Title: Fallen Skies

Disclaimer: Me no own, You no sue

Warning: Wincest

Note: Future!Fic

Note2: This can tie in with my other end-of-the-world fics.


Dean is dead. Dean is dead and is gone and his blood is on Sam's hands and in Sam's eyes and on Sam's clothes.

The first wave brought on trembling mountains and raging seas for days.

Sam can hear Dean's voice and feel Dean's skin and smell Dean's breath.

The second wave is when the sky began to fall and the buildings began to shatter and collapse in on themselves.

Sam finds his way into hell, letting only his select few by and destroying all the rest. The sound of his brother's voice is louder.

The third wave is when all the animals began to change.

When the dogs grew big and hungry; when the equine doubled in size and fierocity and turned from green pastures to flesh off the bone; when bird's feathers hardened to sharp steel and talons grew to liken knives.

Even the waters became chaos as Shamu and his brothers devoured their beloved trainers in the middle of a show; wild sea animals turned on any who was not it's own. The oceans were no longer blue, but a dark red littered with carcasses.

That stupid little girl, Lilith. She actually tried to stop him. Sam Winchester, that boy king of ol' Azazel.

The fourth wave was when the world stopped on it's axis.

It was a good fight. But she never really had a chance. Dean was screaming too loud and that young Sammy boy may have been human, but he was still a Winchester.

The fifth wave is when the earth began it's rotation again and somewhere in a forgotten mountain range, a castle was erected.