~Baby Daddy~

By- ByaRukifan

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Slowly, Byakuya began to awaken, he had his arms, that were lying on the side of Rukia's bed, supporting his head before he began to sit up in his chair. He shook his head slightly to fully wake himself up. He looked around and saw he was still sitting in the same chair he had been sitting in before he had fallen asleep and Rukia, who was still lying in the hospital bed unconscious. He looked over at the clock on the wall to see how long he had been sleeping.

'Only an hour? Seems so much longer...' He thought to himself as he turned his attention back to Rukia.

Byakuya then heard a knock on the room's door. He turned his head to door, "Come in." He said in his usual monotone.

Unohana then entered Rukia's room, "I just wanted to inform you that Rukia will be fine. I was going through the examination charts and came back in here while you were asleep. While you were sleeping her fever broke and she should awaken soon."

Byakuya gave Unohana a nod, "Thank you, Captain Unohana."

Unohana gave a small nod in reply and a soft smile before taking her leave and exiting the room.

Byakuya turned his attention back to Rukia and he had to admit she did look better. Her breathing was back to normal and her forehead was free of sweat. She looked as if she were in a peaceful slumber. He was thankful she would be alright and silently hoped she'd never have to go through an incident like this again. Byakuya slightly wondered if Rukia would remember anything from her time as a temporary infant. He still couldn't be sure, but he wished she would. Then he wouldn't have to go back and act as if nothing had happened around her. Sure he had been kinder and softer towards her even before the incident, but he had acted even kinder while she was an infant; causing him to grow more attached and not want to go back to being his old self around her.

He shifted his gaze to the clock on the wall once more, staring at it for a few minutes watching the time go by. To him, it seemed to go by so slowly as he waited, as if the next minute would never come. He wanted her to wake up but he knew it still may be awhile, even though he hated the thought of waiting for so long.

After another hour had passed, Byakuya had fallen asleep again. There wasn't really much to do while he waited, he counted the ceiling tiles numerous times and decided that sleeping would help pass the time.

"Ngh...Huh?" Rukia mumbled tiredly as she awoke. She looked to her around and when her eye landed on Byakuya they widened in surprise, "Brother?" She asked, in a rather loud whisper; causing Byakuya's eyes to open, waking him up.

He sat up in his seat once more, rubbing his eyes. When he looked towards Rukia his own eyes widened in surprise, "Rukia!" He exclaimed in a relieved tone.

She looked around to see she was in the Fourth Division before looking back at him, "Were you worried?"

"Of course I was, Rukia." Byakuya answered, forgetting that Rukia might not even remember what had happened. He was just glad to see that she was alright and awake. "I thought I was going to lose you and I don't think I would have been able to handle such a thing...I just care too much."

Rukia's eyes widened at his words and sudden attitude towards her, but it was his words that were surprising her the most, "You...care too much?"

Byakuya's eyes then widened, suddenly remembering that Rukia probably didn't even remember anything so to her he would be acting much different from his usual self.

"Y-yes..." He replied hesitantly.

"Well, guess what..." Rukia said, smiling softly.

Byakuya looked her in the eyes, wearing a slightly confused expression. "What?" He asked before Rukia cleared her throat.

"Wookia cares about Byabya too!" She exclaimed happily, letting Byakuya know she remembered. Remember everything.


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