Hellsing: Geist Krieg.

Night at the Movies.

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"No, none of you are coming with us!" Seras's desire was a simple one. She only wanted to go on a date with her boyfriend. However, nothing in the young Fledgling/Nexus's life could ever be easy. She was the ghosts' link to the land of the living, and they refused to let her and Pip just go out by themselves. Seras could've banished the ghosts just like she had the Joker, but that seemed a little drastic. Besides, she didn't want to banish them. She'd become rather attached to her gang of lost souls. Even Jan had started to grow on her.

"Well why the Fuck not?"

Pip lightly slapped the back of the overly pierced vampire ghost's head. "Hey! What have I told you about watching your language in front of the kid." He pointed to Casper.

"Well I, for one, am tired of sitting around this mansion. I want to go out. Maybe get in a good fight and toss a few guys through a few walls?" The green half Orc, known as the Grey Prince, let out a good natured belly laugh.

"Come on guys. Can't Pip and I spend one night alone?" Seras was nearly pleading.

"Ah, you two've spent plenty of nights 'alone'." Jan made finger quotes. "Aren't you tired out yet?"

"I don't mean like that. Oooh!" Seras stomped her foot. "I just want to go out on a date!"

Jack cleared his throat. "Um, excuse me, love. But I may have a solution to the problem. Why don't you two lovebirds go see a movie. We'll all accompany you to the theater and go see something else there." Jack twirled one side of his mustache between his thumb and index finger. "That way you two can have your date in relative privacy, and we still get to go out and do something."

"You know, Captain Jack, every once and awhile you have a pretty good idea." Pip turned to his girl. "Well, what do you say, Mignonette?"

Seras had felt a little guilty, only buying one ticket when a half dozen of them where going to the theater, but what else could she have done? Bought six tickets, handed them out and let everyone watch as they floated in mid air? Besides, six tickets would've cost a decent chunk of change, and it wasn't like any of the ghosts could've helped her pay. So, she only bought the one ticket. She then seemingly sat alone in the back corner.

In reality the young strawberry blond was far from alone as she sat surrounded by her ghosts. All right, I bought a ticket to Hitch. You guys can go see any other movie, but leave that one for Pip and me, okay?"

"Ah, Mignonette, do we really have to see a romantic comedy? Can't we go watch something with a bit of action in it?"

"Oh, come on, Pip. Please, for me?" Seras smiled at the mercenary ghost.

Pip sighed. He just couldn't resist that smile. "Alright, but I want you to know I wouldn't do this for any one else."

Seras giggled and gave Pip a quick peck on the cheek. "Come on, let's go get some refreshments." She dragged a hovering Pip away, leaving the other ghosts behind to discuss which movie they would see.

"Well, how about Sin City? That looks like a good one!" The Grey Prince offered up.

"Sorry, mate, it's not out yet." Jack replied.

Casper pointed to one of the posters. "Well, how about the Pacifier? It looks funny."

"What the..." Jan caught himself, before continuing. "Duce are you thinking kid? It's got a PG rating."

The Grey prince scratched his head for a moment. "Doesn't that mean that it'll be a good movie for the kid?"

"Yeah, and boring as watching paint dry for the rest of us."

"Oh, I don't know. Some of Disney's live action movies are pretty good." Jack twirled his mustache again.

Jan just sighed and slumped his head. He was out voted. "Okay, fine. We go see the... F'n kid's show."

Pip had decided that the movie wasn't too bad. It was definitely a 'chick flick', but at least it had some funny parts. Of course, Pip knew that part of the reason he didn't mind the movie was because he got to have Seras's head resting on his arm. His eyes left the screen to look over at her, and the French ghost ran his free hand lightly through his Mignonette's hair. Seras let out a contented sigh and repositioned herself slightly, though her head never left her lover's arm.

Jan was not nearly as pleased with the movie he was watching. Over a half hour into this thing and still no blood. What's wrong with the people over at Disney? Don't they know that a movie's only good if it's got action, gun play and/or nudity? When are those mouse lovers going to make something good? Jan looked at the rest of the group. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves. He looked back at the screen for a moment before turning away again. Errr, I can't take this anymore! I've got to get out of here! Jan got up and quickly left the room.

He walked out into the lobby and breathed deeply for awhile. Stupid movie! Being a sadistic member of Millennium and a vampire in life, I thought I knew what torture was but that... That was horrible. Having escaped from his Disney prison, Jan looked for a different movie to crash. He saw that one of the show rooms was playing Constantine. Huh, doesn't that have the guy from the Matrix movies? He looked over at one of the posters. Yup, Keanu Reeves. Think I'll try that one. It's got to be better than the stupid Pacifier. Who would've thought Riddick could've fallen so far?

Outside the theater, a masculine looking blond vampire ghost sniffed the air. Ahhh. "She's here." Now, little Hellsing, you're going to find out how it feels to have your face grated!

A white haired, one armed man, seemingly unaware of the monstrous woman next to him, stepped up to the ticket booth to purchase a ticket.

"Yes, what'll you be seeing today sir?" The woman inquired as the odd man stepped up in line.

There was a brief pause as the man made eye contact with ticket saleswoman.

"Give me the 8:00 showing for Constantine, if you would," he said in a low, somewhat stoic rasp.

The man parted with several British Pounds and scooped up the ticket before moving on. He and the ghost accompanying him stepped into the lobby, just as Jan entered the Constantine show room. The unlikely pair skirted through the thin crowd, giving only a passing acknowledgment to the additional employees checking to make sure no one had snuck in, and even bypassing the admittedly crowded concession stand for their destination.

A trio of loitering punks hanging against the wall of the lobby had interrupted the otherwise uneventful trip from Point A to Point B.

"Whoa-ho-hey!" One of the punks shouted in a Cockney accent as the old man passed. "You'd better watch out old man, I hear Dr. Kimble's been lookin' for ya."

The man stopped mid-step and turned his attention towards the punks against the wall. Zorin Blitz, however, ignored the event and continued her stride.

"Course I'm pretty sure The Fugitive wasn't a Western."

"Where'd you get the costume anyway?" One of his companions asked. "This is a movie theater, not the O.K. Corral!" There was a small chuckle exchanged among himself and his friends.

"Now, now," the man replied rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. "I just got out of a costume party. I would have even made first prize too..." He said raising his right arm, which was missing most of its forearm, "if the bastard going as a ninja hadn't gotten too...in character."

"Sucks to be you."

Surprisingly, the man actually grinned, quite smugly to boot. However, he turned away from the youths, apparently already losing interest in the conversation.

"Oh quite the contrary," he muttered, not caring whether they could hear him or not. "I think I lead an exciting life these days."

By the time he turned his attention back to his companion, she already had a substantial lead on him. Not that it mattered. She was going to enter a different theater, hopefully keeping him safely out of harm's way. He'd let her do her business unattended, besides, in case she decided to be discreet, he felt he may as well watch the move he paid for.

The only sound he made was the jingle of the spurs on his boots.

Zorin followed the scent of the one who had killed her. She wanted revenge, and it would be easy, oh so easy. The Hellsing she-vamp wouldn't even see her coming. She was a ghost after all. She was going to sneak up behind the girl and simply tare her head off from her shoulders. At least, that's what Zorin was planing to do, but since when do things ever go according to plan?

Seras was still trying to enjoy her movie. The only problem was that Pip was getting a little too touchy, feely. Normally Seras didn't mind. In fact, she enjoyed the French ghost's attentions. But it was interfering with her ability to watch the movie. More importantly, they where in a public place, and Seras was worried how far things might go if she just gave in. We're not a couple of horny teenagers, and what if we were caught? Oh, that's all I need, some movie theater usher catching me in a heavy petting session with empty air. "Pip, stop."

"Oh come on, Mignonette, I just want to..."

Seras cut him off. "Pip, no."

Pip stared at his girl for a moment. He recognized her expression. Pip let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine." The French ghost pulled his hands away from the Nexus's body and folded his arms across his chest.

Seras looked over at her boyfriend. She could tell he was upset. Seras grabbed one of Pip's arms and put it around her neck, but as soon as she let go, Pip pulled the arm away. "Oh, Pip, don't act like that."

"Don't act like what?"

"A five year old whose just been told he can't have a piece of candy."

"Look, Mignonette, you wanted me to keep my hands to myself." Pip turned to look over at his girlfriend. "So, I'm..." Pip stopped, mid-sentence, as he saw the figure coming up behind his girl. Pip couldn't believe it. He was in shock, but luckily, he was also a veteran mercenary. And when Pip saw Zorin reach for his girlfriend's throat, he reacted instinctively. Pip grabbed Seras and, amidst protests, jerked them both out of their seats and onto the floor.

Seras couldn't believe that Pip had done such a thing. "What the bloody..." Seras lost her voice as she saw Zorin coming towards them.

Pip pulled his pistol. Pip's offensive spirit energy had chosen to manifest itself in the form of a Beretta 92 hand gun and a couple of grenades. He began firing at the other ghost. Zorin's head bucked back as the bullets collided with her face. Having been largely unprepared for the effects of ethereal bullets on her ethereal form, Zorin was driven back, slightly, by the pistol's admittedly mild stopping power.

And of course, with no other Nexi in the theater with them, the audience continued staring intently at the screen (and in some cases, chewing on popcorn or sucking soda out of a straw) and not seeing or hearing a damned thing.

"Mignonette, run for it! I'll catch up!" Pip shouted as he tried to bring himself back on his feet.

"But what about you?" Seras shouted loudly enough to merit a hissing shush from not one, but several people in the two rows in front of hers.

Zorin rubbed her eye as though she was simply suffering a mild migraine, but it gave Pip just a few more seconds to reply.

"I'm already dead, Seras, you're not. Well, not really. I just need to hold her off."

Just as he replied, Zorin used her own spiritual energy to conjure up her familiar oversized scythe. Seras wanted to help Pip but not being a ghost would make fighting in the theater aisles clumsy and awkward. Not to mention the theatergoers...

The crowd! She thought in a sudden terror. She had no way of knowing when Zorin would go intangible, and the collateral damage she created if she didn't go intangible would be like her attack on the Hellsing manor, only even more one-sided if that were possible. She either had to draw Zorin away or at least empty the theater, hell, the whole building, before the fight got out of hand.

Then, as Zorin began her advance on Pip, inspiration struck Seras, she immediately dashed out of the aisle and the theater, nearly knocking over an usher who had come over to investigate the ruckus she had been shushed over.

"The bitch leaving you to die again," the tattooed woman queried with a fanged smirk. "Same old Seras Victoria," she pulled her hand away from her face, her eye in mint condition after Pip's attack. "How many Goslings of yours did my men and I kill before she swooped in to save the day?"

"Too many. And, for that, chienne, you will pay!"

Zorin laughed. "Spare me the empty threats," she said briefly twirling her oversized scythe. "I'm more interested in seeing how much a ghost can hurt."

Finished with talking, Zorin walked to Pip in a menacing fashion, partly to savor the moment before she swung her scythe at the meddling 'frog'. Victoria may have gotten away, but she knew the otherwise clich├ęd adage of saving the best for last rang true.

Pip pocketed all but one grenade, pulling the pin out of his thumb, he did not let go of the lever just yet, trying to look for a prime opportunity to maximize the effect of the hand-held explosive. And even as Zorin passed well within the distance from Pip she needed to be, he only stood in place. If he had to 'suicide' bomb her, it would certainly buy Seras that much more time.

Just down the hall from the theater entrance, however, Seras was not simply fleeing the theater. The 'good girl' was too concerned with the lives of the theaters other patrons to just abandon the poor, ignorant boobs to their fate. She had to clear the building!


An unbearable buzzing, followed by a slow but rhythmic flash of white lights had the same effect on the theatergoers as throwing a rock at a hornet's nest.

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