This is defintiely a departure for me! Apart from "Weasley Weddings", I've left the nextgen severely alone in my fics, and I never dreamed I'd write a story with Astoria Greengrass in. But Rose and Astoria were the characters I was given in the HP Fanfiction Challenges "Random Characters" Challenge, so here they are...

I'm told Rose doesn't have an official middle name, and my objections to using "Molly" were overruled!

For honda...

And for Maz and Helen, for whom the Pygmy Puff is named.


"I hate you, I hate you!" Ten year old Rose hurtles out of the door of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, and cannons straight into a tall and stately looking witch, nearly sending her flying. The witch looks down with disdain at the untidy and tear-stained child before her, but cannot say anything before the door to the shop re-opens and an angry red-headed wizard appears before her.

"Rose Molly Weasley! How dare you behave like that on the shop floor? In here, now…" He grabs Rose by the shoulder, and is about to take her back into the shop when he becomes aware of the irate-looking witch in front of him.

"Rose? Did you hurt this lady?"

"I-I bumped into her… But, Dad…"

""Don't you 'But, Dad' me, young woman. Apologise - now."

There is no arguing with her father when he is in this mood. The fact that this is all James and Freddie's fault is academic. If they had only listened to her, rather than opening the cage of Grupples, Ianto, her pet Pygmy Puff would still be alive, the shop would not be in chaos, Uncle George wouldn't be mad at her, Dad wouldn't be looking at her as if she had crawled out from under a particularly revolting stone…

She gulps and swallows, and mutters, "Sorry," and her father steers her back into the shop before the witch can say anything else.

Seven years later, being introduced formally to her boyfriend's parents for the first time, Rose can only hope fervently that his mother doesn't remember the first time they met.