White lighting at Byakuya. Surprisingly, he had almost had trouble dodging it. "How was that?" Rukia asked.

"You've improved greatly." He replied calmly. Rukia smiled at that, which made Byakuya almost smile back. Almost.

Rukia was happy to know that Byakuya noticed her improvement. She was happy that they were spending time together to. With their busy schedules they hardly ever had dinner or even breakfast together. So now was a good time to get some bonding done. She hoped he felt the same as she did.

Suddenly they both heard an explosion. They then realized where they were training. They were near the 12th Division. Byakuya sensed another explosion coming. "Rukia, Get Down!" He instructed calmly, but loud enough for her to hear. She turned to him the moment the next explosion came. The area was now covered by smoke. "Rukia?" Byakuya called her, but no reply came. "Rukia?!" His callings became more frantic. He knew it wasn't like him to shout, but he couldn't stop himself from worrying about her. They were near 12th Division after all. Who knows what kind of stuff could have been in the smoke that was finally starting to clear. "Rukia!?" He called again, this time he got a small giggle as a reply. He was confused for a moment, but then when the smoke finally cleared he saw a pile of clothes on the ground. He they noticed that they were Rukia's and he would have blushed a little if he hadn't of seen what was in the clothing. It was a raven haired baby. "" He asked. The baby giggled in reply. He bent down on his knee in front of the baby and his fears were answered. It was Rukia. The baby looked just like her, only a whole lot younger. She had shorter hair and the bang that usually hung down to her nose now only reached to the middle of her forehead. She giggled again happily. Byakuya did the first thing that came to mind after he got over the shock. He wrapped her up in the large clothes that didn't shrink with her, picked her up and rushed to the 4th Division.

"Happy! Weee!" Rukia giggled and clapped her hands as Byakuya shunpo'd towards his desired location.

"Please don't let this be permanent." He said to himself, but got laughter as a reply from Rukia.

"Happy, Bya! Happy! Ahahahaha!" She giggled. Byakuya soon realized 'Bya' was all Rukia could say of his name.

To Be Continued...

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